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The Gods You’ve Built for Kenya


NATIONAL Arts and Merit Awards nominee, The Gods You’ve Built, will make its maiden appearance in East Africa next week.


The play is one of the most-talked-about shows since its premiere in Masvingo late last year.

The Gods You’ve Built will be showcased at the Sondeka Festival which takes place in Nairobi between October 18 and 20.

Leeroy Gono, the director of the play, has managed to produce a quality product which continues to attract of lot of interest from a cross-section of audiences.

Gono has certainly stepped up his game and over the past year his growth has seen his work on the international market.

The award-winning director could not hide his excitement about the Kenyan tour.

“As a director, you want your product to be consumed by a wider market and Kenya provides a new market. I am glad that the trip is now a reality and I am very grateful to the Culture Fund for the support they extended to us,” Gono said.

The play was penned by Tawanda Kanengoni, whose work has managed to resonate with the audiences.

Gono said there was no doubt in the ability of this local playwright with whom he had teamed up for a gem of a product.

The Gods You’ve Built has been performed at the Isigcawu Festival in Durban, South Africa, Ibumba Festival in Bulawayo, the Harare International Festival of the Arts and has also been invited to the International Community Arts Festival in the Netherlands and Mwezi Wawala International Arts Festival in Malawi, among others.

It features Dereck Nziyakwi (policeman) who has performed in many plays which include Wedding Day, Dependency and Heal the Wounds.
He also performed at the April Theatre Festival in Zambia in a play titled All Systems Out of Order as well as appearances in several television, film and radio productions.

He is ably supported by Precious Mudzingwa (nun), who also has a massive acting experience, ranging from television to stage.

Gono also features in the play whose core theme is the constant search for meaning by the human mind and it challenges the existence of God and the meaning of life in the most tragic of circumstances.

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