Pictures : MDC-T formed in Mujuru house – Grace


First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday continued with her tirade against Vice-President Joice Mujuru, describing her as an inept leader and making sensational claims that opposition parties MDC and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo were formed in her house.


Addressing about 4 000 party supporters at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera where she winded up her “Thank You Rallies”, Grace also launched a ferocious attack on Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde for allegedly fuelling factionalism in the province.

Part of the thousands of people who attended Grace Mugabe's last 'Meet the People Tour' rally held in Marondera.
Part of the thousands of people who attended Grace Mugabe’s last ‘Meet the People Tour’ rally held in Marondera.

Grace’s address came after drum-beating youths threatened to disrupt the rally until all those who were chanting the “Down with Gamatox” slogan revealed who they were referring to as Gamatox.

Maintaining that Mujuru was corrupt, benefiting from illicit diamond deals and extorting companies, Grace said the former connived with the MDC-T to try to stop elections last year.

Grace Mugabe addressing thousands of people who attended her rally.
Grace Mugabe addressing thousands of people who attended her rally.

She said one year after Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe’s resounding victory, Mujuru was now involved in covert deals to unseat the veteran leader.

“I said that the demon of factionalism started in Mashonaland Central,” Grace said. Mujuru hails from Mashonaland Central province.

Women cheer on as Grace Mugabe speaks.
Women cheer on as Grace Mugabe speaks.

“And to that same person (leader of the faction) I was referring to yesterday (Thursday), the MDC was started in your house, Mavambo was started in your house, corruption was started in your house and factionalism was started in your house.”

She added: “You say Amai Mugabe is corrupt, when you control diamond mines and extort companies. That is why you say Zanu PF has been infiltrated when people talk of corruption. You think ministers are above the law? No one is above the law!”

Grace Mugabe castigates Mashonaland East Zanu PF provincial chair Ray Kaukonde (in yellow shirt) for allegedly leading factionalism in the province.
Grace Mugabe castigates Mashonaland East Zanu PF provincial chair Ray Kaukonde (in yellow shirt) for allegedly leading factionalism in the province.

Grace lashed out at Kaukonde for saying that there was no factionalism in Mashonaland East province.

She accused Kaukonde of using his money to fuel factionalism and chided the same for supporting an “inept” leader who could not stand against Mugabe.


“When you support a person, you should look at his leadership qualities. You are being used by someone who does not have leadership qualities, a leader who wants to inherit a divided party,” Grace said.

The First Lady said she was disappointed with Kaukonde who “faked” to love her in her presence, but criticised her when she was not around.

Grace revealed that it was this alleged duplicity of Kaukonde that forced her to almost punch him in 2008.

“You are the chairperson of the province. We have to tell you to behave. You must stop it,” fumed Grace.

“You are my husband’s child. Why are you doing this? We used to go along very well, but no longer today. Do you want us to have a unity accord?” Grace proposed, to which Kaukonde, who looked uncomfortable in his chair sitting next to outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri, refused.

Grace’s attack on Kaukonde came after youths from the province caused a scene, beating drums and threatening to disrupt the rally if the identity of Gamatox was not revealed. Police had to intervene to quell the commotion.

Trouble started when some youth who had been travelling with Grace in all the provinces demanded that the Mashonaland East province youths respond to the “Down with Gamatox” slogan, which is seen as an attack on Zanu PF secretary for administration and Manicaland political godfather Didymus Mutasa. The youths refused to comply, resulting in the scuffle.

When Grace took to the podium, she chanted the same slogan, but amidst her speech, police had to intervene again after a fist- fight broke again between some youths wearing Grace Mugabe T-shirts.

Grace called for unity within the party, claiming that she had been engaged to unify the party.

She attacked Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial youth chairperson Luckson Kandemiri for allegedly snubbing her rallies.

Kandemiri said she was not aware of Mugabe’s whirlwind tours and was busy at work.

Grace ended her address by castigating journalists from the privately-owned dailies, NewsDay and Daily News, alleging that they were being paid by Mujuru and the opposition MDC-T to tarnish her image.

“How much are you paid to write bad about me? $10 000? I am going to pray for you. After writing badly about me, are you going to sleep tight? Maybe it’s because of hunger, or sanctions. I have heard those who send you have shares in your newspapers,” Grace alleged.

She said at the rate newspapers were allegedly keen to tarnish her, it would not be surprising that they could be yearning to take naked pictures of her in the bathroom at any slightest opportunity, going further that even others would be tempted to produce “photoshopped” pictures of her nude.


  1. unifiers do not verbaly attack others. If truth be told, grace is the devider here. She does not realise that she is drawing sympathy for dr mujuru. If grace is our future leader, we are in real big trouble

    • I used to think the buffoonery displayed by the brainless Idi Amin during his clueless rule in Uganda was unparallelled. Now her Graceless Highness has proved me wrong big time because here is another version of General Dada, this time in female form.And the gay Professor want to sell to us the myth that this woman attained a genuine Phd?RG’s current tenure should not have been sanctioned by anyone in the first place due to his advanced age if Zanu (pf) was a dynamic political party. Now it is obvious to even a grade 7 kid that the country is flying on auto-pilot.

  2. Is there any other way of tarnishing one’s image other than prostitution????? Kubvisira varume vakasiyana siyana burukwa,that’s tarnishing one’s image

  3. Pse zimbos vote .who is not a thief and corrupt among th following: Grace.Mugabe,Mujuru,Kasukuwere,Kaukonde.Chombo.Mpofu,Goche,Mliswa.Chiyangwa .zhuwawo.Mpofu u can add others. Who has clean hands in Zanu pf ?

  4. I think the First Lady is right. I happen to give a lift to one employee of Jena Mine in Masvingo who told be that the mine despite producing large quantities of gold employees are living in abject poverty. The mine is nw owned by the lady who occupies the highest office in the land together wt 1 big obedient son. Pasi nazvo izvi.

    • That employee did nit know what he/she was talking about. That mine is a loss making venture and it is a challenge to keep it open

  5. The more i read about this Lady’s speech the more i am ever grateful that i skipped UZ. Her speeches are reminiscent of a cold, evil and ruthlessly selfish person suffering from a huge fear of whats coming (musi unodonha Changamire). Her tirade against Mai Mujuru is sickening and deplorable to say the least. This has never happened; to have such public disparaging remarks from a Mafikizolo Zanu PF against a Zanu PF senior member for that matter. From Grace’s utterances it shows Zanu PF has already split into two parties…..Zanu PF Mujuru and Zanu PF Mnangagwa/Grace. Amai Mujuru is now viewed with more distate moreso more than their arch enemy and tormentor; Morgan. This woman is supposed to have been on a ‘thank you’ countrywide tour but alas….it has actually turned out to be a Mai Mujuru castigating and bashing whirlwind tour. Zimbabweans are smart and educated lot, they will see right through Grace’s emotive motivation and will take it for what it is….. to necessitate a perpetual Mugabe hegemony which has seen us becoming the laughing stock of even the Northern Neighbours we used to ship back home in NRZ Coaches every week. I am gutted but not no hope is lost. Remember Mao’s wife?????

  6. Sorry guys ndangopfuurawo nepo.
    MTs single Masvingo rally had 30000 attendents but Graces had 6000 in Mucheke and now only 4000 in Marondera.

  7. This Grace idiot deserves not to be listened to.How can she say MDC was formed in Joice’s house.She is an a** hole.They first killed the general so they can do this.I also blame this on the late general.He was supposed to have deposed the dictator after ten years of misrule,when other generals were doing that in Africa.The dictator’s current position is thanx to general Mujuru after a Mozambique meeting during the war and as thanx they burnt the general and now they roast the wife.People should not allow this Mugabe family to abuse us.They had their time and should simply be made to rest.I wish we were a Somalia and just run after each other with stones and sticks.We are too spineless.This family continues to urinate on us and defacate on us telling us its rains and hail storms.Nxaaaaaaaa

    • hahahaah…I have been following Zimbabwean politics since the 90s when I was a teenager and I must say this is the first time I have read about a politician anotuka munhu direct aripo pamberi peruzhinji….chero vanoti PhD yacho…munhu akapasa A Level chaiyo anoziva ma limits..this lady is stupid….ko nhai Mugae akaregerei zvake kuroora kana mumwe musikana ….aaaaaah ndabvuma

  8. Siyana na Morgan kana uchida kunzwana nevanhu iwe mbuya iwe.
    Morgan identifies with the poor thats why he wont fade.
    The more you identify joice with morgan the more you increase her chances.
    Ppl are now fade up of politicians like Ngwena and now want nationalist like Mujuru who bring food on the table.
    Kwete kuudza zvema sanctions gore rese.

  9. At least ppl now see the 49year old Grace is out to stop Mugabe succession and not factionalsm.
    She wants her fossiled husband to stand again in 2018.
    Haunetewo here.

  10. Mugabe is also corrupt,very corrupt actually.There is no way Joice could be looting without his blessings.As for grace, she is a total idiot, her stupidity is beyond measure.She should stay home and take care of her alcoholic and ganja smoking son.

  11. The bi*ch doesnt tire of words,
    fact 1. You snatched Sallys husband
    fact 2. You snatched mazowe farm.
    Fact 3. You snatched gushungo diaries and other companies
    fact 4. You snatched a phd degree.

    We shall take bek all soon once your husband goes. fool

  12. no guys, Grace is the one who’s causing problems in our Country, and if she keep on doing what she’s doing right now. there’s going to be a War.

    mai Mujuru she’s even more better than Grace,

    don’t do that you Grace. becareful.

  13. Ray Kaukonde may belong to the wrong faction according to Dr Gire, but the truth is the Mugabes do not like the short man for his openness, period! Dr Grace remembers vividly that Ray was the only ZANU (PF) Chairperson way back in 2000, who told Dr Grace at a UMP victory rally that people do not eat votes!

    The real battle has begun with the end of the “Embarrass Dr Mujuru” rallies. Obviously Mashonaland East; Masvingo; Manicaland provinces showed they were not cowards – they openly showed Dr Gire that she was the one fanning factionalism. The only most damaging thing is that Dr Grace has proven that her husband is the one who is an inept leader because he failed to rein in the corrupt leaders around him, suggesting that his followers were doing the “follow, follow, follow; follow my leader!”

  14. What has ZanuPF gotten itself into? Giving a novice such high office! She obviously does not have an iota of political acumen. She doesn’t know that in politics, your foe today could be your friend today. You don’t name and shame, especially when you are not a Mother Theresa yourself. She is evidently an outsider. She is breaking every ZanuPF rule. She has no tact! The sooner they retract their “offer” for her to take the helm the better. Her political life no doubt will be short…… very short!

  15. Yes Tanzswaa , you are 100% correct we people of Zimbabwe are a spineless cowardly lot, there should have been an uprising along time ago. We prefer to be stood, crapped and pissed on daily. In reality we are to blame for the mess we find ourselves in. We could and should have removed these thugs decades ago , now we are paying the price and we a’int seen nothing yet.

    • It’s never too late. Let us start by gathering kuAfrica Unity Sq on Monday…or for vanotya, kupfuura neko. If the forces of oppression beat anyone up, take their photos for a time will come (soon) when we shall call them to account! Ndatotaura

  16. Phd re fake a doctor haatauri svina idzo pane vanomunyepera hanzi everytin is going on well kwese kwaari kuinda they is protest at her rallies and wat she doesn’t kno lyk here in Masvingo ainda ambotakura vanhu from as far as GUtu Zaka Jerera vakashaiwa chekudzokeresa ma zupco hanzi fuel yapera vanhu vakarara mu Rank mangwana vakamuka vonetsa hama dzirimu town ma bus fares she is a witch she is leaving ma wounds everywhere she goes

  17. grace is openly dividing zanu. she is the weevil.siyana namai mujuru.grace yo way yekushora mai mujuru yakutibhowa.we surpot zanu pf becaz of mai mujuri.grace imhutsa

  18. Grace attacking others verbally thts nt a unifer as she is saying she is a divider, stop insulting Kaukonde. VP Mai Mujuru dnt see e Reason to do Tht; So given e podium insults only to ur party Colleagues, Say smething productive, lyk wen elected as women’s League secretary wht ar u goin to do. To empower Women. Hw ar u gonna, Curb their challenges, nt doing this attackin, factionalism. Pliz. Say smething productive. Lyk DR Grace

  19. grace is openly dividing zanu. she is the weevil.siyana namai mujuru.grace yo way yekushora mai mujuru yakutibhowa.we surpot zanu pf becaz of mai mujuri.grace imhutsa. w

  20. Can’t imagine this stupid woman leading us. Look at how she addresses pple, what she has been saying at all those gatherings. Surely sisi Oppa is up for something bigger & dirtier. Remember she is good for that. And even other political gurus following? Tichawonerera gore rino. Iyo mhuri ya General Mujuru must blame their general for removing Ndabaningi Sithole and imposing Bob on the ppl’s party. Chihuri & R Gumbo know that. Tongo & Ndaba are rising from there graves. Pwitiiiiiiiitii.

  21. Eish….i wonder if this grace woman has any advisers to advise her to stop what she is doing…now zimboz we are a laughing stock coz of this didgrace talks. Ityai Mwari amai mupfugame munamatire hupenyu hwenyu coz mave kutorasika njere takatarisa

  22. Mai haina hunhu iyi…mai venyika kutsiga hakudihwe PHD kani. Iya’ ndimi makacontributor kuora kwe zimbabwe yes you proved you ideas..

    • It just goes show MOTO uri kuonekwa naPresident on a daily basis. Being married myself, I am beginning to feel really sorry for mukuru uyu (and I do not particularly like him) This woman will push munhu to the brink…it is as though she has learnt nothing (on the etiquette side) in all the time she has rubbed shoulders with graceful people. I think the public are correct when they say Mugade morphed into a different person as soon as he got hitched to this MBOKO!

  23. ko ZANU munomboidirei chokwadi.nhamo yatinayo munyika hamuionewo.sure na nhasi kuchine munhu achirikuti pamberi nezanu.sure unenge vakakwana here.kurai mupfungwa vanhuwe

  24. Grace’s rantings are full of malice and shows she is a poorly socialised women. someone has to stop this. its psychological torture she is subjecting us to. kuunza language yemubhawa muoffice?? My foot. this is uncalled for. someone must teach her what words to use when addressing the public not these bit*hy rantings

  25. Ahoyi MDC-T ahoyiiiiiii . . . .

    Hezvokoo . . . .

    Tapinda tapinda regai zvidashurane kikikikikiki . . . . . . . .

  26. Mujuru imbavha hombe I wil never sympathise with her this lady is telling the truth she is th one enjoying our diamond money

    • Grace is very very right and i like her so much, she is bringing something positive to our politics calling a spade, a spade. This Mujuru woman had fooled people for a long time and she is the most devilish women in the politics of Zimbabwe. She must go. As was said more will come you haven’t had anything yet, you will be shocked. She has single-handedly destroyed this country. The companies she had demanded and got shares as bribes would fill a whole broadsheet newspaper. To those who are waffling and trying to defend her will be quiet very soon and it is just the beginning, you will be shocked to death very soon.

  27. People of Zimbabwe should not lose focus and join in on hate speech. It will not benefit anyone to engage in antagonism. The sooner Zimbabweans realize their need for Jesus in their lives the better. Imagine a country where there is objective criticism and analysis situations. The presence of Jesus in people’s hearts controls their actions and speeches. Before saying or acting one needs to ask oneself, would Jesus have uttered this? Would he act this way? The tendency has been that people quote the bible when convenient but would not want live its ways. This is blatant hypocrisy which the Lord always reminded the Pharisees and Sadducees about.

    For the country to reform, leaders need to change their way. Repent and the country’s fortunes will be resurrected!!!

  28. I think the good doctors verbal diarrhoea just further diminishes her already soiled past. Everything around her is hated by us the people and her verbal abuse of the VP, who has remained quiet, further shows her lack of political prowess. This is merely a last gasp effort to get her into power to save her from the Zanu PF snakes who are waiting for the old mans departure to pounce on the ill educated, ill advised, ill speaking, ill spending and ill thinking Doctor.. NO self respecting Zimbabwean with more than one brain cell between their ears will ever vote for her…

    • Grace Matibili is one of the worst speakers the world has ever seen. Crude, unpolished, uneducated, loose-tongued… This woman is an unmitigated disaster…

  29. My officer in charge at Marondera Police Station in the early 80’s used to call this ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOR

  30. Zvatanga Pull Her Down, PHD Gire thinks politics is shopped like wht sh does in Europe Mujuru iz nt a fool tho she is silent MDC iz popular in Zimbabwe Gire iz popular not even in Zanu pf

  31. Ko mari yekuvakisa BrickWall (FaceBrick) pa Orphanage yakabvepi kuti isiri ye Goda Question mark NGA.????????????

  32. kkkkkkk .Grace the unifier. Ndaishaya kuti ndavanani vakauraya Solomon Mujuru zvabuda pachena ndiNgwena naGrace bob ndiye akasigner sezvaakaita pana Tongogara. Remember Tongogara and Solomon Mujuru were ZANLA Commanders. So if at all we have WAR VERTERANS is this the way we should treat a freedom fighter like Joyce Mujuru. Corruption is bad we all discourage it but we also need to respect each other. Grace is speaking on behalf of Mugabe but the danger that i see is that if Mugabe happen to die Grace will for real be in serious trouble with a lot Zanu pf BIGWIGS.Mugabe is coward.

  33. Tsvangirai hope u are watching. Uchazoda chance inopfuura iyi here kuti upinde panyanga 2018?. Let them divide Zanu iwe chibatanidza opposition yese wopindawo next election. Ichatobreaker chete Zanu yacho and Grace is making sure it will.

  34. Personally i dont see anything wrong here. The truth must be told. Regardless of who is saying it and what position they hold. Ngazvifumurwe. Pamberi naAmai. Vanhu ava vange vanyanya mhani…

  35. Mugabe ndiye problem. Grace Oppah Joice. Mabhebhi ake akunetsana manje.Akanyengera manarani…Musashandiswe naGrace panyaya dzekushare murume

  36. Eish amai vanotuka ava. Asi kwazvava kuenda kumawere chaiko. yaaa politics dzinenharo. kuzomhoresana makadii makadii zvenyu mai Mujuru.

  37. How can someone who was 15 years in 1980 challenge people who fought the liberation struggle like Mai Mujuru. This is not Zimbabwean culture. Zanu yabvuma kupfukutwa kana gamatox yacho haichabatsiri. kkkkkkkkk.

  38. ndinobvumirana newe @wasu. Tsvangirai this is a golden chance even Zanu pf factions are saying we better have Tsvangirai than to be led by a faction.

  39. Unfortunately the MDC is manned by some more self-centred idiots!! Could you wish for a better Holy-sent gift than this idiot demolishing the core of the geriatric, greedy & Mafia org??? I don’t think there’s a better gift!
    Bitch’s preparing for her own funeral, can’t understand Newton’s law is not just ‘moving bodies,’ you get back what you put out, you reap what you sow ‘first bitch!!’

    • Dogs may bark, but elephants will still move!!!! Tasvika kwamvura yacheka makumbo! kana kamba dzosekana makwati, munhikwi. pakuda mukombe wemvura

  40. If this woman can threaten men in public like this and confess that he almost assault another man,worse so saying that in front of that man’s wife,dont you think that mdara bobo anogara achirowa kumba naDisgrace? Poor old man!!!!! No wonder you are now so skiny!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Slogan yavo haina brain. Gamatox ndaifunga kuti mushonga uchauraya zvipfukuto ma WEEVILS but in this case they dont want their weevils to die . Mai varikutoti pasi ne Gamatox saka pamberi nezvipfukuto . PHD dzenyu idzi dzisina brain zvatobuda pachena pasina mwedzi kuti amai havana fundo ava. What a confused party.

  42. this is a form of dynasty there hupresident hwakuita kunge husabhuku kuti unosiyira mwana wako hakuna zvakadaro. iye mugabe kunyarara kudai mukati mupenyu iyeyu. tinoda kuona iwo mageneral aiti hatisalute anyone without liberation war credantial kuti vachadii nekakadzi aka kakapinda panyanga.This tym tirwawo hondo yekuzvisunungura kubva kuna mugabe and i will be the next Rex Nhongo

  43. How said it is just about only 2 months after President Mugabe openly and publicly attacked the weevil (Jonso) for dividing and trying to destroy the party from within, the same weevil has not retreated, but has even come back rejuvenated and more dangerous. From weaving it’s way through the party, it has gone much further to weaving it’s way right into the president’s bedroom. Now the weevil has become the greatest bootlicker of the president’s wife, even becoming a defacto spokesman of the first lady. The weevil has even managed to overcome the Gamatox which was intended to be used to destroy it. Now it even makes everyone chants slogans denouncing the Gamatox. We just wait with batted breath to see how far the weevil will go. One thing I know for sure is that none in Zanu pf has the brains to deal with the weevil.

  44. Amai fambai vanhu! kusvika rinhi takanyarara ? these people were warned before but zvigogodza chaizvo, havanzwe. vanoda gamatox chairo. ichooo!!!!.

  45. 1.hakuna munhu akadzidza anotaura zvakadaro
    2.muClass menyu makadziidza naani mumwe anokwanisa kumiririra kut chokwadi makadzidza mese
    3.ppl like zanu pf because they symphathize with mai mujuru so if u boot her out,wereva she goes,ppl shall follow
    4.kupunza musha wamai mujuru hakuvake wako
    5.hakuna amai vasvinu vakachenama kudaro,u are not fit to be in teks mo than kuchenama,zvinoda brain dzinodhonza

    ps: robert unotongwa nemukadzi tazviona

  46. This is just a stage managed show to wind peoples’s minds just like the Baba Jukwa’s fiasco. Zimbos wake up do not take Zanu PF and its people serious. It only goes to show how deep our political problem is. Zimbos get ready to continue suffering and following these dramas form Zanu PF

  47. “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband,but she who causes shame is like rotten ness in his bones” (Proverbs 12 v 4) I didn’t say it I am just a messenger

  48. Mujuru mai varikupi ndivo vane team yaitambira mazicash whllst mageneral works achikwangwaya pluz futi team yaMai Mujur vazhinji zvimasekur chete chete hazvichina machende ekuti zvinhu zvifaye ska todii apawo Mnangagwa anotyisa ini ndidi kutongwa naye.TOITA CEI NENYIKA INOIYI .TAKUDA DIVINE INTERVENTION

  49. Itai mauprising muriikoko isukuno hatiite nekuti tinevanodakuti tivarere vakurewo. PisaiAmerica we don’t care.

  50. Kusvikira tawana mutungamiri anogona kutengesa nyika ndiko kuti tigare mushe sell all industries to investors from the west kuti tikwanise kuenda kumabasa kana zvanetsa nyika yose ngaitengeswe zvose nevanhu vacho including Mugabe wacho naGrace iyezvino murikudya muchiguta muchivhaira nemaUS asiri enyu ngatibatanei nevamwe hamudi. zvamuri kuita zvose hazvitipi chikafu mumba ikozvino everyone muZIMBABWE raVendor either remadosi Mazitye kana kupushisa vanhu ngoro dzemaice-cream zvirinani nyika idzokere kuvaridzi vemari

  51. chinja4life vataura zvako chokwadi vanhu vakapedzera nguva pana Jukwa kusina kwazvakatora nyika .Zanu chiwororo inoziva zvino rasisa ma ZIMBO 1.8hora 2. Politics dzenhema sedzidzi .economy ichi donha big time

  52. Cde Kaukonde is amadoda sibili. I salute for not being used. As Margaret Dongo once said that some people behave like Mugabe`s wives. I salute you Cde hats off to you.

  53. Charlie 10,you missed and messed on this one.Your intelligence should have adviced the Pres. That pple love mai Mjuru.We love you mama.Remember Muammar and Saddam children and wivees and their sad endiong storioes.That how its done in Afrioca most.

  54. am fail to understand Amai’s motive,, what z the agenda of her rallies..2)where/how does the VP’s office fit in her songs…

  55. okay thats why you killed Mujuru,i was js wondering,really??MDC T was formed in his list you have now come out clean..

  56. ohh woe unto you prostitute of mugabe , u shall not be blessed by the kingdom of God now tht her husband is gone wakuda kumudzvinyirira , heheheheda seka hangu , cnt u see murume hauchina , checkout mandela hmmm , wat happened to him? mugabe will not live that long , even if he was to , haasisina power hauone , u are preparin yoself for a big surprise . mujuru has more muscle if u cheat her now she will succeed somehow , watch wait and see hehehe , plus wagara urikujutwa hauone chete they want you to influence thi so that uone moto later vavakuda chigaro havo

  57. am failing
    to understand Amai’s motive,, what z the agenda of her rallies..2)where/how does the VP’s office fit in her songs…

  58. Amai Mujuru I respect you for keeping quiet in the face of such a savage attack. We are with you in prayer. Grace agarwa nasatan. Kunzwisisa hakutengeswi, tingadai taita fundraise for her. Kutaura here ikoko? Isu tinofara hedu nekuti Zanu yawora but maybe Joyce is not so bad after all. Just saying. …

  59. Which one is Mother in ZanuPF, Grace or Joyce?

    I would vote for the one who fought for this country,not one who obtains leadership through sleeping with the President.

    It appears that Grace has good control of our President.She is running the country.Mukuru wedu ari mumoto,tazozvionera tega.Zanu PF needs to be strong.The combination of mafikizolo Grace and Jona Moyo will destroy the party.

  60. kaukonde madhodha sibili! murume uyu kutyisodzirwa nechimuroyi chekubuhera kakangotenser cde midzi chickened out and his ba**s were exposed to everyone in a mock unity accord bt aka kadynamite kakanzi huya ndikunyadzise kakajamuka. same to everyone everywhere follow mash east example rambai kutyisidzirwa zanu ndeye vanhu kwete mugabe

  61. did anyone hear what kaukonde said when he stood to speak. he said he salutes muchinguri for relinguishing power and that in this our age it has never happened that someone relinguishes power. did anyone hear this.

  62. Ehe takazvinzwa.Asi iye Kaukonde did not say he is relinguishing his power.He is solidly behind Mujuru together with all the 11 provinces except Midlands, which will nominate her Vice President of ZanuPF.

  63. Morgan, Joyce na Simba ndizvo maZimba. Gire akazvarirwa KuSouth Africa. Gabriel chizvarwa chekuMalawi? Totongwa nemabvakure?

  64. asi ya amai ava ndeipi chaiyo. vanhu vanoramba but i truely think dementia is catchy. murume apa dementia kumukadzi. kkkkkkkk.


    When Mugabe decided to make Zanu PF a one-party state opening the door for himself to sit on top as the dictator he closed all the doors to meaningful debate and competition. It is no surprise that successive Zanu PF ads have been dogged with incompetent, corrupt and totally ineffective leadership. A regime is wasteful of human and material resources and there is a limit to how much any nation can take; the Zimbabwe economy has had it. It is the economic meltdown that has weakened Zanu PF, starving it of the cushy jobs, corruption deals and looting opportunities that Mugabe had used so far to keep party members happy. The infighting was no more than the opportunistic flue that kills an HIV/AIDS patient!

  66. This paper clearly has mujuru paid journos. All the comments here are from a few paid scribes pretending to be many people but it is just a few. Kana muchimuda mujuru wacho muite president we mdc but kuzanu hakuna anomuda. Torai munhu wenyu mdc.

  67. Mai mujuru takaenda navo kuhondo, ndevedu. Mai Mujuru siyanai nevanhu vano penga. Chinoz wld say mai mujuru died fr this country. I dnt like zanu pf but i love mai mujuru. Mai Mujuru igamba

  68. Ndiripfurawo nepano. Ndati ndingoudzawo varikuti “silence is golden” kuti that’s bu**shit. Golden yamunayo after 34yrs of silence to the mummy irikukupayi chii. Silence inoita vanhu vamame nenzara

    And to those sympathising and supporting Mujuru, r u doing so bcoz u thnk Mugabe is lying abt her or u r idiotic fools doing so simply bcoz she has been exposed in public. Iif its the latter “mapenzi” like u rt the resason we r still being screwed over by a mummy. U put ur X ipapo simply coz munhu achema kuti “tapihwa ban ndarambidzwa zvese nechimoko changeu kunoona Empire state building”

  69. She is the worst female being ever born in zimbabwe, she is a shame to the species of mankind, i wonder what mugabe saw in that nonsensical woman.

  70. Guys cant you c we are being fooled heal?These rallies are just a political gimmick from these folks trying to divert our sufferring to a wrestling of words and insults.Imagine Grace is doing all this without any comment from her husband??Am sensing another trick from Mugabe’s book.Come 2018 tinenge tamama nensara tichingotarisira kuti want is going to happen next with these people but the reality is hapasisina chatichawana kuvanhu ava.Kungoti Mwari havarambe vakanyarara.It will be a pity if the change happens ndafa l would want to enjoy a new era in this country ……………….pambili with change

  71. Dis Grace is (1) nt an eloquent speaker (2) nt a nationalist , who the hell is she to comment on people unlike her who fought for the liberation of our beloved country , kana asina zvekutaura ngaanyarare , shes jst too confused , and directionless , she shld jst stay home and nurse our old father of blessed memory of good , its time to give the reins to others certainly nt the current so called women legue boss , TONGai zvakangwara , kangoma koririsa koda kuparuka

  72. Zanu-PF is not Mugabe Pvt. Ltd. Ana Chiwenga, Shiri, Sibanda and Mnangagwa seem to forget this. Over the years, a lot of senior security chefs have been victimised along patronage lines. They are still quiet but will not remain quiet.

  73. so finally the whirlwind of displaying her character has closed down. wonder whats going to entertain us next.

  74. mai Mujuru igamba redu rova ngoma usekere amai Mujuru tinokudai zvakadaro mune nhorowondo yatinoziva ende kana kumusha tinoenda nemi.kana Mwari vakati muchatonga muchango tonga vachida vasingade.Pamberi namai Mujuru

  75. Madam Goreraza Mugabe you have the greatest opportunity to liberate Zim than all the oppstn, the generals , the West and all the worlds diseases put together, Kill your husband. did you see what cyanide did to those elephants?

  76. political maturity, experience and professionalism needs to be adhered to when u address political concerns to the ”PUBLIC”……MOTHER……….BECAUSE if not so …you may be digging ur own grave IN THE POLITICAL WORLD………PLEASE FOCUS ON THE GOODIES MOSTLY NOT THE BADS …..otherwise we support you…

  77. Grace is inciting violance and spearheading verbal terrorism not only against her competition in the party but against Zimbabweans en mass. Of course, a few young men who are sexually active might have been cought stealing one or two glances at her backside but that doesn’t mean lack of respect. The opposite is true.

  78. We are behind Teurai Ropa the true liberation war cadre not umafikezolo. By the way how old was Bona when Sally passed away our true mama ?Was Bona born out of wedlock just asking.

  79. that is what happens if you stay with a lunatic all these years and you did not know, then all of a sudden you decide to give the person a platform in an area where she has no idea of, all hell will break loose as she will just say whatever without thinking of the actions

  80. This DR stupid is crazy I am 100% Zanu PF and one can see that her sexual needs are not being met and remember she is going through menopause. The presidents equipment no longer functions on that level but remember its reasonable for his age he only has at most 2years to go but anytime is tea time for the young man. Comrades since when do we give out PHDs ? When did this start ? Very soon all the combi drivers and vendors will all be DRs . What happened to the good old days when graces job description was to suck ****. If this is the future of my party then Zimbabwe will truly be a failed state. I’m sure the rest of the party will not let this deranged sex hungry secretary (in a mini skirt) take over. Worst case , she may just have an “accident” as have many others that have run ahead of them selfs. I was enjoying things just the way they where this this has to happen. She is insulting senior party officials who have worked hard for their country and party. I conceive that not all people are perfect but grace does not have the power or basis to do this to CDE Ray. CDE Ray has always served party interests well. When he has been called upon he has always responded. CDEs please do something about this crazy woman . Some one needs to remind mugabe that Zanu PF is not for you alone .We are Zanu PF . We the Party can and will remove you if need be. We the party can and will continue with out you . Dead man walking

  81. So interesting. Wotoona mumwe akapfeka T Shirt ine musoro wemunhu mukore uno kumba wabva usina kudya. Shame on my fellow country men and women. Some things will never ” change “and some people will never “think”. That’s the way it is

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