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Solanki refuses to vacate Trauma Centre


TRAUMA Centre Hospital ownership saga continues to take new twists and turns as the current property occupier Dr Vivek Solanki has once again approached the High Court seeking stay of execution against “his hospital” following a recent Supreme Court ruling.


The latest development was yesterday followed by eviction attempts by the Deputy Sheriff and African Medical Investments (AMI) officials, who by end of day, were making frantic efforts to evict Solanki from the medical institution.

Contacted for comment, Solanki simply said: “They have barricaded my place, and have gone to look for the police to come and arrest me, because to them, I am refusing to leave.”

In his urgent chamber application filed last Friday before High Court judge Justice David Mangota, Solanki cited both Autoband Investment and Streamsleigh Investment as first and second applicants against defendants, AMI and the deputy sheriff.

Justice Mangota will deliver ruling on the matter this Friday.

In his affidavit, Solanki maintained he personally “negotiated for a lease, some 20 years ago of Number 15 Lanark Road (in) Belgravia, Harare, from the previous owners who are both deceased”.

He said at the time of purchasing the property, a Mr Kantor of Kantor and Immerman was the executor of the owners of the property where he had been a sitting tenant for a long time.

“Mr Kantor personally offered me the property as I was the sitting tenant. I must point out that initially, I had agreed to lease the property in my own capacity,” Solanki said.

“I later transferred the lease from VBL (Pvt) Ltd which in turn transferred same to Autoband Investment (first applicant herein) who is the present occupier of the premises.”

The medical doctor said after purchasing the property and before transfer had taken place, he consulted with his accountant, one Omar, as to whether the property should be transferred straight into a trust or into Autoband Investment.

“Mr Omar advised me to set up a new company (Streamsleigh Investment) through Mr Omar and I then advised the conveyancers to transfer the property into Streamsleigh Investment,” he said.

Solanki further said he was also advised by Omar to set up a trust and he started all the documentation for the formation of the trust and due to pressure of work, left them in his safe together with all the documents relating to Autoband, Streamsleigh Investments and including his personal documents.

“All the documents were in the safe at Number 15 Lanark Road until July 1 2010 when first respondent (African Medical Investment) committed acts of spoliation and robbery,” Solanki said.

He said Trauma Centre had hospitalised patients including those on maternity, intensive care unit and cardiac care.

He also said the institution was offering facilities to Musha Mukadzi Cancer Care, a non-governmental voluntary organisation run by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.
Solanki denied that Autoband and AMI ever entered into any agreement with each other.

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