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Hubby gets court order against ‘sex-starved’ wife


A 42-YEAR-OLD Kadoma man has been granted a protection order against his wife who confessed to literally throwing their marriage vows out of the window alleging her hubby had denied her conjugal rights for the past seven years.

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Rameck Chitsiku of 218B Tissue, Kadoma, yesterday sought the court decree after his wife Lorraine Ncube (42) approached the same court and obtained a protection order in March this year barring him from insulting, assaulting or harassing her.

The couple is customarily married, but the union has since hit rock bottom with counter-accusations of infidelity and mistrust, the court heard.

Appellant told presiding magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba that Ncube was having an extra-marital affair with another man and even had the audacity to bring him to their matrimonial home in the presence of their children.

He further alleged Ncube bought her lover some clothes.

A visibly angry Chitsiku stated he no longer had love for his wife and that he had given her a token to end their marriage (gupuro) which she declined to accept.

He also said defendant came home at odd hours.

In response, Ncube told the court she still loved her husband and denied ever being offered the said token.

Ncube, who did not outrightly deny having an illicit affair, said any woman was bound to act in the manner she was doing given circumstances that she and her husband no longer shared the same bedroom.

Ncube, a Zion Christian Church member, said she has been starved of sex since 2007. Before granting the order the magistrate said the couple was “imprisoning themselves” by denying each other intimacy.

Gwazemba advised the couple to divorce as their marriage had broken down irretrievably and share property including the house they acquired together.

The magistrate also warned the pair risked going to prison if they continued to drag each other to court.

A fortnight ago, Chitsiku was convicted on his own plea of guilty to violating the protection order issued against him.

He was sentenced to a $100 fine or alternatively spend 30 days in jail. Chitsiku had thrown out his wife and property labelling her a prostitute.

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