‘$3,5m urgently needed to counter Ebola’

HEALTH and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa has said his ministry urgently requires an additional $3,5 million to adequately prepare for an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.


Parirenyatwa said the $132 000 they received from Treasury had all gone towards training and awareness campaigns.

“Government gave us $132 000 for Ebola training across the country which is mainly targeting health workers, but the money is not enough,” Parirenyatwa said.

“We need about $3,5 million since we want to increase preventive measures and awareness programmes.

“There is real need for health workers training, especially those who handle patients at the casualty.”

Meanwhile, Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital yesterday opened its doors to the public, six days after its closure due to a “suspected Ebola” patient who had been admitted at the institution.

Harace City Council health director Prosper Chonzi said the patient, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was discharged after testing negative to Ebola.

“We received the results late yesterday (Tuesday) and it was negative for Ebola which was what we were expecting anyway,” Chonzi said.

“The patient has since been discharged, she was doing well and we have since re-opened the hospital to the public.”

Zimbabwe has been on high alert for Ebola whose epicentre is West Africa where it has claimed over 3 000 lives over past few months.

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  1. Hello Dr. Parirenyatwa,

    We are happy you are looking at the deadly Ebola virus with a serious mind, we applaud you. The amount of money given to you as a ministry of health by the government doesn’t show the government’s commitment to a cause worth much more.

    The First Lady who claims (may be she is committed) to be God sent is criss-crossing the country on a ‘Thank You’ mission. You don’t have to be mathematician to add up the cost racked in the past few days. Say, for argument sake, if she had flighted a two full centre page adverts in both the Herald and Sunday Mail and a just a 2-hour interview on national television and radio, how much would that have saved her budget so far and also that of the hangers-on and boot lickers? Again, you dont have to be a mathematician.
    The problem with your paymaster, the Government, Dr. Parirenyatwa is that, it has lost focus completely. They spend hours talking of Vice President as if its a vice to aim to be a vice president or aim to be one. Any ZANU PF worth her/his salt should aim to be the President or Vice witout anyone lecturing her/him of what it takes to be one. Only the voting members of ZANU PF should decide. Sorry I digressed. My point is, you will never get the $3.5million for a good cause of bEbola preparedness. They would rather spend millions travelling to United Nation conference in New York for a 30-minute abhorrent and useless speech or two weeks gallivanting across the country telling well-mannered Ndebele people that they are sex-maniacs who can only do nothing but rear children!
    Unfortunately for you good Doctor, you may never get that $3.5 million. Think of something ridiculous, something silly, something stupid, something like we need $3.5 million to buy 500ml bottles to collect urine to cure Ebola and you will see the full government machinery into full force. You will be surprised that you will end up with $35 million dollars!!. Again, I digressed. My point is, our government is not clued up to real issues on the ground that you will hear a full grown up woman with dignified titles like First Lady, Doctor crying to the whole nation that people are not buying yoghurt from dairy farm!!
    Sorry, to take much space, but I hope the government will be sensitive to your cause.

  2. Mari iripo hayimboshayikwa pane kuti vanhu tipere That’s the time we can only see kuti Zanu pf care for us people or not. So far Grace she used how much ma rally ake? Tozonzi yekudzivirira Ebola yashaikwa hayiite Chinamasa mari Shamwari

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  5. One thing I don’t understand is how these ministers come up with these figures, and what exactly are they covering breakdown wise..I think it’s a high figure can someone help us understand plz

  6. kkkkk Ebola ichaita advantage kune wamwe…ikasasvika muZimbabwe anozotevera mari iyoyo ndiani

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