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Sex offender further incriminates himself


A 27-YEAR-OLD Kadoma man who was in the dock facing one count of indecently assaulting a teenager on Tuesday stunned the court after confessing he had actually stealthily sneaked into the 13-year-old’s bedroom before committing the crimes on three different occasions and not only once as alleged by the State.

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Simon Ncube of Musemesi village under Chief Nyika in Mhondoro-Ngezi was convicted on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba.

Sentencing was postponed to tomorrow.

In his defence, the accused said he had thrice entered the Grade Six pupil’s bedroom and slipped into her blankets before fondling her buttocks while she was fast asleep on the mistaken impression it was her elder sister with whom he was in a love affair.

The accused further claimed the two sisters were of the same physical built, hence he was bound to be mistaken.

Ncube also told the court that he would arrange with complainant’s 16-year-old sister to come for sex romps.

“I would arrange with complainant’s sister that I come at night without being detected so we could engage in sexual intercourse.
At one time, the complainant’s sister, who is my lover, went to Gweru. I was misinformed she had returned from the trip and I decided to do as usual only to discover I had wrongly caressed the complainant. These mistakes happened on three different nights and not once as alleged,” Ncube told the court.

Magistrate Gwazemba described the accused’s actions as “sinister”, thereby raising his moral blameworthiness.

The State’s case is that on September 15 this year at around 1am at a homestead in Musemesi village, the accused — who is a neighbour — was sleeping with the complainant’s uncle in the same house, but in an adjacent bedroom.

Ncube got into the room the girl was sleeping and started fondling her buttocks which awoke her, prompting the former to flee.

However, the complainant followed Ncube to the opposite room where she fingered him as having indecently assaulted her.

The matter was reported at Mamina police leading to Ncube’s arrest.

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