Newsflash : Zimbabwe junior doctors strike

Junior Doctors at one of Zimbabwe’s major health institutions, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, on Monday started their strike and vowed to press on until their demands for better working conditions are addressed.


When NewsDay visited Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals this morning, most of them were gathered outside the staff quarters.

Junior Doctors at one of Zimbabwe’s major health institutions, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, on Monday started their strike and vowed to press on until their demands for better working conditions are addressed.
Junior Doctors at one of Zimbabwe’s major health institutions, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, on Monday started their strike and vowed to press on until their demands for better working conditions are addressed.

They are demanding that their salaries be reviewed from the current $282 to a minimum of $1 200 per month excluding allowances. They are also demanding free accommodation at government-owned flats.

The medical practitioners also said the government must reinstate the facility where doctors can import vehicles duty-free.

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  1. Avandivowo ma fake doctors. Kungoitabasa rekukara shagi… Mboko dzevanhu.

    1. mbudzi yemunhu iwe ebola

    2. would u work for no money?

    3. Obviously you want to see them well dressed, fool. How do they afford to do that with $282 per month while your uneducated cousin at the council makes$37,000? These young men worked very hard to be what they are. Your highly paid council managers earn that much because they are well connected.

    4. Vanhu vezanu(weevil) hamuna brains. Mboko ndiwe iwe ebola. Enda unofa.

  2. Vajaira zvinhu zvemahara. Manje gorerino hakunabhaki.

  3. Iwe Ebola chienda unorapa vanhu vacho iwewe! Pari Casualty is open for you! No money No Work!

  4. dont go bk tu wk guys. We kw yu nd money. Ana gire are going ryt round e country achituka vamwe. Hw many millions were spent? Aiwa guys, dont b fooled, piwai mari. We support u a hundred percent.

  5. Asi vanorevesa here kuti varikuwana $282.00? I do not think it is true.

    1. 282 hazviite kukundiwa nemateacher?

  6. giv em their well deserved salaries apa

  7. ooops ,go back to work its us your own who are perishing,we know no-one cares!

  8. Please just fire them , we have more than enough doctors in zimbabwe , how many are grduating from uz, college of health sciences? More than 250 each year and our public institutions can not absorb all of them. Azingwa basa pamadiro aruza because he will wont get the opportunity agian , dzokai kubasa munoita marvha imi apfanha imi..Its not time for demonstrations or strikes, i tell you!!!!

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about!!! UZ doesn’t produce enough doctors for the number of hospitals and patients available. you don’t understand coz you are not a professional. Pamwe ndimi vanhu varikudya mari kumusoro ikoko muchitaura zvisina basa.
      Doctors provide a service like all other professionals and they should not be underpaid considering they put more time and effort into what they do than other professionals.
      You should support this cause, because paunorwara iwe uchihwisisa kukosha kwemadoctor!

    2. uri dofo remunhu.ndozvakakutadzisa kuenda kumedical school.munhu asingazive basic arithmetic.If UZ enrols 150 students per year and of those 150 some of them leave the country 250 vanobva kupi?Besides doctors save more lives in 1day than u will ever dream of doing in your lifetym

  9. they killed me ,muchitondiwona kudayi I was killed by a junior doctor 3 years ago saka they deserve less

    1. Disappointed (PHD)

      mnk yu hve no clue of what is happening how many doctors are leaving zimbabwe each year tiudzewo zvauriwe watanga mastatistics? wotiudzawo kuti how many drs are at each district hospital ? wotiudzawo dr: patient ratio muzimbabwe? wapedza research kuti how many drs are being produced from southafrican universities each yr woenzanisa ne100 vanobva paUZ each yr….who told you tz 250?

    2. Vanhu vezanu(weevil) hamuna brains.

  10. Disappointed (PHD)

    Its a paltry amount you are getting machiremba but this government you are dealing with ma1.

  11. @mnk. uridofo remunhu iwe.ndozvakakutadzisa kuita dhokota.vanhu ngavapihwe mari dzavo.give them even more than 1200 coz those guys work very hard ndakazviona hama dzangu padzakamborwara

  12. Eish that is peanuts. I pay my maid $300 a month and you tell me that these guys get paid less than that after doing medicine for 8+ years. Ma 1000!!!


  14. @mnk mafungiro ako haana kumira mushe. as a nation we need to retain professionals, doctors pilots etc. ngavapuwe mari so tht they stay in zim get experience vozobatsira mai vako, mbuya vako nevana vako….. haikona kuti vadzingwe, wahwa here mnk.. and unohwisisa here kuti mabasa ema proffessionals akatekeshera world over????

  15. I was doing some calculations and I found out that Cuthbert Dube’s salary at $500000=basic salary for 1786 junior doctors. Unobva washaya kuziva kuti zvirikumbofambs sei?

  16. makwikwi fox

  17. Prof. Emru Kunanti (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Kana mapedza kuvapa $1200 yavarikuda per month iyoyo isu malecturer avo moona kuti mava kutipawo a minimum of $4000 per month before allowances. Handingaenzani nemwana wandakadzidzisa

    1. If junior doctors justify why their services are worth what they demand,someone should look into it and come up with a solution.On the contrary only fools demand increment by shooting down someones’ else effort to better themselves.It goes to show that learning is not intelligence,it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have,if stupid you still remain stupid.These are the very people who oppress others once given a chance to lead.GOOD LUCK doctors for your quest for money.

  18. I feel sorry for these guys for having gone so long earning peanuts.There are some elements in our government and parastals who literally earn millions for doing nothing yet these guys who save lives toil day and night for nothing.This is the time guys don’t return to work until the government shows serious commitment to your concerns.Yes im aware lives will be lost but just as for any revolution casualties are expected which will be deeply regrettable because this status quo cannot be allowed to continue.Millions are been spend on useless trips abroad yet the real deserving cases continue to struggle on false promises.Enough is enough.I also urge the government to look at civil service as I foresee more labour unrest coming in the near future.

  19. before I looked at the draft saying $8464 , I have faith …that…my friends brother was realey earning money parttime on their apple labtop. . there uncle started doing this 4 only about and recently took care of the dept on there appartment and got a gorgeous Lexus LS400 . more tips here,.,,,,, paygazette.cᵒm

  20. Hey these men and women are getting peanuts! To those shooting down the duty free thing hey siyai vana vaite bargain. Kana iwe usingawani hazvireve kuti tinofanira kushaya tese ka. I went to the dreaded Mpilo hospital last week ndopandakaona kuti these people are really important. Kana usati warwara kana kurwarirwa unoona kunge varikupenga but hey health sector yakakosha!

  21. Zvipfukuto United

    282 per month! Fokoro ZANU! Ipad vana shagi

  22. Please tipeiwo mari veduwe

  23. wana ‘prof emru kunanti’ musataure kunge mwana ari mugrade, u a selfish to say the least ..mateacher ako ese uno tambirirana nawo here

  24. 282??what’s the total package for a junior doctor? How does it compare with other professionals in government service.Food for thought

  25. these ppl are the heroes of this nation, i was at parirenyatwa last month when my wife had a serious complication late in her pregnancy. I was amazed by the sacrifices that they have to make to save life and to consider how much they are earning. One that very sunday i was there 24hrs and the same team of doctors was there throughout. Both may wife and baby are now recovering at home thanks to these ppl and i will always salute the doctors at govt hospitals because they all have to do this under very difficult conditions unlike their counterparts at some private hospitals where “no money no service” approach is applied. They are some of the most let down professionals in this country while our politicians are busy spoiling themselves with evry kind of luxury one can ever imagine to the extent that even our traditional chiefs are now demanding the latest SUVs and executive perks.

  26. well , im also in the health sector . my dear guys yu are fighting for a good cause ,but i feel you as professionals , yu can employ / use better strategies in conflict resolution. i do understand your plight .

    putting tools down is the last resort. remember being in the medical field , i strongly believe its a calling.lets help our people ,bt dont loose focus and track of events. our packages needs to be reviewed accordingly.

    1. Sure its a calling and am greatiful to these professionals,but they are caught up between a rock and a hard surface.Really, they should follow their instincts unlike me who is abroad, I couldn’t handle it.I hate it when people take advantage of others,if these guys negotiate while working no-one listens.Only the poor peoples’ lives are at risk,them leaders wisk their families abroad for treatment thats why they won’t care about our own doctors.These doctors are not missionaries,they have to earn enough to sustain themselves & families.I can only sympathise and hope for the best.Government/Zanu is stealing meanwhile,by the way whats the difference btwn Government and Zanu.

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