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Ndendeule dance steals show at Zambians Night Out


NDENDEULE, one of Zambia’s traditional dances, which is also a puberty rite dance for young girls, took Centre stage at a Zambia Night Out held at a local hotel in Harare at the weekend.

Ropafadzo Mapimhidze
Features Editor

Zambians resident in Zimbabwe came out in their dozens on Friday night for the Zambian Night Out as a run up to their country’s 50th anniversary which will be officially celebrated on October 23.

Embassy staff, including Ambassador Ndiyoi Mutiti joined the fun which was punctuated by two young Zambian musicians Stella Kanyangu and Sarah Kapoba who sang and danced the night away.

There was so much joy as the DJ played some Zambian old skool music by The Witch, a popular musical outfit that hit the airwaves in the late 70s led by Jaggery Chanda, who is now a music lecturer in Lusaka.

One of Zambia’s most outstanding folk musicians, the late Emmanuel Mulemena’s music also stole the night as revellers swayed to and fro, enjoying the beat.

“I am thoroughly enjoying myself and this music has really brought memories of those days when we wore bell-bottomed trousers,” one woman said.

The evening was very colourful as embassy staff wore attire reflecting colours of Zambia’s flag.

“This is a unique year for Zambia because we are celebrating 50 years of independence and we are very proud of the democracy we have in Zambia,” another elderly woman said.

Various Zambian cuisines were on offer and one particular snack called chikanda, popularly known as African polony, was an instant hit.

Zambia attained independence from British colonial rule on October 24 1964 and that country boasts some of the best game parks in Africa, providing an unmatched safari experience.

Zimbabwe and Zambia have a common history as they were part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland between 1953-1963

After independence, Nyasaland changed its name to Malawi on July 6 1964, Southern Rhodesia, to Zimbabwe on April 18 1980 and Northern Rhodesia to Zambia on October 24 1964.

Zambia has over 72 languages and dialects whose people are warm, friendly and proud of their cultural heritage.

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