‘Mujuru camp after my life’

ZANU PF Manicaland senator Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday made sensational disclosures that she had received death threats for questioning senior party politicians in the province as factional politics intensify ahead of the December elective congress.


She also claimed that senior Zanu PF officials belonging to Vice President Joice Mujuru’s faction intimidated other members in an effort to coerce them into supporting the beleaguered camp.

Mutsvangwa last year clashed with party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa after she failed in her bid to win the provincial chairmanship position, which went to John Shumba Mvundura, who was reportedly linked to the Mujuru faction.

Mutasa, who was linked to Mujuru, once expelled her from the Central Committee citing party regulations.

Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly lead opposing factions battling to succeed President Robert Mugabe, who will turn 91 years old in four months.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association (Ziliwaco) 18th anniversary celebrations held in Odzi, Mutsvangwa said she won’t be cowed into silence.

“You will never kill me. You will never kill all of us. I am not afraid of dying. I have been intimidated on many occasions that if I come to Manicaland I will die. I am not afraid,” she said.

“People of Manicaland we need to liberate ourselves otherwise we will continue to suffer. They tried to force me out of the Central Committee but they failed. I am there.”

Mutsvangwa was standing in for First Lady Grace Mugabe who could not attend the Ziliwaco anniversary celebrations.

The Zanu PF women’s league member challenged Mujuru to openly challenge Mugabe at the elective congress in December and “get what she deserves for fanning factionalism”.

She alleged that the Zimbabwean economy was underperforming due to Mujuru’s alleged extortionist tendencies.

“Companies are failing to make profits because of this person who is always demanding 10% from them,” Mutsvangwa said.

Grace on Thursday also alleged that Mujuru was extorting money from companies and owns 10% shareholding in almost all major firms in the country.

Mutsvangwa said there was only one “faction which is totally against President Mugabe and Amai (Grace) and is giving us answers to puzzles that we had for a long time”.

“If you have decided and think that you are ready to rule Zimbabwe you don’t have to ride on Mugabe’s popularity. There is internal democracy in Zanu PF and you should stand against him at the congress and let people choose for themselves,” she said.

The meeting, which was only characterised by insults towards perceived members of the Mujuru camp, was also attended by former Zanu PF leaders, Dorothy Mabika and Tawanda Mukodza. The two were suspended from the party for various offences.

Without mentioning names, Mutsvangwa said there were leaders in Manicaland who were causing confusion and intimidation. The war collaborators also alleged that Mujuru, through her faction, was working against them receiving compensation like what the war veterans did.

The tiff between Mutsvangwa and Mutasa later sucked in Foreign Affairs deputy minister Chris Mutsvangwa who questioned Mujuru’s war credentials.

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  1. nhasi ndopavakuti mujuru ari kutora 10% akatanga riini muchinyarara musapomere mujuru ega kuti ndiye ari kuti zvinhu zviome mese muri mbavha .iwe mutsvangwa madiamonds akatorwa munzvimbo mako chii chavakaita chinooneka nezvizvarwa zvechimanimani hapana

  2. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while other people are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to these dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  3. All what this woman called Monica Mutsvangwa is talking about is lies. This is cheap politics. All along Mai Mujuru was extorting money from companies why didn’t you say it out since the beginning if you have genuine evidence. Why are you telling us today.
    For your information the majority of the people in Zimbabwe is now starting to support Mai Mujuru. We have discovered the best leader to lead us now.
    On death threats you are lying infact your camp is the one that is comprised of killers especially Ngwena himself.

    1. Feel free to support mai Mujuru wakanyarara kwete kuhumana. These are not lies but facts she only forgot to say all Zanu Proven Failure’s are responsible for the economic meltdown and natural resouce hoarding in this country not Mujuru exclusively. Just so u knw find out about Chiadzwa pane pane panotonzi pa Mujuru kuma diamonds uko.

  4. Why do we have family members having positions of authority in the party. This is creating problems and semi dynasties in the lower encheleons of the party. We need to legislate laws that prohibit spouses and their immediate family members occupy influencial posts in our party. Murume akawana chigaro mukadzi kwete nemukadzi akawana chigaro murume kwete. We can’t family members piloting our gallant party to distruction

  5. mutembu mutembu

    inga zvakaoma zvatinoitirwa nevanhu ve politics Monica arikutaura nezvekuzvisunungura kwevanhu which independence is she talking of . Ifs good to hear from your mouth and owner of the oppression, but I we ndiwe nyakudzvinyirira ingasunungura here it needs other revolutionary parties to rescue us not you Monica and your other friends. Everything has its beginning and it’s end this is the end of poverty and this party. Regai zvinayane zvega kana vaneta vanesimba vobva vovapedzisa. power hungry is dominating these thieves so let th fort alone I was all along thinking of sanctions as our betrayer but, thanks to Mutsvangwa who openly revealed our betrayals not forgetting kuti the son of a viper is a viper

  6. Haiwawo ana monica tibvirei po….nhasi maona kuipa kwamujuru..isu tiri kunakidzwa nekuona mbavha ne mhondi dzichinongedzerana…

  7. kush madhibhanda

    team INA Jonathan MOYO ndoisingade Va Mugabe. toita vanhu vekutsvaga Seiko Paine vakataura nemuromo wavo. He was a columnist mu zim Ind from 2005 to 2008. hautaure nyeya yekufighter corruption combo akakutarisa achiomberera, pavanhu vese ndiye anofanira kutangwa. Chiyangwa kutengesa secret information kuvavengi.

  8. zimbabwean economy is underperforming due to mai Mujuru’s extortionist tendences not MDC T not sunctions. Nxa mbwa idzi

    1. They are trying to fool ourselves they are the ones who make this country as it is right now, lying to economic sanctions and opposition party now they are saying its Mujuru but the truth is zanu is full of thieves full stop

  9. dai zvaibvira kukuisai mundege kwaakuku rasai pakati pegungwa zpf mese. mbava idzi mese zvenyu. lsu tavekudawo new blood.

  10. The issue at hand is not alleged Monica stainlessness of character or log to be first removed from critic’s eye, but very dangerous scurge destroying our society. True patriot will be keenly interested in alleged availability of evidence of prominent leader’s massive scale corruption. Contrary attitude is at best suspicious, kudziya moto…

  11. Haiwawo… madeath threats ekuita seiko? ukutsvagei muZanu macho in the first place? waiti ndiwe wega unogona kupa death threats to civilians? Hevo maZanu…. vakukulava manje ..kkkkkkk

  12. The big problem is Matibili him self, he is promoting all these confusion coz he want Munangagwa to take over while munangagwa has no direction. He’s best in eliminating, so who’s next

  13. Iwe Monica if you are not afraid of dying why are you going to the papers and talking about death threats…please shut up!

  14. Matibili must just go. The Mthwakhazians must join up with the Gamatoxians and kick out Matibili.

  15. Ana monica twuma political lightweights twusingatishayisi hope isu ana Jonso

  16. Its a good thing that she agrees that the reason this economy is screwed up the way it is is becoz of Zanu PFutseki and not bcoz of sanctions or the oppositon. This should be a great eye opener to all the stupid idiotic fools who still believed that sanctions are the reason the economy is no more. She said the VP a loyal Zanu member is responsible, true bt we all knw tht wht one does they all do in Zpf. Its sanctioned at the very top by Mugabe himself. In conclusion Zpf has acknowledged responsibility of the economic meltdown through corruption looting etc and not sanctions or MDC T. Uchanzwa rimwe benzi richiti ma sanctions ivo vachibvuma vega sooo. Kkkk. Ngazvibayane zvipere zvimaZanu izvi

  17. I thot it was the sanctions and Tsvangy who caused economic deterioration. But alas we were being misled. It was actually the VP who has been casuing all these problems. Forget about the west the key to our success will lie in removing the VP from her post. I must say the President is very incompetent, how could he mislead the whole nation in believing that Tsvangy and sanctions were the reason for our demise when the problem was right under his nose. The Prez should also be removed if he didnt see all these things on time. Instead on ficusing to remove the VP he spends all his energy on blaming the west iye achigaro taura nemunhu arikuuraya nyika.

    All those people who always says the president is wise should withdraw their statement and admit that Bob is just as incompetent as the rest of them.

    Gegege!!!! Seka zvako mwana we bete.

  18. Ana Monica pawai bazhwa na Mutasa wainakirwa waisataura zvehuori hwe camp yana mai Mujuru , Yo husband Christopher Mutsvangwa will die without forgiving Mutasa because when he discovered that Mutasa was sleeping with u , U played victim and lied that Mutasa was asking u out but nothing between u happened. Thats a lie, we know everything.

  19. Monica wadii kumbonyarara, iwe naChris makaita zvinorova. Stop throwing stones. Check yourselves first to see whether you are match fit. Mungamgomutsa zvirere

  20. ndezvekumama hameno ikoko, toda new blood chete, mdc t the only answer

  21. The weevils are not getting crazy

  22. The weevils are going mad

  23. look beyond what you see and love your aggressors.trust noone.

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