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Pari doctors threaten sit-in


OVER 100 junior doctors at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals have threatened a sit-in starting today after they were ordered to share government accommodation at the health institution and have their housing allowances of $300 scrapped off.


“There is a call for a sit-in by the junior doctors after a unilateral declaration to force doctors into government accommodation at the hospital,” said one of the affected doctors who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said the arrangement was also likely to affect senior doctors.

“They (hospital authorities) called all junior doctors and said they were reviewing contracts and would remove the $300 accommodation allowance and since most of us are getting around $800, it will mean we take home $500. Getting $500 as salary is an insult and does not augur well with our status.”

The planned sit-in is likely to cause a massive crisis at the hospital as junior doctors constitute the bulk of medical doctors at the health institution after most senior doctors left for greener pastures while others were dedicating time to their private surgeries.

“We met as doctors yesterday (Tuesday) and resolved that we will not work until our grievances are addressed. How can one order doctors to share a toilet and to stay in one room with their families? That’s an insult to the profession and should be condemned,” the doctor said.

Health minister David Parirenyatwa last night said he was not aware of the move which he described as internal.

“I am not aware of that local arrangement. Until it comes to me, for now I am not aware. You can check with authorities at Parirenyatwa, but whatever it is, I hope they will solve it amicably,” he said.

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