Things we have learnt about Grace Mugabe

WHEN she made her entrance, she was described as a unifier, a mother-figure who would bring sanity to a party that was facing the debilitating effects of intense factional wars.

Alex T. Magaisa

Grace Mugabe addressing thousands of people who attended her last 'meet the people tour' rally at Rudhaka stadium

But the last few months since her grand entrance have offered us a good opportunity to know more about First Lady Grace Mugabe, both as a person and a politician.

This piece enumerates a selection of aspects of Grace that we have picked up in this period.

She is a daring individual, although from another angle, one might argue that she is rather reckless.

Grace knows that inevitably, given that he is in the twilight of his life and political career, she and her family will have to face a long future without her husband, President Robert Mugabe, whose presence and power have been a source of comfort and protection.

After his departure, she, the family and their significant business interests will become exposed. She realised she needed to place herself in a position where she would be able to secure protection.

To do this, she needed political power and to have an influence on the next leader of the party and country. She could not outsource this responsibility, no, not even rely on her husband, so she decided to enter the fray.

In doing so, she has boldly chosen a side that she thinks will give her better protection. But at the same time, it means she has sidelined and created an enemy out of the rival side.
That she has gone on the offensive against that side is either daring or reckless. At this rate, there is no question that the side she has chosen will have to win.

Grace Mugabe arrives for the meeting with  some of  heads of denominations church leaders who visited the Grace Mugabe Mazowe orphanage yesterday

If they fail and the other side succeeds, Zimbabwe may no longer be such a homely environment for Grace and her family.

She had the option to stay in the background, to hedge her bets and be cosy with both factions and play it safe with either of them. But she decided to show her hand. Some will say its boldness. Others will say it’s an act of carelessness.

She does not like Vice-President Joice Mujuru. We are probably being polite — the right word would be that she hates Mujuru and wants her sacked from her job.

In thinly-veiled statements during her rallies, Grace attacked Mujuru and her faction. At her rallies in Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland East, she was almost direct, describing Mashonaland Central as the home of the “demon” of factionalism. That province is Mujuru’s home.

It was clear that she was referring to Mujuru and this much was confirmed the next day by the State media, which, the previous day, had carried denials by Information minister Jonathan Moyo that when Grace had criticised the calibre of the Vice-President, she had not been referring to the incumbent Vice-President, Mujuru.

All this came to nothing as Grace continued with her tirade, coming just short of mentioning Mujuru by name. Now everyone knows that Grace has a strong dislike for Mujuru and wants her fired.

Following on from the above is the natural conclusion that Grace is in the anti-Mujuru faction and has either created her own faction or is firmly in the Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa faction, which has reportedly been angling for succession when Mugabe, who turns 91 in four months, departs office.

As much as she criticises Mujuru of leading a faction, she is also leading or part of a rival faction.

Throughout her rallies, she has moved around the country with a coterie of government ministers in tow and these are mostly believed to be in the Mnangagwa faction.

At her rallies, she has consistently attacked Mujuru and members of her faction, even using the slogan “Phansi le Gamatox” (Down with Gamatox) in Bulawayo, a clear reference to party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, who, a few months ago, prescribed the use of the pesticide Gamatox against the “weevils” that Mugabe had referred to in a speech.

 Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

Those “weevils” were interpreted to be Moyo and company since they were accused of having infiltrated the party in order to destroy it from within.

By castigating Gamatox, Grace shows that she has taken a side against Mutasa, who is one of Mujuru’s chief allies in the succession battle.

Although she was initially presented as a unifier who would end factionalism in the party, she has, through her statements at these rallies, done even more to fan and entrench factionalism. If anything, she has acted as the chief spokesperson of the anti-Mujuru faction.

She believes that everyone in Zanu PF and, by extension, in Zimbabwe, is beholden to her husband, Mugabe. In all her speeches, criticism of other people is based upon their alleged disloyalty towards her husband, to whom in her mind, they ought to be grateful.

In her view, everyone who holds a position in the State, elected or otherwise, does so because of Mugabe’s good heart. For this benevolence, every person owes Mugabe.

This is why, when she alleges that Mujuru is corrupt, she does not talk about the law taking its course, but suggests that if she wants to be forgiven, then she must apologise to her husband.
In her mind, Mugabe is almost like an absolute monarch of medieval times — with power to make laws, to interpret and enforce them according to his wishes.

This is consistent with Grace’s views on the discredited one-party State system.

In her world, the Berlin Wall is still intact and the Soviet Union still exists, for she yearns for a one-party State in Zimbabwe.

After a brief flirtation with the idea in the 1980s, her husband abandoned proposals for a one-party State.

But his wife seems to be living in the past and she wants a one-party State. “Forward with the one-party State!” she sloganeered at a rally in Masvingo.

Grace wants to lead Zimbabwe and believes she is anointed by God. She has already told us before that her husband was anointed by God to lead Zimbabwe. She described him as a “pastor”.

It is not about the people and votes, no. It is God’s anointment that matters. Speaking at the rally in Masvingo, she is reported as having said: “When I was approached to come into politics to lead the women, one day I saw a vision of me ruling the heavenly kingdom.”

Listening to her speeches, most statements either make reference to the authority of “Baba” her husband or God, whom she, rather hilariously, pronounces as “Gad/Guard” to the amusement of many observers.

The excessive references to her “Gad” have led to charges of violating one of the holy commandments, the one that proscribes the taking of the Lord’s name in vain.

Bribing people for political support is a perfectly legitimate tool of politics.

In her world, ordinary people are desperate souls who can be rewarded with a few gifts if they behave and they must be punished with denial of aid for disloyalty.

At her rally in Bulawayo, some women began to leave their seats while she was still speaking. Grace thought they were rising in protest and she took great exception to this “act of disobedience”.

She admonished the women and ordered that those who had left their seats would not be given the packets of seed maize that she had brought with her.

So for her, the women who were showing disloyalty had to be punished. Aid, for her, is simply a political tool to reward loyal supporters and to entice political support.

At another rally in Chinhoyi, she had made the politically correct statement that aid would be available to everyone, whether they were ruling party or opposition supporters. Her handlers had taught her good political public relations.

But when she was faced with apparent opposition, she acted true to character and demonstrated that like her party Zanu PF, which has always politicised aid, she was no different.

The Bulawayo incident also showed us that Grace still has a very thin skin for an aspiring politician.

The moment she sensed opposition, she lost her cool and acted like a woman scorned.

She ranted at the women in an undignified manner, which was consistent with shameful rants that she issued at most of her rallies, mostly directed at her opponents.

They were rants of an individual who appears incapable of properly controlling her emotions and is, therefore, easily offended, a person who is insecure and probably suffers an inferiority complex.

Power in the hands of an individual who demonstrates emotional recklessness and insecurity can be very dangerous.

She is still a political amateur who does not realise the basic principle that politics is about securing one’s interests by making more allies and minimising one’s enemies.

Grace was presented as a pacifier and unifier, but as she went around the country and attacked and belittled senior figures in her Zanu PF party, she created more enemies and critics.

In Masvingo she embarrassed Energy minister and politburo member Dzikamai Mavhaire while praising rivals Psychomotor minister and politburo members Josiah Hungwe and Women’s League secretary for security Shuvai Mahofa, in Mutare she attacked secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, she belittled Bulawayo provincial chairman Callistus Ndlovu and treated Harare provincial chairman Amos Midzi and his group like little children.

In Bindura, she attacked Mujuru and in Mashonaland East she humiliated provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde.

Everywhere, she left scalps and generated disquiet. Instead of unifying, she became a divisive influence. She might have shared close moments with her husband all these years, but clearly, his political wisdom has not rubbed off her. Her approach has been that of an enraged bull in a china shop.

Also linked to the last point, is the apparent demonstration of political ineptitude and tactlessness in handling issues, which left her exposed to embarrassment at the Marondera rally.

Failing to judge the mood and the circumstances of the province, she went on the offensive in hostile terrain.

At one point, after issuing one of her regular rants against Kaukonde, she had to ask people to be quiet after they responded with signs of disapproval.

But the lack of tact was more apparent when she asked Kaukonde to come up so that they could have a “mini-Unity Accord”, as she had done in Harare when she cowed Midzi into submission.

Kaukonde publicly refused to take the offer and remained rooted to his seat, an open rebellion that she had misjudged simply because she had overestimated her own power and importance.

Such shows are done for the cameras when they have been pre-arranged. You do not try an impromptu show with a person that you have been berating because he or she can embarrass you, as indeed happened in that incident. She could have saved herself the embarrassment had she done her homework.

For a woman known for her love of high fashion and elegance, Grace can be indecorous both in language and manner. Speaking at the rally in Bindura, she chose a distasteful metaphor which is certainly not in keeping with the motherly figure that her handlers and the State media have sought to portray.

Speaking in crude Shona, she said: “I said to President Mugabe, ‘Do you know baby dumping?’  And he said, ‘Yes.’ Then I said, you must baby-dump this faction leader, but if you don’t do it, we will dump her ourselves. We will do the baby-dumping ourselves because she is dividing the party.”

The person she was referring to was, of course, her rival Mujuru — that she must be “dumped” like an unwanted baby.

She went further: “In my opinion, dumping the baby in the street so that she is devoured by the vultures is the best option. Yes, because when we expose your rotten, smelly and corrupt body, even flies and dogs will hesitate to get near you!”

Here is a woman who prides herself as a mother figure, who looks after and cares for orphans and yet, she fails to see the irony of her employing the language of “baby-dumping” of political opponents to make her point.

It is crude, unseemly and unintelligent employment of violent and uncouth language by a person desirous of taking a leadership role and showing a caring side.

For all her Bible-waving antics, she is not given to humility and likes to flaunt power to all and sundry. She often addresses herself in the third person, reminds everyone that she is “Amai” the mother of the nation and everything is prefaced by what “Baba said” as in the opinions of her husband Mugabe or God revealed to her.

She demands respect, seemingly oblivious of the fact that respect is something that is earned by one’s deeds and conduct.


  1. She is scary, look at that ‘orrible face. Ugh….

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time gossiping or talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  2. Just trying to protect her ill-gotten wealth. But it won’t work. The povho will grab it all. Just wait and watch.

  3. nicely written

    1. Indeed a balanced article

  4. There is nothing wrong with factions, Mrs Pamire-Makamba. You support one, I support another. It’s called democracy: freedom of speech, freedom of association.

  5. There is nothing wrong with factionalism. It’s called freedom of association.

  6. grace mugabe is just a mad female dog,she talks like she is the onwer of zimbabwe and its people ,if she was my mother i was going to go away in silence until whoever dies first

    1. taura hako vanotonyadzisa. she speeks as if Zanu-pf is her chikwere chehuku dzake. asi zvinopera izvi. PAMBERI NEGAMATOX ZVIPFUKUTO ZVIFE.

  7. thanks for the good and well balanced analysis , keep da good work , zimbabwe needs such fearless people

  8. Zimbabawean politics is always affected by foreign intelligency systems.The American intelligency have already identified the succession issue as a useful tool to destroy not only zanu pf but Zimbabwe as a whole.What we should do is stop amai from getting into politics becoz she does not have experience.She will be easily used by American intelligency systems.For now amai is a mother of the whole nation both zanu pf and mdc hence she should not get into deeper politics.She is not supposed to make statements which will be used against her in future.Attacking the vice president is the same as attacking herself and the president.If she formed mavambo and mdc then why is she still the leader of zanu pf.Why is this coming when we are going for elections.This shows that amai is in not politically mature.She seems to forget that people analyse facts and events.Gentlemen leadership is a talent from god which is not transmitted through proximity advantages.

    1. Thank you editor & also thank you Nyandoro i couldnt have said it better myself. Zanu PF is not a family business its a revolutionary party for the people by the people, lets not underestimate the brave sacrifices made by our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters during the liberation struggle. also the Heroics of people such as Rex & Magamba and also us the faithful Zimbabweans who have braved the economic hardships through the grace of God, to see this country restored as the bread basket of Africa. If weevils must die then let gammatox be used..

  9. The biggest thing that we have learnt is that she is the cause of the collapse of the economy.
    We know now she has been the “main” adviser to the President. We know she has little grasp of macro economics and finance.
    Join the dots, since she became first lady we have had land invasions, hyperinflation, political violence and deaths,

  10. the time is near

    the time is near Zimbabwe for GOD is not asleep. this is where it ends, mark my words!

  11. Grace’s speeches are calculated and wise. Mnangagwa is the only successor that can safeguard her priviledges and to me he(Mnangagwa) is the appropriate leader that Zim needs at this current situation coz vakuru pavakati rinonyenga rinohwarara vaitaura Tsvangirai. A ruthless u know is better than uyo anonyepera kuvademocratic bvunza Mangoma.

    1. Take your (mental) pills, man. Never parade your madness again!

      1. Kkkkkkkkkkk…….

    2. Hussain ndakambokuudza kuti uri duzvi


  13. Please correct me here if im lost, Dr. Grace will become secretary for woman’s affairs after the congress? im i right?, she is just but a nominee of the (Party) at the moment, On what capacity could she reprimand the second head of state like that,? even Kaukonde is more superior to her at the moment., Dydymus, Mavhaire, Midzi, to mention just but a few. VP Mujuru is the second head of state, state and not Party. surely she should have respect to Amai Mujuru, This direct confrontation should have been done in a closed door politiburo meeting and we were supposed to hear this ”nemakuhwa” kuti Dr vakatatsurana na Dr. mu Politiburo, not at public arena,

    1. Ben I totally agree with your analysis, Dr Grace is reckless some matters apopedzerwa behind closed doors what she has done here is ganner more votes for Mai Mujuru. She should keep quiet political maturity

      1. vakafadzwa nePhd. yemahara yavapiwa iyi. musiwavanotizwa naJonso. vachaona kuti machunks haana mabhonzo.

    2. Kenny Konscious

      The whole political landscape in Zimbabwe is transforming. One Landscaper in our midst is Grace Mugabe. Transformation is never a stroll in the park

    3. Dr. Mugabe is not in Politiburo neh. So the only way she can use to put her point across is thru such rallies. Seen?.

  14. army ndiyo yave kutonga nyika in ichiit protect giresi

  15. A master piece in the same class as the one by Retired colonel Mbudzi. Grace has decided to swim in the crocodile infested murky waters of politics but lacks astuteness and wisdom. In politics you do not create enemies instead you create friends. What will happen if for whatever reason her faction loses at the December congress ?She should learn from both aspirants Teurai and Ngwena . They are both quiet as the dram a unfolds even her husband . The quietude of the three should be frightening. Both Ngwena and Teurai are using their proxies in the like of Jonathan Moyo and are even prepared to work together if push comes to shoveNwena himself confessed that his Masvingo farm was bought from Solomon Mujuru showing they come a long way . There is no way Ngwena would forget that ndosaka akaiti zvoto zvine mazera KUNE ZVEPFAMBI ,ZVEMA WEEVILS ANA MAFIKS KOITA ZVE MA REAL WAR CADRES AND CHE SENIOR PARTY MEMEBERS. To Grace my humble advice is do not be used mangwana unozochema .Yes you may get away with it now because of mudara but chawadyara ndicho uchakohwa.

  16. The First Lady is being done a disservice by the clique that purports to be supporting her. The least those people were supposed to be doing was to ask her to tone down on her language because no one, not even her cheerleaders, is aware of what tomorrow will bring for her. Grace if ever you care to read people’s comments on stories about you, I beg you to keep your words soft and sweet in case you need to swallow them tomorrow.

  17. it is a fact of life that people can have differences of opinion. but to snub someone who extends a handshake is unmotherly; it is crass and cheap. all because of makuhwa. manzwira itai mashoma, muroora, anopunza imba, anopunza nyika.
    let the contests at congress be free and fair, according to constitution and independently verified by ANC, FRELIMO, SWAPO, MPLA and the Chinese communist Party. ensure this and let people exercise secret ballot.
    another thing, there is nothing wrong in getting old. lets face it, Robati achembera. hapana chinonyadzisa pazviri…aneta. hino moti anodiiwo iye mudzimai achimunetsa. haachagona kumudzora uyu. zanu pf nzwiraiwo robati tsitsi azorore…anyorewo bhuku one zvaro… ongonzi akadzidza iye pasina chaakambonyorawo here? inzwai tsitsi, inzwai ngoni…ndiMacheso akamboimbawo nhai!

    1. Zvatiritose kudai amai va R******** mandzvirandvira aya itai mashoma, anopunza musha imba yoparara..

  18. If she had come in with a motherly attitude, one of unification and love maybe the people would have respected her, now we compare her to Sally Mugabe they are on different levels and she will never have the respect that Sally had. Shame

  19. Zanupf has chosen to die like a cock, anyone who has ever killed one knows that the even after you have removed its head, the last kicks can do some major damage

  20. At least nobody has blamed the sanctions yet.I think ZANU Pathetic Front has surrendered to revive the economy instead they are now stand up comedians.Rise Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe is for us all.Remember not to blame the Americans they always make sure their economy is running.

  21. wekwamandidzora

    Nicely written,Mr Reporter you know your Job,Grace knows nothing about politics or even being a mother figure,anotaura sevakadzi vepamusika kumatapi uko

  22. read btween lines

    Zim politics isoap opera just watch events unfolding zviriku fire kkkkk

  23. the nation is behind Mai mujuru. no one can stop her.

  24. Zvaazvinhu !

  25. May I pliz remind dear readers that being the wife of the president does not make one a mother of the nation, NO! There is a constitution that governs us and it talks about the president , the VPs ministers and other government functionaries NOT the first lady. it doesn’t even remotely suggest that there is somebody who shld be called Amai except our own mothers. Pliz lets align ourselves with the laws of the country. God bless Zimbabwe

    1. You are right, Gwengo. The nation does not have a mother. It is idiocy of the worst kind to believe that one is “Amai” to everybody. Being a president is just a job and does not warrant one to behave as if one is superior to all citizens. The “First Lady’s” role is to give conjugal rights to the president only!

    2. Kenny Konscious

      Guys democracy seems to be alive when people can now make comments freely without fearing for one’s life !

  26. Grace kasi hausi kurohwa nyora.

  27. Grace must me sex starved!!!

  28. What does Grace know about respect..? Munhu akarara naBob Sally arimupenyu, couldn’t wait for her to die ndiye arikutaura disrespect kutuka vana Amai vedu kuByo. I wonder what she teaches those innocent kids. Politics hadzidi pfungwa dzechihure.

  29. grace mugabe thinks its still 1990 and everyone is afraid of her husbund she is in for a BIG surprise vana mai mujuru are not even afraid they are ready to remove bob as leader of zanu , watch the zanu congress its gonna be fireworks

  30. ini sa chairman vakadzi havatitonge bodo

  31. We have also learn that madam Grace is too dull to hold a PhD, not to mention a first degree!

    1. …..learnt….

    2. Kenny Konscious

      Musatukuke vamwe kudaro

  32. Gire wandipenza, inga unenge wakasvika form 4, but maitiro arikuita grade 7 chayiwo thinks kupfuura zvawurikuita izvi.
    Honestly I had surrended that Bob was going to his grave without paying for his sins and suddenly izvi, in ndirikufara Grace keep on tione where it ends, your sins nedza BOB ndiwe uchafira zvivi zvenyu zvese nekuti wakapusa.

  33. Kaukonde akaramba kudambura semtings. Dai ndaive iye ndakadzibvura zvekuti vaikanganwa zvese zvehuFirst-first izvi. Ndaidambura n’ini kupfuura mukoma Peter P. Zvese zvekunzi he-e Gono what what ..ahh sure ndaifirapo ini.

    Chete kungoti ndinotya imbwe dzemumasabhabhu…kuzoti dzekuState-state uku ah maone chaiwo.

  34. Lady Lady…chii chacho. Chii chinonzi Lady pachiKaranga? Kungoda kubatirazvinhu mudenga.

  35. ‘Fools tread where angels fear,’ some wise person said. It is amazing how much damage a person can do to themselves in a few weeks. Grace has dug her own grave, killed herself, and buried herself, saving the labour of others. Does she think Mujuru’s silence is meaningless? Does she think her illusions of power are acceptable to Zimbabweans? Does she think being the wife of the president and leader of the women’s league means she is above the vice-president? Does she think groundless accusations of corruption by the VP and others can stand in a court of law? Does she not know that her husband’s immunity from prosecution does not include her? Anyway, DOES SHE THINK AT ALL?

    1. Good one Hove…does she think at all? Now here is a flash..she actually does, she has landed herself a place in the succession matrix and as you can see from the energy generated around the issue in the media..What she is doing is simply make everybody sit up…

  36. This Alex Magaisa guy is dull. No wonder he failed in Zim politics and went back to the Queen’s country. He is a Dr and I expected an analysis, not an attack on Grace Mugabe. This is clear politics with clear pointers but this Dr is very blind. He needs help. He thinks Grace is stupid, my foot. He thinks Robert Mugabe is stupid? Ask Morgan Tsvangirai your former boss. Robert Mugabe is playing his cards, not close, but inside his chest. So you Magaisa, this is not a law class, this is politics where eyes have to be wide open. Only shows that politics is not your business. We now know why you led Tsvangirai into the bush. Better stick to your teaching business.

  37. zvaari ma1

  38. siyai grace office

  39. The only lesson is that some did not and will never learn.

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  41. Like some prophets and prophetesses, I think it is a Zimbabwean thinking that titles are sexually transmitted. Grace thinks that by bedding a head of state she is also one. Shame!

  42. she is ugly, we are fed up of seeing her face everyday, please find us some better faces to show us. she lacks communication skills. anongopopta chete.

  43. Grace can not lead people. She doesn’t have leadership qualities at all. Nhai madzimai mune sure kuti makasarudza benzi rakadaro? Kuzoti agadzwa vanhu vachaona moto. Pamuromo pasingamharwe nenhunzi. Sekuru varimunhamo chaiyo. Party yatoparara ivoGushungo varere. She enjoy insulting and accusing innocent people.

  44. Please let the lady be … hanty Germany , Brazil ne Australia are lady ruled pamberi na amai PAMBERI

    1. ita right

  45. wow lemme get some popcorn zviri kunakidza izvi .ONE BIG MOVIE .

  46. Let the game begin,…..extra time, penalty shoot-out, sudden death……..Okungapheliyo kuyahlola

  47. lol who is Grace Mugabe in the Zanu PF party structures??? the correct answer is: she is a new kid on the block lol, who is causing further polarisation and fanning factionalism in the party. now she is accusing mujuru of corruption yet she is the most corrupt…she grabed land yese mumazowe umu ndiani asingazive. gushungo diary farm yaunoita nayo manyawi yaiva yani. zvimwe uchisvodawo mhani. whoever is advising you..that person is very myopic. ibofu chairo.

  48. Of Amai, Baba, PHDs and the veneral disease of leadership which is suppossedly sexually transmitted.

  49. Hog-wash from an exile who messed up Chematama, you failed to handle a simpleton and now u think anyone can take you seriously Magaisa?

    1. I have found most of your commentary trite and nauseating in the past but I must agree with you here..Magaisa does not know where he is headed.

  50. munoda kuita ngwena pachigaro zvakafanana nokuisa mumwe mugabe mabvisa mugabe hapana zvamaita

  51. Grace is a useless fool she is not realising kuti arikushandiswa front na munangagwa but achenjere rufu.ngasiyane nezvaari kuita angoita zvenherera.we did not know tha Grace is stupid coz there is a saying inoti some people dont seem to be stupid until they start to talk.

    1. peter chingwaru

      Zimbabweans be careful. Alex i totally agree with you. uya haana hunhu. but its a plot to divert people from real issues and talk more about grace , mugabe, jona, munangagwa and all the zanupf drama. remember Jukwa.

  52. Now I know who has run the country down. Sekuru vange vachi adviswa na grace. Look back to Sally Mugabe days sekuru was running the country reasonably well because she was not interfering that much and she was a respectable woman. The time will come when people will say enough is enough.

  53. I’m not going to be the judge of what Grace says,but what i know is that she is pretty and she has a good body.

  54. Kutuka Mai Mujuru ndai funga kuti unenge watuka ZNLWA yese yaka daro ndiri kushama kuti ma War Vet atukwa kudaro ari kusekerera.

  55. hoyihoyi zvatosvorana mbavha nemuroyi ,zuva rakacheka nyika .sekuru bobo ne mazanu enyu hamuna ganda kumeso,manyadzisa nyika yedu yeZim pamwe chete nevanhu vayo.

  56. Grace leadership is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Ukakwirwa naBobo woti waleader. Dai zvaidaro vakadzi vese vangadai vari maleader. Hahahahaha shame

  57. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time gossiping or talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  58. Aiwa,mai havana hunhu ava.Izvi hazvinei ne PHD yavakapiwa havo pachena.Udofo hwavo hauna chokuita nokufunda mabook.Zvekare nyika yose inotoziva kare kuti mai ava zvemabook havazvigoni.Zvema PHD okupiwa pachena ndihwo humwe hudofo hwavo.

  59. “pamberi ne ZANU PF” but I don’t know kuti ipi yacho

  60. coz its kinda confusing u know….

  61. MDC was formed in 1999 way way before her alleged push for the appointment of Mai Mujuru as VP in 2004. can’t stop wondering why would a normal support/ push for the appointment of Mai Mujuru as VP when she knew very well that MDC was formed in her house?.

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