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Funding challenges hamper epilepsy programmes


THE Epilepsy Support Foundation has said programmes dealing with epilepsy continue to face shortage of resources, hampering efforts to control the condition.


Briefing journalists on the occasion to mark Epilepsy Week last week, Epilepsy Support Foundation patron, Retired Justice Lesley Smith said several gaps still existed in the management of the condition due to lack of funding.

“To win the fight against epilepsy in Zimbabwe, resources must be made available for medication, training, supervision, research documentation and personnel,” Justice Smith said.

He said the National Epilepsy Awareness Week was initiated in 1990 with the assistance of Ministry of Health and Child Welfare to help reduce the treatment gap in epilepsy.

Speaking at Epilepsy Week commemorations, National Disability Board member Taurai Kadzviti said there was need for government to consider increasing representation of people with disabilities on public bodies.

He said it was unfair and unjust that there were only two Senators in Parliament representing the interests of more than one million disabled people.

Epilepsy Week is commemorated each year with the objectives of improving public understanding of epilepsy to help reduce stigma, social exclusion and discrimination against people with the condition

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