Audio & Pictures: ‘Mujuru plotting Mugabe coup’

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday dropped a bombshell on Vice-President Joice Mujuru, accusing her of plotting a coup against President Robert Mugabe soon after her elevation in 2004.

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Grace ordered Mujuru to resign immediately to avoid further humiliating exposés.


Addressing a faction of war veterans and collaborators fronted by Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba during a no-holds-barred “Final Push” meeting at her Mazowe Orphanage Home, Grace also endorsed Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over the Vice-Presidency.

Grace Mugabe_War Vets Meeting_Mazowe Orphanage_Cynthia R Matonhodze_20141023_0005-001

War veterans’ national chairman Jabulani Sibanda, who yesterday said he was busy, was conspicuous by his absence and has not attended any of Grace’s meetings since she entered the political limelight.

Listen to her full speech below:

“I said [Defence Forces Commander General Constantine] Chiwenga should bring his firing squad and pump the bullets in me for defending my husband. These are the same people who in 2008 led the ‘Bhora Musango’ campaign,” Grace said.

“Why do you want to remove Mugabe by force? This is a coup.

First Lady Grace Mugabe takes the mic.
First Lady Grace Mugabe takes the mic.

which they are planning,” she said, adding that Mujuru should have waited for her time than try to wrest power from the incumbent.

Grace Mugabe_War Vets Meeting_Mazowe Orphanage_Cynthia R Matonhodze_20141023_0001-001

Grace also said: “Mnangagwa, that man I respect him. People should respect Mnangagwa. In 2004, he was voted by eight provinces to be VP, but he agreed to step down to allow Mujuru to take over when he had been voted for by all provinces. Likewise, like Mnangagwa, Mujuru should just do the honourable and resign.”

Mnangagwa is reportedly leading a faction battling with the Mujuru camp to succeed Mugabe.

“It is not good to be fired. It would be better if Mai Mujuru resigns today than wait to be fired by President Mugabe.”

Just before she tore into Mujuru’s private and public life, Grace told the Vice-President’s sympathisers to leave the venue or risk suffering a heart attack.


Grace said Mujuru was “ungrateful, power hungry, daft, corrupt, foolish, divisive and a disgrace” to Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu PF. She said Mujuru’s immediate resignation would save Mugabe the task of firing her.

Grace, who has viciously attacked Mujuru in public during her previous rallies since her recent nomination to lead Zanu PF’s Women’s League, said the VP had no respect for the party’s leadership and was conniving with the opposition MDC and whites to reverse the gains of independence.


“If you are here and you support Mai Mujuru, you should immediately leave because what I am going to say will cause you diarrhoea. You should tie up your pants.”

Grace said she had played a pivotal role in Mujuru’s elevation to the Vice-Presidency in 2004, but the former started snubbing her soon after and plotting Mugabe’s ouster.

“She has been working with the opposition MDC. That is why she has never chanted the slogan, ‘Down with the MDC’. I told you that the MDC was formed in her house. Even after I have attacked her, look at how the opposition parties have sprung to her defence,” Grace said.

The First Lady said Mujuru had been undermining Mugabe as the Head of State and lying to him, and ordered her to “Stop it!”

She maintained that Mujuru was an extortionist and a hopeless politician who wanted to usurp power, adding that Mujuru was after making money and had been claiming that all minerals, including gold and diamonds in the country belonged to her.


Grace claimed that Mujuru had shares in several companies including a 10% shareholding in the privately-owned Daily News.

She claimed that Mujuru wanted to take all the diamonds through African Consolidated Resources (ACR), but government blocked the alleged deal in 2006.


Just recently, Grace said, Mujuru brought an Arab investor and lied to her that she runs diamond mines through ACR.

“She was given money, maybe $10 million, and that is the money she is using to buy people to unseat Mugabe,” Grace claimed.

She lashed out at Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde and labelled him a pathetic Mujuru crony.

Grace said she did not care if people called her insane, as long as she has told the truth.

She said even if she was to be shot today, she would die with a smile on her face because she had exposed Mujuru and threatened to continue with the exposés until Mujuru leaves the political scene.

The delegates erupted in excitement when Grace said: “You are all possessed with Grace’s Holy Spirit; we exorcise demons in the name of Jesus.”

Grace claimed that Mujuru and Kaukonde paid youths to disrupt her rallies in Manicaland and Mashonalad East provinces.

“I had been running Danhiko (project for the handicapped) for years. Mujuru recently wrote me a praise-singing letter with $10 000 enclosed in it. I refused it. I cannot be bought with money,” she said.

“She is now slim. Yes, let her lose weight, I don’t care. They say I am a fool, but I just said, it’s okay. I’m a fool, but they will see.”

She also accused Mujuru of falsifying her liberation war credentials, insinuating she lied that she downed a helicopter during the war.

“All war veterans know what they did during the liberation war, not those who claim that they downed a chopper. Let people say it than praising yourself, only to be disapproved by others,” she said, in apparent reference to Foreign Affairs deputy minister Chris Mutsvangwa who claimed that Mujuru never downed a chopper.

Grace Mugabe_War Vets Meeting_Mazowe Orphanage_Cynthia R Matonhodze_20141023_0002-001

Grace promised to address the concerns of war veterans and advised them that it was within their right to demonstrate and air their displeasure on issues affecting them.

Speaking at the same event, outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri said time was ripe to conduct a witch-hunt on Mujuru’s cronies. She claimed that they approached Grace to take over leadership of the Women’s League after realising that the Mujuru camp was running a parallel government structure.

Grace Mugabe_War Vets Meeting_Mazowe Orphanage_Cynthia R Matonhodze_20141023_0004-001

However, Grace’s vitriolic attacks on Mujuru are likely to take centre stage at today’s politburo meeting, with some top Zanu PF leaders saying they would raise concern over the First Lady’s “undiplomatic outbursts”.
Observers yesterday said Mugabe could have pushed the meeting to today to allow his wife to set the tone for the meeting.

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  1. Chinoz and Grace seem to be totally smitten with each other.

    1. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor South African woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

    2. I am not persuaded by folks who claims that Grace is after Mujuru. Let us extrapulate issues raised by Grace on Mujuru. Is it true that money laundered by Mujuru through illicit diamond deals finds its way in every parastal company in Zimbabwe? So far Mujuru has not denied that she owns shares in these companies

  2. Chombo and Kasukuwere are enjoying themselves but Jonso looks depressed. What’s going on?

  3. Grace will be surprised at Congress.who the hell does she think she is.

  4. Jonathan Moyo u once said Grace was not attacking Mai Mujuru when it was clear for everyone to see…now she has clearly said it uchanyarira pai? You should not take Zimbabweans for a ride with cheap politics.Grow up mhani.sometimes u jst need to shut up.

    1. It will be interesting to hear what Cde Jonathan Moyo has to say now, since last time he indicated that Dr. Gire was referring to an office and NOT an individual who occupy that office!!!

      Cdes we are heading for a better time in the Zanu PF camp.

  5. Is the operation of a firing squad legal in Zimbabwe?

    1. There is no provision for a firing squad in our laws. All those sentenced to death die by being hanged. But we are fortunate now because nobody applied for the job of hangman. So, no one has been hanged for some time now. I wish the job could remain vacant forever. The state has no right to kill its citizens no matter what crime they will have committed.

  6. So all these rallies were done to tarnish the image of mai mujuru ? Fine u have exposed how dirty mujuru is…but the main question is how clean are all the zanu pf ministers including you also Grace how clean are you ? But why were you queit abt it all along coz mujuru has been the vp for the past 10yrs now ? Why now ? Remember Grace gona ana gona wake uchagonekwawo rimwe zuva

    1. they called her ”GUCCI GRACE”

    2. They are mostly dirty. Recently the Auditor General outlined the corruption in all the ministries. Its amusing kana vanakamba vachisekana.

    3. true that

  7. Do all goverment security departments have a firing squad? Or its only limited to the army?
    Is the firing squad part of the small print of the new constitution or the harmonised law 400 of them maybe its in there?
    What ministry vote is the firing squad maintained from?

    Given references above under what circumstances does the current firing squad get called into action?


    tell that Lady to earn some respect

    1. Comrade Chiwenga and Cde Mujuru and the entire team ,i urge you to remain quite its not yet time to respond to these threats.You have liberation credentials and you fought for the country and you have the history of this country.

    2. What baffles the mind is the newly established relationship between Oppah and Giresi. Both were typists/secretaries in Mugabe’s office. Both did something bad to Sally, and now they are friends. Those with a good memory, please use it now and go back to the time before Oppah was forced to go to the United States to study indefinitely until she came back as Mrs Rushesha. And Goreraza is alleged to have been beating Giresi quite a bit for family misconduct. And Rushesha was said to have been beating Oppah on a regular basis for some misconduct. So,what is the common factor between these two? Those who employ logic can help us in this theatre of the absurd.


    my QUESTION IS ”what will happen if things turn the other way…if eventually Mrs Mujuru became the President with all these happenings????

  10. Mai vanepamuromo ava. Foot and Mouth disease. Pamuromo paHaruna. Dr Foot and Mouth or Dr Haruna? Both of the above.

  11. Look at what I did to my wife. She used to insult people but she is now in the dust bin. Be careful Dr Gire.

  12. This woman is insane chete. Bobo made a mistake in taking this beach mhani

  13. Mai Mujuru igamba redu. hapana asiri mbavha muzanu pf kuba ndokuti zanu.chete chandinoziva ndechekuti Mwari havatengwe zvinoitwa vanhu ende kuronga kwavo kwanaka nguva dzese.Amai Mujuru pfugamai tinamate.Ishe nyika yedu ye Zimbabwe iri mumaokoo enyu ndimi munoziva moyo yavanhu vose zvavanoita kana kuronga vamwe vasinga one munoziva. Saka hatina simba asi imi ndimi simba redu regererai vanotitadzi havana chavanoziva, vapeyi vazuva akawanda panyika vagoona kubudirira kwangu Zita renyu rikudzwe nekusingaperi.Amen

  14. during the war there was a song: Kune nzira dzemasoja dzokuzvibata nadzo…
    1. tererai mitemo yose
    2. remekedzai
    3. dzorerai zvinhu zvose zvamatora kumuvengi

    Well, grace you need to learn a few facts:
    1. all your yapping is hot air…if mai mujuru is corrupt, the best pace to go is to a police camp and report, provide evidence…
    2. but then it should not be about one person….provide explanation how all your rallies were funded, whose money, how many farms you have, what other business interests you have to shrug off the accusation that these were also illgotten;
    3. since when did you as the president’s wife have the right to call war veterans, and to your orphanage, which is not a party structure, to vomit vermin, slander, gossip, and bullying all those spineless people in that tend some of whom do not even know what is at stake… you are a faction leader
    4. and there is nothing wrong in any zanu pf cadre in aspiring for president…it is their right as you point out, but contradict yourself by saying not mai mujuru
    5. mugabe himself has lost control of his wife; noone ever deserves this vitriolic attacks; this is really happening because, not minding about his old age and mortality, mugabe has desisted from naming a successor. organisations need continuity…there is growth and natural progression. zimbabwe is in bad shape, thanks to the wisdom-less leader who has sacrificed everything on the altar of power…ushe madzoro weduwe!! mugabe should simply announce that he is not standing and allow a new dynamism in the party or risk its fragmentation.
    6. please respect each other; zvamunotaura zvinoratidza mwoyo womunhu. zviremekedzeiwo samai vemhuri yenyu…apa muri kuzvifumura mai mugabe. chingoma chiririsi..
    7. and you war veterans…shame on you…the vanguard of the party! no headless chickens…grace has the audacity to talk about principles. musanyadzise nokungotevera nepasina gwara… hoo grace anongoswera achiudza president kuti chidai…
    8. ko vaKaukonde vakavamakirei…chitaurai zvoseka sinc matanga nyaya yacho
    9. vamugabe votoita kuti: anebenzi ndeanerake…asika, kana ronyanyisa kudaro rinofumura zvose…monyarirepi… nyadzi dzinokunda rufu
    10. tinoda rugare muzimbabwe…tinoda upfumi hwekushandira nevatungamiri vanenduramo…at the moment there is no political leadership in zimbabwe, all of them are self-serving, myopic and corrupt; once mai mujuru is put through the litmus test of corruption so should everyone in the politburo and central committee beginning with the head. handei narwo. come dance on strictly principles!!! who will dare. and i suggest that mai grace namai mujuru vaite face the nation discussion face to face if grace means what she is alleging…national debate american presidential campaign style. at the moment, as it stands: the scores are: Mai Mujuru:10 Mai Mugabe: 0 ; WHY? because mai mujuru has been quiet and dignified. why 0 for mai mugabe: allegations and more allegations without proof. these do not hold in a court of law. remember tsvangson trial with ari ben menashe set up….no conviction, even with all the contrived footage.

  15. Mrs Grace Mugabe you are not the President of Zimbabwe nor Spokeperson weZanu PF nor the electorate!Thank you sit down!

  16. If anyone had a carpet interview with there boss to get to the level of a Director, is that achieved in a clean manner. Muchenjere kuona huswa huri mumaziso evamwe, menyu mune matanda. Who amongst all the crop yeZanu PF is clean, including Dr. Amai herself. Imwe woyeeeeee, muchatipedzera nguva muchbwereketa zvisina maturo pane kuti muite xvinoita kuti maIndustry avhugwe, vana vawane mabasa, yika iende mberi.
    Now I’m wondering kuti all the 10+ rallies were just done to soil the person of this one who hasn’t said a word against anyone? How much was spent in doing so. Wouldn’t that money have improved the livelihood of at least the rural folk dai vakachererwa chibhorani zvacho???
    Dr. J is like a sheep amongst the slaughters.
    My advice, be careful coz chawatamba nacho ndicho chauchawa nacho.

    1. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  17. weevil `jonso` chipfukuto

    grace ari kuona katanda kari muziso ra Mai Mujuru asi iye asingaoni ZIDANDA riri muziso make.

  18. aaaah uku ndiko kuparara kwe ZANU ,zvechokwadi regai vakuru vati vakadzi vanoparadza ,ndazviona now kuti they were correct


    This is now too much. Picking some one to pieces like this? Macheso once sang ‘kunyarara kunokunda kutaura’. The incumbent VP should remain quiet and put everything in God’s hands. Are there no elders in ZANU who should tell Grace what to say and what not to say? Really its bad. Why parading dirty linen in public?

  20. what a comedian’nt she? i have to produce my own comedy and she will be the main character and generate lots of profits……..

  21. Watosvorwa pfacha! If all WE are ZANU PF we shouldn’t wash ur dirty linen & hang them to the public. Dzimwe nyaya ndemumba menyu, onai mega………… there goes some the lyrics by one prominent musician.

    1. You missed the point, Joyce is not Zanu Pf, but pretending to be so hapana dirty linene apa, mutengesi just being exposed!!!!!!!

      1. ana Memory how dare do you call a war vet like dr mujuru a sellout after 34yrs of independence……….who has the potential to sell a liberator or non liberator?

  22. This is a sign that Mugabe has lost control and power. How can a married woman with dignity speak like that. This other day VP Mujuru extended her hand to greet her at the airport she refused to greet Mai Mujuru after she took holy communion in Rome Italy. I think Grace does not have advisors. Grace is now proving to us that most of the vicious Zanu pf members who lie to us that they are war veterans are not. In fact real War Veterans are longer with us. If all those war vets and ministers who attended the hate speech event directed to destroy the image of VP Mujuru are level headed they must start to analyze Grace, s background. Yes we do not want corruption but is Grace clean, Chombo clean and Kasukuwere clean.

  23. kumwe kupenga so kunenge hameno hameno u dont need a rocket scientist to tell u who is covering for her personal intrest

  24. Gire is without sin thats why she has cast the first stone!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkk


  26. Once upon a time civil servants contributed towards a housing scheme that they hoped would solve their accommodation woes. Grace raided the scheme and built a house infamously dubbed Gracends. The scheme collapsed while she made a huge profit by selling the house to the Libyans.

    She took forcibly took a piece of land that Eaglesvale school had bought in order to build a new school and did not pay a single cent for. She and her husband took $8 million dollars from the Reserve Bank to purchase the much hyped about state of the art dairy equipment for Gushungo Dairies. Now they brag about it and showcase it to the world as if it’s the product of their sweat.

    We are talking about a family that will not even settle it’s Zesa bills while at the same time bragging about having invested $20 million in Mashonaland West without telling us how they came about such huge sums of money. It is not clear how they could afford to buy the mansion in Hong Kong.

    If indeed she genuinely believes that Mujuru is daft then the English language is yet to come up with a suitable word to describe someone who scores 7% in an English degree programme.

    As they say, empty vessels make the loudest noise.

  27. Asi zvimwe zvinekachokwadi, Kungoti panorwa spot na bokie hatirandutsive dzese imbwa.

  28. it is so amazing that to appoint Mai Mujuru a politburo was required, to fire Mai mujuru now needs to be done in public with a loud speaker.

    ukatungamira vanotsvinga ndare ukasaririra vagonyomba mashoko anodzimba

    1. Havana chakanaka ava

  29. Was this not the same sort of false plot that Mnangagwa was accused of at Dinyane in 2004?

  30. shame on you disGrace!

  31. mai mugabe mukudei kuna mujuru imi asi makanyengwa pamwe???? Wt evr u r saen z a lie ovr mai mujuru mo so u hv conducted so many rallies bt u sae gvmnt haina mari znt t corruption u r duin in front o us???? Js sit dwn n listen to ur fav songs mai mujuru n fogt bwt toothless dogs wc js bucks at ts ownr kkkkk. Wi as zimboz wi knw wt wi want n as fo di mugabe leading o mnangagwa hatidi toda ivavo vamunoti vanodya w di US cz thy knw whr investors r so lt thm try to fish thm to cm here n hlp wt u n ur husband has torn apart. Munoti heeeee US kudiii ko wt currency r u using mukwane manzwa thts nt hw politics z plyd mai mugabe dzikamai zvenyu mutihlooooo. Wi want mai mujuru simbi wosvora

  32. I give respect to Jonso. You are the master at crafting. You are the one to carry us to the promised land. Lets destroy them from within. Zanu thought they are untouchable, now its game over. New Zimabwe here we come , with Jonso at the helm. Biti i know you are in the team , let madinga arovane musoro, tosoitora easy . Ndiani akambofunga kuti hazvinetsi kudaii. Biti you told Tsvangison but haana kuterera , i think anachamisa vave kuzviona kuti it was a done deal.

  33. This is ludicrous! Surely what the hell is Amai Dr Mugabe doing? Whatever ambition she has, she has even convinced the last sane person among the war veterans that she is not worth anything in politics. Surely imagine a Headmaster’s wife akanyorerwa O’level akatomirira kunyora mamwe uye akangogara zvake paimba achimirira pay yemurume achienda pa assembly pamberi pevana nemateachers kunoti Deputy Head vanoba mari yechikoro. That is unheard of! My 8 year old son also laughed to listen to the Grace street theatre. Amai Mujuru ndizvo!!

  34. If Zimbabweans Choose to eat Relax and be swayed by this Drama of the Devil and her Offspring everthying is lost .there is too much Confusion going on. Vakadzi Vachatiparadzanisa Gwendo guno. ..Vuno Masvingo Tinotova Mukadzi neBapu ReGwai Kuitira kuti asango mhumhaira panevanhu.

  35. its so depressing how Africans are so ignorant sometimes, i have seen how the CIA overthrew leaders in the middle east and africa i.e. mohammad mosadeq and they even funded the striking together with british M16 making it look like an internal conflict or struggle for power adding democracy as the major objective and they only testifi9ed to the involvement recently when obama came into power. fear of commiting treason will keep me from saying out any names and particulars but be warned Zimbabwe, while you ar busy concentrating on the wallpaper some other power is ammasing power maintaining an unreasonable share of power. lets not forget what the cry has always been even after 1980 bcoz there is also neo_colonialism. also be aware of the possible outcomes of going against the national vision.

  36. Wall-to-wall coverage yezva Grace by this paper kuita curry favour ne ZanuPF. Same as the Herald.

  37. It’s strange that Mugabe is doing nothing while his wife has obviously gone mental. Grace needs psychiatric help, irikurwara nepfungwa mai iyi. There is no normal person angarutse kutaura sezviri kuitwa nemunhu uyu. Kana asingarware nepfungwa then she would have to be a big idiot. How do her relatives feel vachinzwa hama yavo ichingobvotomoka after kubvotomoka after kubvotomoka? Rubbish!!

  38. proud zimbabwean

    This new Doctor of Philosophy who is so intelligent as to complete a Doctorate in just 3 months should realise that Zimbabwe is a democratic country and so it is not her husband who appoints people to positions of power. It is the electorate which votes people like Mai Mujuru into power. She should also realise that her husband has bn voted into power by the electorate and so shd be answerable to it. So why shd Mai Mujuru go and kneel down and beg forgiveness as though her husband were a demi-god with the power to impose a selfish will upon a self-governing people. How can a Doctor of Philosophy be so ignorant!

  39. Haiwawo zvakangofanana apa iye Mujuru akatora vashandi vake 2008 kuno rova vanhu wani ngazvibude zvese

  40. But what if Grace is right, what if Mujuru is really corrupt? Remember how she watered down salarygate? Joyce may not be as clean as we would want to believe.

  41. Dokota disgrace, that does not open evn 1 clossd indstry.your husbnd is nt a God so why shld Joice kneel?nvr use the name of the lord in vein,tambai zvenu naRobbi mubed room menyu at e expnse of millions zimboz bt “JUSUS” is a vry pwrfl nme.saka u ate communion usina kuregerera? Manje matswa dokota mwari ndevedu tose.

  42. The whole saga will result in a legal suit since the first lady has started mentioning names. Kaukonde and other Mujuru loyalists are likely to plot a diplomatic or judicial offensive. She may attract more enemies than her rival. Currently, and in the near future we are going to witness a cleansing project in the party to get rid of Mujuru loyalists akin to the 1990s flushing of the pro-Zvobgo faction where Mavhaire, Tungamirai and even Zvobgo himself were annihilated to the political trash bin for some time. Just like Jonah & the likes of Madiro, July Moyo and others who were the passengers of the Mnangagwa driven, and Moyo conducted Tsholotsho bus, all would be flushed albeit slowly. Grace could do well by putting her cards on her chest and only opening up later at the right time. She needs to receive political literacy skills, BASIC diplomacy & etiquette orientation – necessities that Prof Moyo could have imparted to her, if he wants her to topple a well educated, composed and calculative Teu Mujuru. Mujuru has more masses behind her. Go to Masvingo, Midlands, Matebeleland and everywhere – people respect her. As for corruption, all and sundry in Znpf know how they beat MDC in the 2013 plebiscite. Did they win a single seat? They would rather not allow anyone, of Mujuru’s stature to leave and use such top secrets in the opposition ranks. That’s suicide. She knows who did what, who killed who, for what… eish!

  43. its not easy to have comments published here. eish

    1. The idea of Chipfukuto and Gamatox in Zanu PF sends me in stiches.Serious madhara aya apereGwa

  44. When you win elections through Nikuv, our fallen heroes turn in their graves – this is a function of electoral fraud and the ghost of it manifesting, ironically at the highest echelons of political power. more to come.kkkk

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  46. If Zimbabweans Choose to eat ,Relax and be swayed by this Drama of the Devil and her Offspring everthying is lost .there is too much Confusion going on. Vakadzi Vachatiparadzanisa Gwendo guno. ..Vuno Masvingo Tinotova Mukadzi neBapu ReGwai Kuitira kuti asango mhumhaira panevanhu. shame!!!uuh yaahh

  47. Kana sister Gire vachipenga, why the oppositions were rushing to defend Mai Mujuru??? If u can answr this qn, then yu can easily see Mujuru’s support base.

  48. Finally the women of this land will be taken seriously.. Thank you Grace, we salute you. Chokwadi ngachibude!!!!

  49. Just let the wind blew in all over directions but kungwara hakupedzi gore!!

  50. Taneta nerwumbo rwadokota nezva mai mujuru…..toda sadza nenyama isu.

  51. hove hairarami padunhu.regai zvipore akabva mukutsva.kutonga kutongwa.Indimi imwe chete iyoyo.Tarisai kuchawira tsvimbo nedowe.

  52. gungwa handiro rinotsvaga hove regai hove itsvage gungwa nairo gungwa richinyerere harisati rotaura kana rotaura unobva waona hasha dzaro.rukova ndoruneruzha nekuti haruna zvikara.zvinorura zvirimugungwa ndosaka rinyerere nazvino harisati rataura.

  53. Finally Mugabe has come out in the open. He belongs to the Mnangagwa faction, it’s his democratic right! Some of us now belong to the Mujuru faction by default. Would not want to be associated with Dr Gire. If it is not cronyism then how could a mere secretary end up with such massive companies? Is it because she is so intelligent to do a PhD in 3 months that her intelligence has translated to business acumenship? Now it is clear that her accelerated PhD was to try to counter amai Mujuru who I believe genuinely studied for one! I do not blame ‘Dr Gire’ the dunce. I blame the husband who is cheering ‘mutiro vabate pembe’

  54. mai Mujuru and all those falsely accused should just take legal action against her because she does not have any proof grace anoshandisa makuhwa. she should be dragged to court and be sued for character defamation.

  55. my heart bleeds for my country Zimbabwe. these accusations could lead to chaos

  56. Mazironyo atundirwa pfambi iyi by numerous men over the years akuidhunyisa. Akatundirwa hukobvu kwazvo hwakaora hwakananga mu brain chaimo ndokunamira imomo. Come on, just how THICK can one get?

  57. grace if yuh play wf fire yuh wl get burn’t

  58. Gd, she knows that mujuru was given position nevanhu, how about the presidential post?? Is it unchallenged? ? Unoiswa nevanhu ka

  59. Forgive them Father,they nah know what em doing

  60. yaaa zvakupfuka zvevakauraiwa vasina mhosva…. DR(KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKI) Gire zviroto zviroto ngazvigumire mukurota

  61. nyangwe mukavabvisa nechisimba we will continue love her she is our good mother vana Gire dzungu unoti kungwara nxaaaa

  62. chaputika, things are now ok in zim

  63. By the way why was Cde Rex Nhongo referred to as King Maker? Now why has it become so special that one women stood for the other to land the VP position? Guess this is a long overdue favour rightfully returned. Square deal so hapana nyaya aka!!

  64. Kkkkkk i was just wondering kuti what will happen

  65. My Mujuru for president 2018

  66. This speech haina anything regarding kutungamirira madzimai emuZimbabwe. Ivo vese ava varikupururudza ava vanokwanisawo here kuenda kuBank vachinokwereta mari sai ivo amai ava. Danhiko was there before she became mukadzi wasekuru saka basa ririkuendeswa mberi kuti vakaita kuDanhiko nderipi.
    Apa vakatenda here vanhu apa. She is the one who puts people in positions and take them out. Munangagwa is the next candidate now because mai Mujuru vaita PHD yekushandira. Chikoro cjhavari kuendesa mbiri kuti vana vanofanira kuendeswa kuchikoro, chiri kupi chikoro chacho Why ivo vanchiendesa vavo out of the country.
    Final push iyi ndeya mai Mujuru aat 59 what of ivo sekuru at 90. Hapana MDC inoda kuuraya Grace hama dzangu. Achaurayiwa nevanhu vake vaari busy kusimudzira.

  67. mai mujuru for ever nt zvana Grace arikutoona as if kumakuhwa kwaajaira kugara pasi pemuti achinyeya. i doubt her Phd hakuna munhu akafunda asina unhu saGrace iye bhobho akanyengerwa naniko she z substandard to be wife of a President. mai mujuru ndivo maj chaivo chero pavanotaura haumbonzwi vachitaura zvekuti sungai mapant nekuti muchaita mudumbu huhu

  68. mirai ndichirikutonyora comment

  69. Chipokwe cha Penjeni


  70. Chipokwe cha Penjeni

    Honaiwo abiyanguwee

  71. JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT GRACE HAD BEEN ENGINEERING THE LUNATIC POLICIES WHICH HAS TAKEN OUR COYNTRY BACK TO THE FIFTIES. Mugabe is taking a nap 68% of the time he is suppo to be governing while GUCCI runs the show

  72. Tonyarirepi nenyaya dzenyu idzi.

  73. Ndanzwa nyaya dzenyu mese, chinonetsa kuti nditsiure mudzimai uyu ndechekuti kumba chaiko handikwanisi kumutsuura uyezve anopinzwa nevarume vakawanda chaizvo, iyezvi anditozivi kuti aripi.

  74. The First lady is acting undiplomatic, its high time she realizes that emotions aren’t helpful at all in politics and that the behavior of taunting people who are silent and playing their own game is useless and immature for politics. This simply shows who she is and why she is not fit to be in politics. Instead of us talking the walk and being to vocal for nothing let us think logically as upright intellects and walk the talk. Its high time we bring some people with greater vision into the politics of our country, individuals who will stand to saying something that will improve our country rather than crush somebody because you are not performing any better than they are. Politicians who will fulfill the promises they make during campaigns in order to get votes and lastly politicians who know better not to sell their country for some cheap gifts and services. As Zimbabweans lets be reasonable and lets us play the right moves, in our decision making.

  75. All having been said and done, after all Cdes, the Revolutionary Party has very well structured methods and ways of tackling the First Lady’s accusations, SO WHY THIS PUBIC OUT BURST???? Surely something is seriously amiss here.

  76. Aka ndooka Jezebel kemuBible chaiko aka hahuone maitiro ako .Mugabe atoiswa pa count down time nekamai aka ,achingoti dhii kachatinamatisa zviumbwa zvekumusha kwako aka .Kari kutoda nyasha dzakawanda .

  77. yaaaah iyi nyaya yakaoma iyi

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