19 MDC-T activists acquitted of impersonation

THE 19 MDC-T activists, who were last year arrested and charged for allegedly impersonating government officials while conducting voter registration in Harare, have been acquitted for lack of evidence.


The opposition activists were freed by magistrate Tendai Mahwe at the close of the State case yesterday after the State failed to prove a prima facie case against them. In his ruling, Mahwe said the State case was littered with inconsistencies, adding there was no need to put the suspects to their defence.

The activists are Maxwell Tosvo (35), Martha Makuwatsine (52), Moud Mukarati (49), Livingstone Gatsi (39), Pharaoh Kapfunde (41), Innocent Mutukwa (23), Clever Bondera (36), Rebecca Muzire (42), Maclaren Kapwanya (27), Bigboy Kadungure (36), Cairo Kapwanya (27), Betty Ticharwa (53), Gladys Muzerengwa (43), Beauty Billiate (51), Angeline Mhokore (55), Memory Bechani (45), Lovemore Tsoko (21), Antonette Mapfumo (42) and Tracy Maponde (64).

State allegations had been that between April 18 and 25 last year, the MDC-T activists illegally conducted a door-to-door voter registration exercise in the capital while wearing T-shirts bearing the Home Affairs ministry logo and purporting to be government officials.

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  2. Why should people be arrested for no apparent reasons.This is a shameful situation if the so called accused is acquited for lack of evidence.There is a lot of stationery and time wasted making frantic investigation whereas someone can not come up with a tangible evidence.This clearly shows that our police force is not trained to investigate instead they are trained to arrest.They have an arrest first and investigate later attitude.
    Pachishona zvinonzi “Zvinonyadza muvigi kusvinura kowafa.”

    Sweeeeee !!!!!!! Nyarai

  3. Same case as the glenview29 and the soon coming vapostori trial. We now have a case were the state abuses trials by detaining innocent citiziens just to fix and try to silence political opponents.

  4. Ndipo panoshanda zpf chete nekuba

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