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General Chiwenga’s ex-wife gets threatening phone calls


JOCELYN Chiwenga, the former wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga, yesterday said she now feared for her life after receiving several threatening phone calls from anonymous persons over the past few weeks.


Chiwenga yesterday said the phone calls escalated after her eviction from the family farm in Goromonzi last month.

Jocelyn Chiwenga being denied entry into the family’s Dockson Farm in Goromonzi last month by army personnel
Jocelyn Chiwenga being denied entry into the family’s Dockson Farm in Goromonzi last month by army personnel

The army has stayed put at the farm since the eviction and allegedly been harassing farm workers and other workers from nearby farms.

Jocelyn alleged that she was receiving calls even in the middle of the night from private numbers, but vowed that justice would prevail.

“I am living in fear. My life is in danger and I am receiving suspicious calls from people I don’t know,” she said, but added she had not reported the matter to the police.

“I am seeking justice on why I was evicted from my farm without a court order and why soldiers are still on the farm.”

Jocelyn said she had taken the matter of the threats to her lawyers and was yet to make a police report.

“At one time, a caller said to me, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Sometimes the person keeps quiet while he is on line,” she alleged.

Sources told NewsDay that the soldiers were still camped at Dockson Farm and last week allegedly beat up workers from other farms for collecting firewood from the farm, a situation they said should be addressed.

Recently, soldiers from the Presidential Guard were deployed to guard the farm and denied Jocelyn access. The soldiers were said to have blocked the workers from the farm, raising fears that the crop she had planted would go to waste.

Jocelyn recently said she was suing Chiwenga and his new wife, Marry Mubaiwa, for bigamy.

Jocelyn married Chiwenga in November 1998 before their marriage irretrievably broke down in 2012, with Chiwenga filing for divorce, citing Jocelyn’s alleged violent behaviour.

Chiwenga is now customary married to Mubaiwa, a former model.

There has been no media coverage of the divorce case after Chiwenga’s lawyers, Scanlen and Holderness, obtained a High Court order barring journalists from reporting on the divorce proceedings.

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