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Another Jamaican artiste for Zim


DELTA Beverages finally confirmed on Friday that they will be bringing into the country at the weekend another Jamaican artiste Konshens for the Lion Larger Summer Beer Festival at Glamis Arena on Saturday.

Silence Charumbira

According to sources close to the happenings this comes after the brewers failed to reach an agreement with Busy Signal who had been their initial target.

Although Delta could not confirm their interest in Busy Signal, it is believed they had to settle for Konshens whose requirements were not too magnanimous.

Zimbabwe is always a great destination for any top artiste for two reasons mainly.

The first one being that, musically; Zimbabwean audiences are on top of the game. They know whoever matters out there while the other is that for some reason we have become a country of panic buyers.

Yet what that means is whoever comes to our shores has to deliver and not appear as an impostor, for local acts have a tendency of embarrassing anyone.

The number of foreign acts that have left the friendly Zimbabwe with egg in the face is slowly growing.

Interestingly; just recently the most recent victim was another Jamaican Kalado who sadly thought Zimbabwean are naïve to the extent that they throw missiles onto the stage because they cannot speak patois or any of those Caribbean languages.

Kalado went on to tell the media in Jamaica that he had been used to pull masses when all that the promoters wanted was promote Zimbabwean artistes.

Then the interesting part; he goes on to declare that if he is to return to Zimbabwe he would not want to see any local artiste on the line up.

Speak of Zimdancehall putting anyone to their correct place.
Very few people may still remember Kalado now after he was reduced to a curtain raiser by the young Tocky Vibes.

Zimbabwean artistes are in touch with their people and they know how to make them jump.

That should save as a warning as well to Konshens.

Dancehall and sex are inseparable yet Zimbabweans will not be expecting pornographic show.

That he is the main act is a formality that stays on the paper you append your signature when coming to perform in Zimbabwe.
Once a Zimbabwean artiste steps onto the stage and delivers better than you trouble erupts.

Of course this is not to condone missile throwing but given the trend that a foreign artiste gets A-class treatment when local artistes fail to access even bottled water on stage; one has to justify that treatment and the thousands they fly out with afterwards leaving Zimbabweans wallowing in poverty.

The Lion Larger Summer Beer Festival apart from the musical show will this year be out to appease drinkers with reduced beer prices that will see draught beer being sold for $1 a litre.

Interestingly this is likely going to be a warm up for the Sunset October Beer Festival that is penned in for October 24 and 25.

At the Sunset October Beer Festival that will be held at the newly unveiled Sunset Arena, the organisers are promising to sell beer at subsidised prices to make sure that drinkers’ spirits are appeased.

Back to the Lion Larger Summer Beer Festival, dancehall will be the biggest beneficiary with only Jah Prayzah as a non-dancehall performer.

Shinsoman, Tocky Vibes, Soul Jah Love and Winky D will be the other performers while Legendary Sound and Judgement Yard will be rocking it on the turn tables.

Apart from that, Uhuru will also be out to make a mark on the local scene after their collaborations with Willom Tight on his forthcoming album Manifesto.

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