I’m aiming for higher post- Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe

MASVINGO — First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday disclosed, for the first time since she was nominated to lead the Zanu PF Women’s League, that she was now targeting an even higher political post after being mentored by her husband President Robert Mugabe for years.


Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters during her “Meet the People Tour” at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo, Grace, who inferred she was President Robert Mugabe’s apprentice, said her elevation and ambition should not come as a surprise as she had received enough mentorship from the 90-year-old party leader.

“You would see me quiet, a young girl, what did you think I was doing? I was learning,” she said in a speech, adding more weight to speculative reports that Mugabe was grooming his wife to succeed him as President.

“So what is shocking you today? You made me what I am, I was copying from you. You are not supposed to be shocked, I am seeing a higher post. If you are not serious, women will take over the party.”

Grace then broke into a song before she issued a warning about a looming purge in Zanu PF in the event of a Cabinet reshuffle.

“Some of you here were called [by Mugabe] and were warned, but you did not listen. You know what’s next. There are many people who can take the job that you have. You are a crook. If you harden your head, what if the person you are fighting for loses? What will you do? Where will you go? When it ends, some people will suffer strokes,” Grace said.

Carrying on with her tradition of not naming the subjects of her attacks, Grace warned that the day of reckoning was nigh.

“Other people have been in political oblivion, but still they do not want to repent,” she said.

The First Lady threatened unspecified people, warning they should not play with fire lest they got burnt.

“You only realise after something has befallen you and others say you brought this upon yourself,” she added.

Grace saved her strident attack for those angling to succeed her husband.

“Most people were being spoon-fed by my husband. He worked for them, yet today you hear them saying they want to rule the country. Are you able to rule? Leave us alone, you are revolting, you are not able to rule the country.”

Grace said most senior party officials clamouring for leadership change in Zanu PF had survived politically courtesy of her husband’s graciousness.

She also reiterated accusations that some top officials were receiving money from the British and Americans to effect leadership change in the ruling party.

“There are others who are selling the country. We are aware of it. Others are bribing the Women’s League,” she claimed, before delving into one of her husband’s favourite themes.

“We know you are receiving millions and we will expose where this money is coming from. You are receiving money from the British and the Americans, but we are watching you.”

The incoming Women’s League boss also warned that those receiving money would “pay for it”, as the money was meant to dislodge Mugabe from power so “whoever came into power would give back farms to the whites”.


  1. If a lie is told several times it is bound to be believed! Who says that only Mugabe can rule this country!?

    Are we saying that after Mugabe then this country will not have a leader!? Cmmon mheni Dr Grace N Marufu-Mugabe there are plenty people who can do a better job that what was done and is being done by your husband.

    How come your speech is always full of threats and always borders on being acerbic!? Its easy to separate the difference between genuine intelligence and ‘acquired-intelligence-listen to Dr Grace, Oppah or Dr Joice speak then listen to Dr Olivia Muchena!

    • @ True Makepekepe. Don’t you think that Her Noble Highness Dr. Grace needed a doctorate the way some of us need a tranquilizer,some a puff of collie-herb or many others, a few cold ones of the befuddling stuff to gain a bit of confidence? Now with her Phd. allegedly acquired from an elaborate system of patronage, safely in her expensively acquired Western made handbag, the good lady now has enough confidence even to aspire to become the next president. Surely dreams are made of this!

    • I agree with you if this woman is a Doctor then this is the worst Doctor produced by UZ since inception listen to Muchena, even Chivaura or Mahosa there is logic in their discussion. I am failing to get the theme of her address. Finally its not criminal to aim for the Presidency if qualified because one way or the other Mugabe will leave the constitution only allows him 2 terms and he will complete the first term come 2018 and if elected in 2018 then that will be his last term so yes there is need to have a plan beyond Mugabe.

      • Thanks man, I was begining to think that I am not good enough to comprehend a speech by a “Doctor”. At least I am not the only one who failed to grasp the gist of her speech.

  2. Verily verily i say unto you, beware of woeful times to come…So as she flies in that helicopter campaigning from one city to another she now sees herself ruling this country? Lord have mercy, God save the country

  3. I once heard ma war vets saying hatisalute asina kurwa hondo , heyo nyaya taurai tinzwe. Varume musanyeperane vakadzi vanotonga,,,,,,,,,,,,,HEZVOKO… BWAA…

  4. Vakoma, vakomana, vakomana ndaona pane macomments 3 chete, ini ndauya kuzoona macomments enyu chete!! I will be refreshing this page every half a minute!

    • I can’t imagine her being a president .i have been following her speeches ,I also imagine a complaining ,cry baby, and threatening ,women who would not even give yu a chance to answer back. She would talk and talk ,until yu fall asleep

  5. Heheheh takamirira hondo irkuuya becoz Grace seems to be threatening zanu pf folks who can also unleash the same violence she is threatening them with, Jehovah makatendeka, kuda kwenyu ngakuitike. Last year when zanu won i was depressed but now i see He is in control. God is still on the throne.Im watching as the drama unfolds

  6. For her to think her husband did a good job, I wonder what currency she’s using?That’s dull if you ask me.

    • jimmy you are so naive you do not know what is happening…… I can see you thought the liberation struggle in this country was that this country was wrongly named, that government personnel should be black and that we should have the right to mix with whites only…
      All he sabotage which killed our currency we have witnessed to make Mugabe unpopular you cannot see…….

      • hey man cdes as a leader he was supposed to have found strategies to counter the sabotage. look what the americans do in the face of terrosim they respond, they do not sleep on duty as our dear old leader. he fouled himself by thinking that land redistribution can stabilise our economy. look where we are now. using the US dollar. Poor Mugabe. he was supposed to have formulated the policies which are in the best interest of the country and people. Look at his land reform, there are no proper schools in those resettlement areas, water, no sanitary facilities. people are just leaving in abjust povery.

      • Not Fooled, you lost me in translation.The country was never sabotaged, the word was so abused by Robert to an extent of convinsing those who did not seek the truth.These cronies looted the worth of the country and did not invest in anything meaningfull.Are you aware that people who spoke of his failures were eliminated well before he starting his sabotage campaign?What made him angry is the fact that he was banned from enjoying luxuries from other countries while the working majority were in limbo.The best He did was promote tribalism just like the previous goverment which promoted racism.He was suppose to stop the injustice not change from one form to another and loot?He sabotaged the nation…

  7. Mai Mujuru, we love you. Asi Mai don’t protect people like Mliswa, Chombo and Mpofu. They are giving you a really big negative picture. All the same ndimi mother vedu.

  8. ‘She was mentored’,it’s one thing to rule and it’s another to manage.Her mentor rules the country but hasn’t managed the economy.His greatest undoing was failure to separate party business from government business.Taking over Rhodesia in 1980 was liking buying a new car and obviously it had to be constantly serviced by changing oils,brake pads,spark plugs , polishing the body etc.However,this learned President never did any service but just pimped the ride with tint,mag wheels,spoilers etc.That is the reason why we have rampant corruption,farms,mines,company closures,hospitals,schools,government departments that are ill-equipped and very inefficient & so forth.It thus scares us when she says she was groomed to rule by that very person.Please madam,Zimbos have suffered enough & they really need a break.

    • The trouble with promoting empty drums way above their level of competence is they become big headed. Grace is a intellectual midget who is talking a lot and none of it makes any sense.

  9. The problem with the latest Dr. is that she still needs to do o level English literature first over the next 4 years.

    • PTY, your comment may be viewed as negative by other Cdes, but listening to Dr. GM after news on zbctv leaves one wondering what is the agenda on her “Meet the People’ tours? So many issues are touched on without offering solutions, eg “people are angry/hungry, ladies will take over the party’ so what?? While we appreciate what cde RG. has done since independence that does not make him indispensable!!

  10. dont frighten people, we dont want nonsense this time, u rigged and promised us many things during elections now u are coming back again telling us nonsense get away will never like u, ndichaita president wacho ini nokuti chenyu hutsinye chete kugutisa mhuri dzenyu dzedu dzichimama nezhara nxaaaaa very worried, we want new and fresh blood

  11. The utterances by Mrs Grace reflect a very disturbed mind. In reality, the woman is fearful of what may befall her as Mr Bob will soon be unable to carry on in his post. Only insecure people issue threats whenever they address the public.

  12. Pathetic. Drivel at its worst. Is threatening people her idea of meeting the people who will vote in the next general elections. Cabinet reshuffle. Its not about service delivery but bootlicking. Mutsvangwa received Austrlian money for his water project for his Norton water project. Whats the difference between Australian money and British and USA given all Anglo-Saxon? When Mugabe goes she will defintely go!

  13. Dr Dr Dr bhora pasi nyika Haisi yekumba kwenyu iyi modawo dzenyu 34 years dzekutonga mozopawo mkwasha murume wabona iyeye opamhawo 34 hamufungi kuti mukuronga zvakaoma here nhai Dr

  14. 1 August 2013 after the Nikuv project I asked the Lord what would become of us under this zanny regime and the Lord gave me one word “Selfdestruct”.Vanhu ava vachakonana zvisingaite.Whats happening in this party reminds me of a car in neutral on a down slope heading for a major explosion.Am loving the fulfillment of His word.Bless you ZIMBABWE,

    • I charge you under oath not to drag the Name LORD into anything He has not involved Himself. There are several times i think of jokes involving the LORD or His Holy Spirit, but i never say no matter how funny and in any case i do not mock Him in the jokes – I do not take Him lightly. I do not know about you.

  15. Kikikkk, haaa, ndambozvitaura kuti ini ndinonakidzwa nemacomments enyu kupfuura nyaya yacho!! Kasi mamwe macomments acho anorovesa! kikkkk.

  16. So pathetic to hear such utterances, nevertheless its now high time that Zimbos across the world we must go back home and rebuild our nation .Forget about such blind, corrupt and arrogant people who have destroyed our beautiful nation in the name of struggle and patriotism whilst they feel up their scoffers and let the nation starve and have 80% of the nation live in diaspora. Now they have they infighting they want to drag the whole nation with. Zimbabwe is not Zanu. nxxxxaaaaaa

    Enough is enough!

  17. So she actually thinks emmerson and mujuru will stand by and let her rule the party, i dont think so..these people are impatient enough to wait for her husband to leave office yet , she thinks they will accommodate her and let her create a dynasty, MUJURU IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT FOLLWED BY KASUKUWERE, FOLLOWED BY MOYO

  18. i prefer mai Mjuru to Grace, Grace unedzungu chete, remember Zimbabwe haina mataombo bt vanhu vanofungawo,Zviroto zviroto

  19. Cde Amai Doctor Professor Her Excellency Head of State Commander in Chief First Secretary, have I left anything out?, oh President Grace Mugabe…
    Long live the boot lickers and those that believe licking a bit higher is the key to success in our beautiful country..

  20. Someone is just making life difficult for herself and family. She is reaching her end. Elastic can stretch but when it gets to the limit it snaps, watch this space for more details. Anyway I warned sometime ago that the more Mugabe rules the more alienated these other zanupf cadres will be now a mafikezolo wants to aim for higher office after being mentored on high to destroy a country in 34 years to 1900 year levels. With her we will soon be in stone age. But ndanzwa umwe achiti this is enough.

  21. What can u expect from someone who is being mentored by one with degrees in violence? My advice however to Dr GM is ; Start by stopping , do some self introspectipn & lastly “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him/ her guilt less who takes His name in vain”( Exodus 20 v 7)

  22. Pitiful, zvinonzwisa tsitsi. This woman is being used nanaNgwena who are desperate to stop the real Amai’s ascendancy and she will be disposed of once they like done with her, just like a used condom. Does she really believe that ED will stand by and watch her take the throne?
    Grace if I were you I wouldn’t take sides in this nasty fight because it will consume the party and all the protagonists when the old man goes.

  23. What is this lady selling besides the usual horse crap..she lacks depth, fails to articulate issues to do with advancing the nation. Oh sorry, wait…Its a miracle!!! bread and butter just dropped out of the sky onto my dinner table the moment she started to praise sing and hero worship he husband and berate the west and faction leaders.

  24. The greatest tragedy that befell this country was the death of the actual first lady Sally now this opportunist typist from Mutemechani thinks she can rule this country. Let me remind her that leaders as she always wants us to believe are ordained by God but please note Soul continued ruling Israel well after GOD had blessed David. This country is not a personal property .Dr you are being misled and exposed for being a political novice by Oppah she is very bitter wakamutorera murume womutorerazve chigaro unoti moyo wake nmuchena.Wait and see what will happen when your husband rests with his ancestors as death is a necessary and inevitable evil.Those who are faking you vachakuzvuzvurudza mutara as you correctly prophesised.

  25. 1.Grace knows Bob is nearing the end.Doctors have advised he wont make it in 2018
    2 Try and run for Presidency to protect your interests.They have amassed so much and it wont be safe when Bob is gone.Mugabe is not a good name outside Zimbabwe so its in Grace’s interest to stand ground.
    3 Zimbabweans are a docile pple and wont revolt even if she takes high office through shady means.It has happened in the past 20 years
    4.Its clear Mugabe doesnt want any of ZanuPf members to take office.He would rather have his family run.
    5.ZanuPf should know by now the meaning of ‘Meet the pple tour’.A rebel group will do very well next elections

  26. haheheda zvakaome shokwadi, wts this nhai iwe gire , kas unofunga kuti mushabhini kahi muno kkkkkk, hapana kutonga kwaungaite pano , no nevha .JOYCE MUJURUFOR PREZO VANHUWE

  27. in a society where no one seems brave enough to stand up and verily declare openly that they are vying for the top post , i personally do not see any reason why the Doctor should be getting all these heavy blows otherwise intended for the gods .

    We have in this lady , a powerful , energetic and full of potential pragmatic leader. The danger is sometimes we are branded on the basis of our background .For instance its not easy for a resident of Mbare or Epworth to get furniture on account , now people are breathing fire and venting their anger on a woman whose intentions are openly unifying judging by her recent conciliatory gestures.All this because in her background are some party members who have done regrettable and embarrassing things ,while in power .She is the broom that has come and will all the dirty from under the carpet and is holding the keys to the closet , soon all will come clattering shamefully out in the open .
    Go on Doctor , use your chance at the highest office diligently and grab that opportunity firmly . Zimbabweans are not new to negative criticism and ridicule , but then again that’s all they do . Most of those talking bad of your rise and wishing you doom are simply armchair commentators who do not even vote and hence are toothless bulldogs

    A mother leader with the love for children as you do poses is the epitome of future prosperity and to me exactly what the doctor prescribed for our sleeping giant of a nation .
    Education is the best platform for the creation of a super leader and indeed the determinant factor for anyone’s rise even in social economics , and by acquiring the relevant academic qualifications at the same time as your star is rising is proof enough you understand the gymnastics of this evolving political environment . I am aware or sadly reminded of one person who when their star started rising ignored the plight of his academic credentials only to start womanising and globe trotting like any other uneducated commoner , once he was in power ..to the utter collapse of his career . Now the learned in his camp have scurried away to form their own parties with funny names . You have done well .

    Indeed we are who we live with , undeniably your living with the greatest statesman in Africa and arguably in the world , you ought to have acquired an apprenticeship of the highest order in politics and leadership domains .That you were in Harare yesterday and Masvingo tomorrow , Mutare the next day , is a sure sign of how much you have learnt about how to expend your energy when push comes to shove .

    You have a mammoth task ahead of you but its certainly not insurmountable ..continue working hard soon your critics will be eating from your hands .

    Forward ever Doc

  28. China and Russia wanted 100% assurance that their deals will not be terminated by a successor. Now our President is morgaging his family.

  29. she is warning Jonathan Moyo to stop abusing his ministry coz when the cabinet is reshuffled she will be left w nothing since she lost his parliamentary seat.

  30. Whats all this nonsense all about?Gone were those mgagao declarations.We (povo)are the choosers voters.This zim belomgs to us all.Mwari chimbidzai kutora avo vanoda kushungurudza vamwe.Amen.

  31. Dont threaten anyone fake Dr grace u have destroyed our party and your husband u have taken our country as your personal property, Zimbabwe hasi yekumbakwenyu. We have people in Zanu pf and outside zanupf hu can better presidents far much better than your snatched husband, your husband created this factionalism to suit himself. Urikunyengerwa ne pfambi inonzi opah iyo makafanana mese murimadhikondo.

  32. Eish maone, so she is aiming for higher office, and she is ready to spill blood.
    This is bad for Zimb, she has to rethink again, the husband spilled blood anmd she will do the same,not gud for us.we dont need this Dr. Her tour is for wat, rethoric,threats and abuse of languge, ojh please God be in control.

  33. the true leader does not threaten with anything but with justice. no leader, male or female, who thrives on making threats can be a good leader. my observation is that, for a long time in Zimbabwe, we have been and continue to endure a crisis of leadership. the inconsistencies in our present crop of political leaders is alarming. whether it is zanu pf or the multiple mdcs, the approach has been threats. may we be threatened by rule of law. may we be threatened by justice. zimbabwe is burning and you have time to move around the country talking about trivial matters. zimasset is a non-runner. the economy is forecasted to register no growth and all our leaders do is eye for leadership positions for which they are not qualified on the basis of utlitiy and service to the people. the three decades of zanu rule have impoverished the nation. grace or any other present stock of leaders will not help zim. zanu pf needs to be thrown out of office for them to begin to learn humble service of the people. at the moment it is full of arrogant self-serving, bootlicking cronies.like children who need diapers to be changed, politicians should be changed even just for the sake of it or they stink. grace’s pronouncements stink!!

  34. Usati wasurirwa neka90 year old mudhara mumagudza wotovhumuka uchitit nyika ndoitonga iyi.Unototi murume wako aitonga nyika zvakanaka here nhai crazy-shoe-shopper de-Grace???Unodnirwadza moyo wangu iwe typist-cum-amateur politician.You are a danger to yourself Mai Bona.

  35. asi kamkadzi kanopenga aka kanofunga kuti zim ndeyema zeze kunyebera nekamdara kakachembera kachigaira sinhi, dreams of darker days tirimo muma terrace tichibokola zvedu

  36. Haa Bob is finished to allow his airhead wife to go around the country spewing EMPTY threats, surely everyone knows the mugabe era has ended we are just waiting for the BELL

    • You are right the Mugabe and Zanu PF dictatorship is over this is Grace trying desperately to hang on.

  37. Tuma comments twenyu mese hatuna maturo.Imi tongaiwo kana muchizvikwanisa- Ndakaiona Favour ichiuya namwari. Kana pane mukana siyayi mai vapinde. I dont want to see any other negative comment panodeuka ropa manzwa

    • The only people who will decide who rules Zimbabwe from now on are the people of Zimbabwe in free, fair and credible elections and no amount of threats or murders will change that!

  38. ‘…Dont play with fire lest you will be burnt.’ (Mugabe,G. Yesterday)… Oh what a great prophecy this is. Luv it

  39. I now see the logic behind Malawians,Zambians and Moscans who came and settled permanently in the then Rhodesia during the 60’s&70’s.The reason being that their future in their homelands were bleak and surely the future of Zimbabweans is bleak more than ever before.Those who are in the diaspora and qualifying to get citizenship they should do so without delay.It will take many decades to correct and repair the damage done to our country.Don’t forget that our neighbours and other African countries are benefiting from the demise of the Zimbabwean economy.Zanu PF is in total control of all our resources and corruption will continue unabated.

  40. Thats the end result kana musangano ukatongwa ne fear, kutaura chokwadi zvisingatenderwi, i see two dfrnt presidential candidates next general election,musangano uye watsemuka kunge nhanga huya uwone.chisingaperechinoshura.these guys vachamhanyisana takatarisa.

  41. Bottom line is: Amai muCIO. Any careful observer will see that her approach has the CIO hand-writing. It is a mixture of intimidations, accusations, boastfulness and cunning appeal to lure povo into her line.

    Any one caught offside will be undressed in public and forced to toe the line. Tamaamaboys.

    • She must know that this nation will never be cowed down again. The only people who will decide who is to rule from now on is the people of Zimbabwe is free, fair and credible elections.

  42. Even if Chatunga akanzi akutonga. What can we do Zimbabweans? Hapana basa kutaura nekuita hasha in our comfortable homes. Fear yatakaiswa ma1 chaiwo. Achida Grace wacho anotonga takatarisa and hapana anombosimudza musoro. Unless Mai Mujuru and Mnagagwa can come out in public to challenge Mugabe otherwise varikutodyawo. Saka angori ma1 ega ega. Kana ini ndinototyawo.

  43. robert and his way lie to each other while in bed that this country is their private property. Watch this space and see if Robert junior is not going to be given a bigger post in the not so distant future. i am worried my children are not going to enjoy their space in zim

  44. Grace is creating bhora musango.Each time she opens her mouth,she talks nonsense.She threatens people as if her family owns ZanuPF .Grace Mugabe as Vice President or President is the end of ZanuPF.Mugabe will die a laughing stock of the world.People of Zimbabwe are not fools.

  45. Veduwe tibatireivo amai ava vasati vaenda kure nekupengereka kwavari kuita. Ko vadiiko kutidzikamira nhai vanhuwe. Ini ndashaya theme yezvinhu chaizvo zvavanenge vachitaura pamarally avo kunze kwekuvhunditsira vanhu chete. She can be worse than murume wavo panyaya dzeviolence. Ndinoona ndivo vaitomupesvedzera kuti aponde vanhu nenyaya yekuda kufira pachigaro. Chii chaicho chavakadzidza kubva kuchidictator ichi kunze kwedictatorship nehudzvanyiriri. We don’t want leaders who talk war, spilling of blood but peace. Mai ava speaks about shedding of blood ranii chaizvo

  46. One might think Zimboz are not fools surely voting a 90year old harawa into office vaifungei..vanga vakarara vaifunga achaita mudiki here Mugabe…siyai Grace a capitalize ryt now no one is saying to Mugabe wachembera chibva vese around him are bootlicking him saying go on..here is another way he is showing ka mazimbo kuti I am tired it’s not his fault at 90years..why not decide to leave his wife in office if u are telling him to continue..ndimi mine nyama yake..We have no one to blame but ourselves our life is what we make it…Has anyone gone to Mugabe and asked him to step down?Anyone visiting him is telling him to continue..no man

    • Read what Grace is saying and it is clear that some people are telling Mugabe to go and she is saying no and threatening them to shut them up.

  47. There is nothing aspiring for any political position.But sister you are misfiring.Bubble not so fast lest you will swallow your words soon.

  48. Jabulani sibanda where ar u ne ma service chiefs, hoyo munhu asingatombozivi kti pfuti inobatwa sei oda kutonga nyika nyika uyo. simukai tione vakomana musango mudzokerwe umo kkkkkkkkk

    • Every Zimbabwe has a say on who should rule the country and not just those who fought in the war of independence.

  49. I read a sense of insecurity here someone very desperate to protect wealth under the disguise of claiming higher office.ko varwi ve hondo vanosi ti taurira zvehondo vangada kutongwa nemunhu kadzi of zero war credentials.ndanetseka nekufunga

  50. The only people qualified to make the final decision on who should rule Zimbabwe are the people of Zimbabwe in free, fair and credible elections. All the democratic reforms will be implemented before the next elections to guarantee free, fair and credible elections, the first one in the nation’s history and the first of many to follow.

    Regime change that Zanu PF has resisted all these years is now upon us and we are not to be denied – not this time, not ever!

    Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have lost their lives for Zanu PF selfish political gain. This is an open wound, unfinished business this nation must attend to and will. If Grace thinks she too can secure her hold on power by shedding fresh blood then she is very much mistaken. If she thinks this nation will be cowed down by threats or murders, again she is very much mistaken.

  51. zim the only country not at war but very poor economically. then one Dr want to continue on that same trend ooh NO

    • GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  52. GOOD ADVICE: do something for yourself, for your family. Don’t waste your time talking about these already rich politicians while others are enjoying their lives with money without even paying attention to this dirty politicians. See how this poor Zimbabwean woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented vehicles. Very interesting. Go to ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM to see all these 5 companies that she was using to do this business successfully. ACCIDENTEDVEHICLES dott COM , Wake up African people

  53. grace mugabe was just gud at leading us to poverty.he mentored u hw to steal or bieng selffish.we are tired of unemployment.pliz go with ur husband we want something better.

  54. Grace is short sighted and ethnocentric. The response to people such as Mugabe and cronies is as follows: 3000 assorted tanks, 4 American drones, 1000 French and American fighter jets, a 30 000 strong conventional troop, 100 commandos, 10000 anti-air missiles and 1 000 000 machine guns and AK 47s, then a sound government in waiting to come after their demise.

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