Corrupt youths buy drivers’ licences, exam passes


YOUTH in Zimbabwe are involved in corruption activities to the extent some have to pay bribes to pass examinations, get drivers’ licences and even get promotion at work.


A Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI-Z) Youth and Corruption Baseline Survey (2014) revealed from a sample of 750 respondents from different provinces in the country 45% of youths knew about corruption in Zimbabwe, 35% said they did not know about it, while 20% said they did not want to talk about it as they felt intimidated and were afraid.

TI-Z researcher Farai Mutondoro said at higher institutions of learning, youths who were interviewed for the baseline survey revealed there was so much corrupt activities in order to pass exams to the extent male students resorted to paying bribes, while females were sexually exploited.

“Some of the students interviewed said there were degrees which they termed ‘STDs’ (sexually transmitted degrees) because some unscrupulous lecturers sexually manipulated girls to make them to pass even if they were academically challenged,” Mutondoro said.

“About 25% of the respondents defined corruption as abuse of power for gain, 15% said corruption were illegal transactions, 30% said it was bribery, while 20% said they had no answers.”

Mutondoro said those who said they had no answers were indicative of the fear people had to expose corrupt individuals.

He said those who described it as bribery proved corruption was pervasively institutionalised to the extent people had to pay bribes to get services from institutions like the passport offices, police, tertiary institutions and schools, Vehicle Inspection Department and others.

Corruption among the youths is said to have resulted in leakages of examination papers, sexual exploitation, electoral corruption, road traffic corruption and use of poor youths to commit political violence for a few dollars.

TI-Z projects officer Frank Mpahlo said due to corruption, the economy failed to perform to the extent that young people were forced to join the informal economy where they also ended up being exploited.

But Sydney Chisi, director for the Youth Initiative for Democracy in Zimbabwe, said in the informal economy, they found it difficult to make breakthroughs because powerful people were also operating there.

“One finds big chefs own stands at Mupedzanhamo and people like former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono doing chicken projects and how do we then expect the youths to get space to participate?” Chisi queried.

He said youths should begin to participate in policy formulation as well as input into legislative processes in order to protect themselves from being marginalised.


  1. Huori kwangova kudya kweMuZimbabwe. KuVID Chitungwiza kana usina kubhadhara $200 haupiwi Class 2. Kana usina kubhadhara $100 haupiwi class 4, even ukaDriver zvakanaka sei.

  2. I paid $150 to get a drivers’ licence at Chtz VID after failing my first road test. I was then told kt even kuchurch munobhadhara chegumi kuna pastor wani. Kuchikoro ndakabvako huori husati hwavako.

    • Wakabhadhara wega shamwari saka don’t try to publish kanyaya kako coz waida licence.Wakadii kuramba uchibooker ma$20 iwayo about 7times pa$150 wakaita zviri straight.You are one of the most dangerous drivers we have on the roads.If you cannot drive properly dzokera zvako kumalessons uite a perfect thing coz you are going to die paroad apa.

  3. That is why there are so many unlicensed drivers because these could be good drivers but with no money to buy a license. I prefer to come across an unlicensed driver than a licensed driver especially those who got their licenses from 2000 onwards those are corrupt-given-licenses. True some even go to the extent of being nominated best students. At work places they get preferrantial treatment.

  4. That’s we have been saying Zimbabwean Degrees are now of no value.Gone are the days when we were the pride of Africa.It’s all becoz of this animal called Mugabe.

  5. haiwawo ibvai apa.. kumaVID ndiko kune huhori hwacho not isusu vanhu.. maprovisional chaiwo vanotofoirisa vachida kuti vanhu vabhadhare.. nxa!! this country has gone to the dogs.

  6. Hauzive zvaurikutaura, it doesn’t matter kuti unogona ku driver kana kuti haugone sha. Unenge urikugara mubhodhoro chimbobuda unoona zviri munyika, wakafa focus.

  7. While I believe that all people must account for their actions, I also sympathise with the youths as there are few role models in Zimbabwe at the moment. We have 90 year olds buying PhDs for their wives, prophets raping women, policemen looting at roadblocks, nepotism, rigging of national elections….. you name it. The youths are being brought up in such a rotten environment and you can’t expect them to behave in a morally upright fashion? There is an urgent need for Zimbabweans to re-learn to conduct themselves morally and ethically!

    • Wooooow! I was saying the exact same thing the other day. We really come from a place where it’s very difficult to find role models, people we can look up to and say ‘that’s who I’d like to be one day!’ It really is a sore sight.

  8. so chicken projects should be left for youths….. students now afraid to define corruption for fear of exposing ‘big bosses’…….hahaha . wat a research

  9. that is why i am always praying the Lord’s prayer statement. Let your kingdom come. All corrupt people will account for their deeds in this world and the world to come. God is not a liar.

  10. At driving school, they priorities much on revearsing and hillstart, not the the road. Why. Because if you go pass those two areas you now have licence, because you have paid bribe. Thats a shame, which one is important the road, the drums and or the hillstart.

  11. Let me get this straight, You are pointing the finger at the YOUTH? Why? The grown ups in these places of employment are the one asking for bribes, they have a duty to carry out and they have been soliciting for bribes for years. Don´t get me started with the drivers license people. How many incompetent drivers are on the roads today, involved in accidents, all because the V.I.D and police are taking bribes…Don´t blame the Youth for the failings of government not doing their Jobs.

  12. spend 3 yrs driving without a license until I was introduced to this guy who always took me for test. paid him $100.00 now m licensed clean class 2

  13. Everything is for sale these days. Degrees, drivers’ licences, certificates , positions, prophesy(the blood shed theory) . Divine intervention required urgently .

  14. Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI-Z) research summary seems good BUT it needs to assist the national as to how are we going to deal with corruption and not JUST to tell us what we already know. we now know where it is taking place, at VID, ZRP Road blocks, passport offices and universities/colleges and secondary/primary schools. What is the objective of this research, is it just to conscientise the nation and so what??

  15. What’s wrong with Zimbabwean news reporting? The headline is wrong – It should be “Corrupt VID Officials Sell Drivers’ Licences to Desperate Youths.” I didn’t study journalism, but my English tells me when statements are wrong! KuHerald kuri kunziwo Mliswa was drenched in ‘sweet’ instead of sweat! These are the results of our famous Border Gezi training. Trevor Ncube, I am not impressed! Do something about your reporters and the Editor!

    • iwe ndiwe mhofu chaiyo. nhai munhu angati corrupt youths, are they corrupt or desperate, the vid and police are the ones correct. izvezvi ini ndirikutonetseka kuti ndowanepi mari yekutora class 4 zvayo asi chero ukandipa bhazi izvozvi worse rori unopa kutenda uyezve.

  16. i think nyaya yelicence we cant blame people for coruption coz kudriver chero grade 7 zvake anogona kudriver ukamudzidzisa but nyaya iripakuti unenge uchigona kudriver but chitambi chonetsa kutoreka ndosaka vanhu vachizotsvaka ma alternative ways to get th licence plus nenyaya ye economy iyi zvakuwedzera kuti ruzhinji rumhanyire kuma class2 take forinstance S.A most of them hv class 4s coz basa reclass2 avarizivi. demand is high nd th price goes higher kana makaita commerce

  17. Yestday i was coming frim Beitbridge going to Kwekwe via Shurugwi in a truck. We were arrested by three police officers,now my uncle( driver) didn’t have money to pay for the ticket ( he was realky broke). So he started negotiating for his release. You know what? ,I had the senior officer saying ” Siya mari yehuwori uende” . He left $5 and he was released.

    Zvakandisemesa and i felt a hole in my heart kuti were are we going as a nation.What is the future of our grandchildren look like?. unless we deal with corruption even if smanctions are removed we will go no way.

    Please Honourable President here our cry and fire these people. Munovanyengererei. We are out here and are willing to work for the development of our country. Mwari pindirai.Deal with these people accordingly God as you did with Pharos army.Destroy there territory and their lives vanzwewo how painful it is. Tinodawo hupenyu hwakanaka Ishe. I pray that one day vanongomuka vaka resigner basa vakuru vedu ava.

  18. Corruption, what a shame. People, everything has a source. The buying of drivers’ licenses came as a result of bad governance. Once the head is corrupted, the whole body follow suit. So before we look at youths and dls , think about how to scrap corruption from the crown.

  19. It is surprising that editor you rush to mention youth giving wrong image to us but you forget about NIKUV corruption. Was NIKUV invited by youth.
    If you look at how corruption is taking place at road blocks Police officer aged 50 to 60years is involved in corruption. The drivers of any age are also involved in corruption. So please stop blaming youth corrupted ption is happening to any age. Even the President did corruption when he rigged 2013 election at 90years.

  20. It is going to take a new generation that has the will to fight and kill the Desease called CORRUPTION that has been carefully nutured and protected jealously by the powers that be.
    The dease has taken the nation by storm.
    You are”nt seen nothing yet

  21. corrupt activities are real
    but citing chicken buzz like that of Gono show a lack of understanding of corruption.
    its actually a misnormer to call such a corruption neither it being bad buzz practices.
    Otherwise we can close up the likes of Irvine for the youth to do a buzz. That is a very wrong misleading misguided example.

  22. Takazvitaura kubvira kudhara-huwori, huwori-huwori!!! Aaaaah iwe huori kana kuti huwori? KKKKKKKKKKKKkkiiiiiiiii

  23. They say prevention is better than cure….we failed to prevent this dieases called corruption and now we cannot cure it coz chatogodza chiri matiri….tave kuda minamato yakasimba kuti Mwari vatiitire nyasha mufunge

  24. Its a well known fact that at Byo vid without $120 you don’t get a provisional, no $150 you don’t get a class 4, no $250 you don’t get a class 2 no matter how good you drive. Youths are simply reacting to the vice that seems to have the blessings of the top brass

  25. haha the youths are corrupt serioulsly… who is taking the bribes r the elders….. the teachers do not want to teach cos they r underpaid …. police do not give prpoer fines or make arrests they prefer bribes….v.i.d… really who gets their licence without a bribe…so really is it the youths choice or is it the only option they hv

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