Tsvangirai must not listen to cowards

Should we trust and have good expectations from the fervent prayers of the devil?

Vince Musewe

I support MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai 100% on the need to take mass action and create the urgency necessary for Zanu PF to wake up and smell the coffee.

In fact, I will join him.

I can’t believe some opposition parties, academics, including some infamous Pentecostal churches, who are saying this will disrupt the economy!

What economy when we have 90% of our people eking a living in the informal sector and are now to be taxed even more to fund a government that is presiding over a failed State; when millions of dollars are being stolen and spent not on reviving this economy, but in propping up the lifestyles of a leadership cabal that has lost the plot?

Nothing riled me more than the ridiculous rant from Zanu PF’s infamous secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, who comes out to say that the politburo can even change the laws to accommodate former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono’s bid to be senator in Manicaland.

How low can we get?

Our problem in Zimbabwe is that we have a bunch of opposition politicians who think that things will change through corporate politics and Press conferences from boardrooms.
Nothing can be further from the truth!

We also have a pathetic business sector which remains complicit and is quick to run and raise funds for Zanu PF functions at the drop of a hat.

Our churches have unashamedly failed on their mandate to commit themselves to the truth at all costs.

All they want are thousands of members who feel pity for themselves to flock to their gatherings and “sacrifice” their hard-earned dollars with the expectation that God will reward them.

The motives of the new “prophetpreneurs” are disgusting and Tsvangirai must rightly ignore these parasites who are feeding on the hopelessness of Zimbabweans.

Imagine if thousands of Zimbabweans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom had also taken the same view; that going to join the struggle would disrupt the economy and peace; that is was better to talk to Ian Smith and have gradual change than to have majority rule as a matter of urgency.

I am amazed that, to this date, Zimbabweans seem not to understand this beast called Zanu PF.

It is a beast that has survived through violence and cohesion; a beast that has lied, killed and cheated its way to power.

It is a beast whose sole priority is to retain power even when it is evident that its ideas and what it stands for are no longer relevant or attractive to many of us the future leaders of a new Zimbabwe.

Its leadership has become insensitive, arrogant and irrelevant and yet it must force itself and its moribund ideas upon us. We must fight for our rights.

Now, thousands and thousands of you, including prostitute writers out there, have commented on how Tsvangirai made a fatal mistake in entering the government of national unity and how he bungled elections and yet none of you, not one of you, will lift a finger to cause the change you want to see.

You are all waiting for things to change. My question is: If it is not you, who do you think will make that change happen?

In my opinion, if there is any time to send a clear message to Zanu PF and its underlings, it is now because if we do not do that, things will get worse as we sit and complain and do absolutely nothing to create the future we want.

I will support Tsvangirai in this endeavour and for me, he continues to stand out as the only man who dared to challenge Mugabe and his establishment in the last 34 years.

We can all sit and rationalise on the pros and cons of mass action; we can sit and condemn how our opposition leadership has let us down — and then what?

The Zanu PF government has clearly failed to rig the economy because economic success is based on principles and not populist politburo decrees.

This government has failed in all areas and to say that China and Russia deals will save us is delusional.

As long as there are no fundamental changes in behaviour in our politics, our economy will continue as it is and we will continue to see the protection of a cabal of predator capitalists as they sign joint venture deals with China and Russia to exploit our resources.

They will create their own wealth while the masses continue to survive in an informal economy that is tough and brutish.

There will be no end to mass poverty as long as we do not see a change in the political ideology of Zanu PF that is based on the idea of “none but ourselves”.

I am just so saddened that many of us just do not get this. We cannot trust nor have noble or good expectations from the fervent prayers of the devil.

Ideologies of dictators do not change through negotiation or through demanding free and fair elections.

Those who are discouraging Tsvangirai from leading mass action must just please shut up and be spectators because, over the years, they really have done nothing to fight this evil system.

Zimbabwe now needs brave patriots and not boardroom cowards or self-righteous prophets.

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  1. Amen. In any case why not just leave him alone if you do not want to join him on his new crusade rather than call him names ..Rather, tell us about your own programmes as political parties not make it a full job to find out what he has eaten or not eaten every morning..I mean why not enunciate your own programmes rather than campaing for hims by chasing around him with microscopes and telescopes?

  2. We want people who are constructive,if you were near me Vince I should have labled you better names than what you read or hear from the papers. May you lead the demostrators in your personal capacity,we then say killers of the economy are worthy to be casted out of society. When one does something which adds misery to society, lets call that individual satan “s weapons. Please looking at your face I feel you betraying the good and humble nature of your parents.

  3. I can not agree with you more Gutter and Vince Musewe.I have been reading your articles Mr Museve and I am happy to say AT LEAST WE STILL HAVE GOOD, SOBER AND COURAGEOUS MEN IN THIS FORSAKEN COUNTRY. We should all join Tsvangs and stop being wise mouthed for nothing.I agree with Tsvangirai on this similarly to you Musewe.The time is now gentleman and ladies.Its now or never.Better we die for something than nothing as we are doing at present.

  4. @ Vince
    “I can’t believe some opposition parties, academics, including some infamous Pentecostal churches, who are saying this will disrupt the economy,” you said.

    I agree; it is a frivolous and, indeed, nonsensical argument to say people should not protest against a system that has allowed unemployment to soar to the very peak of the Mount Everest heights of 90% plus and counting. In progressive countries the people will get restless if unemployment stayed at 9% for more than a few months, they will be on the streets demanding government action it was 15% and there will be regime change long before it reached 25%!

    If Zimbabweans had been even half as diligent and assertive as they should be then unemployment would have never reached the 50% mark. Now it the highest in the world and has been stuck there for decades and yet someone still argue people should not protest for fear protest “would disrupt the economy”. This is like a wife who would not cry night after night when her husband beat her for “fear her crying would make him angry!” Madam, he is angry already and crying might save you from being killed!

    The people should not be on the street demanding Zanu PF honour its promise to create the 2.2 million jobs it promised in its manifesto, we have gone far beyond that. If the regime was capable of creating any jobs did it have to wait for unemployment to reach these nauseating Mount Everest peaks and there for decades before it finally decided to bring the people down to acceptable levels where they can breathe and live?

    The people of Zimbabwe should be on the street demanding free, fair and credible elections. We all know last year’s elections were rigged; Tsvangirai has said so himself but not before his usual blundering and dithering, which meant the opportunity for a meaningful court challenge of the election result was lost.

    Tsvangirai and MDC are not demanding free, fair and credible elections because that demand must be preceded with the demand to get all the democratic reforms must be implemented first. As we know these are the reforms MDC should have implemented in the five years of the GNU; they failed to get even one reform implemented.

    Tsvangirai and MDC would rather demand jobs, something they know Zanu PF is not able to deliver but can pretend to until the cows come home than demand reforms which is what the country needs desperately to move forward because they fear being reminded that they should have implemented the reform if it was not for their blundering incompetence.

    This Zanu PF regime is going to respond with the usual brutality to any public demand for anything it cannot deliver, that is clear. So if we are going to ask people to risk a beating and some may be even be killed then let it be for the right cause and not some wishy-washy one!

    If there are going to be public protest then it must be to demand implementing the reform followed by fresh elections; I would strongly recommend all Zimbabweans to join in the street protests and would join the protests myself if I can!

  5. Proud Zimbabwean

    Well said, Sir. Zimbabwe is run by an Evil Mafia. The only way things will change is through a revolution. We need to get rid of these bad people who have ruined our great country, and take control of our future. The last 15 years have shown that this change will not be possible through ordinary elections, as these are all rigged. We now only have the option to confront the regime directly. If we have the courage, we can and will overcome. I cannot wait for the new Zimbabwe to return. There are so many good people, waiting and ready to rebuild our country. First, let’s support ANYONE and EVERYONE who is prepared to confront this evil regime.

  6. Vince Musewe. I would be very happy to see you at the forefront of your DEMOs….and see how you will farry, why do you use a family paper to show your emptyness, what is it that you have achieved as an individual? yet you are busy pushing people in the hands of their enemies. There are better ways of addressing this economic issue….look well you will find them….when a word comes from the Lord, its very wise to listen.Prophet Makandiwa didnt say this now…since 2010 he has been saying this prophecy [check your records if you have any]…dodnt just wake up from your dirty blankets and anything you wish

  7. and if you look at the prophecy…..he[Prophet E.M] never sided with any party[MDC/Zanu-PF] instead he only said the timing is not good, which means you might be correct to demonstrate but the timing is wrong. Why not wait on the Lord? We have come a long way Vince it wont kill us to wait for a few months and see the hand of the Lord deliver us…BE WISE PROPHET MAKANDIWA IS NOT A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER HE IS A MAN OF GOD. Listen or you die like many others….ndapedza newe,toonana kuseri kwechiporofita baba benzi

  8. Museve,

    thanks for your picture,i will be watching ZTV from the comfort of my home and see if i will locate u uri pa forefront on the day. U have assured us that u will join MT.


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