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Konshens allays fears


HARARE-BOUND Jamaican artiste Konshens, who was on Tuesday injured in a brawl throwing Zimbabweans into confusion over his imminent performance in the country on Saturday, has allayed fears that he may not make the journey this week.


The artiste was allegedly hit by a bottle on the head by a music producer over a song.

Initial reports in The Gleamer indicated the musician had been rushed to the Andrew’s Memorial Hospital for treatment, but conflicting statements attributed to his brother in the Jamaica Observer claimed otherwise.

The brother named Delus dismissed the reports as mere rumours although he was said not to have been present when the incident occurred.

But on Konshens’ official Facebook page he said he was not attacked.

He said drove himself to the hospital but was not in a critical condition.

“WAAAIIITTT! I wasn’t attacked, I wasnt taken to no hospital and im not in critical condition . . . calm down. I was accidentally hit over my eye with a bottle and he was only protecting himself so Im not upset. He’s not just a music producer, he’s also my friend,” he wrote.

“I do not want any form of retaliation. No one associated with me will retaliate and i condemn anybody else that does so. And please bare in mind he is still a friend of mine.”

He confirmed that there was an issue over a song that was taken from his studio and ended up being stolen.

“We have an issue over a song that he took from my studio that I ordered him not to take that ended up being stolen by sum1 he’s doing biz with and released. I was upset but Aparently (sic) he thought I was way more upset than i actually was,” reads the post.

“I saw him last night and sent someone to call him. He came over and I began asking him about the issue. He started explaining that he did not release it and the other person did it to get back at him, I responded asking why he took it from the studio in the first place.

“Apparently all this time he wasn’t even listening to me, my hand was on his shoulders and his hand was on my back, we are both straight, this is not an unfamiliar situation for ppl in the middle of parties having a convo (sic).

“However he was looking at the people around me and saw them coming closer and felt threatened. But he has known me long enough to know that no one around me regardless of who they are can touch him or anyone else in my presence without my consent.

“And I would never hurt him because I known him for years he was even an engineer at my studio so he knows how I operate. And I would never try to have an altercation in public especially over such minute matters. Anyway he felt threatened and made a decision to just swing and run!”

He referred to the action as “crazy uncalled for decision”.

Konshens claimed that he actually pulled people off the assailant who was being attacked by people in the club.

“I was not taken to hospital, I drove there myself, I am not in critical condition i am safe at home,” he said.

Harare International Festival of the Arts spokesperson Tafadzwa Simba yesterday said there had not been any communication between his organisation and the artiste concerning the brawl and the injury.

Responding to a question Simba said: “No there has not been any communication to Hifa from Konshens or his representatives about a brawl or injury.”

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