Harare endorses Mugabe

ZANU PF Harare province yesterday became the third province after Manicaland and Mashonaland provinces to endorse President Robert Mugabe as the party’s leader ahead of the party’s elective congress in December this year.


Addressing journalists after a provincial co-ordinating committee (PCC) meeting, Harare provincial chairperson Amos Midzi said the province had seen it fit to endorse Mugabe to “perpetuate his candid leadership”.

“This country needs a wise leader. We have unanimously agreed as the Harare province to support Cde RG Mugabe to become the first secretary of the party, a position he holds today,” Midzi said. “We will work together to ensure that the party moves forward.”

Mugabe, who has led the country since independence in 1980, has already received endorsements from Mashonaland West and Manicaland provinces.

On Saturday, the party’s Manicaland PCC also endorsed Vice-President Joice Mujuru as Mugabe’s deputy and national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo as second vice-president.

Party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa was endorsed as the national chairman designate.

Other provinces are likely to follow suit as the congress dates draw closer, giving Mugabe a fresh mandate to represent the party in the 2018 general elections when he would be 94.


  1. Amos Midzi hokoyo. Dr. sisi Gire vakatokuteya so.

  2. so there is no wiser leader than mugabe in his party to take over the throne after his demiss or otherwise. how can an organisation of young folks be headed by a 90 yr old? what type of organisation will interview a 90yr old and employ the same and leave out the young and energetic? by the way has the retirement age been reviewed to 100yrs

  3. Is he a wise leader or a blind leader???????

  4. Yaaa some people are mad. He is a wise leader. A wise leader without vision. Amos Midzi is just bootlicking. I wonder if these Zanu pf confused members take their time to see the person who they are endorsing. If it was a fair vote for sure Harare people will not vote for hunger and bitterness again. I don’t think Mugabe has time to see himself on the mirror if he happen to view his face he will definitely retire.
    So nhai vaMidzi munoda kuti afire panyanga here muchembere uyo anonzi Mugabe. Ndiye akaita sei kutonga kubva 1980? Chii chanyanyokosha pamunhu achembera zvakadaro. That’s why we are not progressing in Zimbabwe because some people do not use their brains they are using their backs to think.

  5. Aah these Harare people serious n all those other provinces that endorsed mudzimu wedu uyo kuti urambe uripanyanga. I thot mudzimu was supposed to offer guidance uripama sidelines not iwo kuita direct panyanga bt madzitateguru edu Mugabe is one of a kind. So wt Zanu pf is saying is that they have dismally failed to afind a suitable candidate among their members to represent the party besides mMugabe in 2018 and then u thnk great innovation is gonna come from this. Doom chete

  6. Unotoshaya kuti vanhu vanofunga nepayi pavanenge vachi endorser matakanana akadai. Wtf at 94 munhu anenge achada kutonga chii. Zanu has become a serious joke. Bob’s b**** zveshuwa

  7. Zvinoshamisa chaizvo. Looking at some of the statements attributed to some senior zanu officials in this article, there does seem to be a serious psychiatric ailment that is prevalent among the top brass in zanu pf. ”Wise leadership” when all you see when you look around you is anarchy, hunger, potholed road network, rabid corruption, dilapidated health delivery system, crumbling and phone-call-phd-education system, ballooning gvt debt, partisan judiciary system, incessant power cuts, water shortages, etc etc

  8. endorsement or no endorsement, the day will come for Mugabe to retire by Gods will

  9. Kugerera mubutcher chaiko

  10. Dhararanetamhani. Ngariyenderimbono relaxa….

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