ZOU graduates finally get acceptance

GOVERNMENT has finally recognised and accepted for employment all holders of education diplomas offered by the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) after four years of haggling over the qualification.


Last week, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) started deploying ZOU graduates with education diplomas to schools in Mashonaland West after the issue was ironed out.

The latest development came after some of the affected graduates petitioned President Robert Mugabe last year seeking an order compelling government departments to recognise the qualification.

Mugabe is chancellor of all State universities.

Hundreds of ZOU diploma holders had been roaming the streets since 2010 with the CSC refusing to enrol them as teachers arguing that the qualification was inferior.

Bernard Mukonori, one of the graduates from Chinhoyi, told NewsDay that he felt relieved after he was deployed to a primary school in Siakobvu.

“I’m happy to be employed after years of waiting after I graduated in 2011. Although I have been posted to the remotest area of Siakobvu, what is important for me is that I now have a job,” Mukonori said.

ZOU spokesperson Ndai Nyamakura said they were happy as an institution that the long-running wrangle over the institution’s education diplomas had come to an end.

“The wait is over now, as ZOU we are happy for our former students and it also put the institution in good light,” Nyamakura said.

ZOU started offering the diploma progamme in 2006 with the first group of students graduating in 2010.

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    1. Yeah, quite embarrassing! One wonders what our cabinet ministers really do!

    2. It was not yet time for ZOU but vana Prof. Nzvimbo ndovakamhanya.

  2. This is pure madness resulting from political interference by Mugabe at 90. These ZOU stooges are complete failures and totally incapable of teaching. ZOU must never offer teaching diplomas since it is not a teacher training institution. Imagine a teacher who never did teaching practice teaching your child. God forbid.

  3. These teachers are not fully qualified and we going to see a situation whereby our children will be failing exams . Where in the world have you heard about distance education in faculties like education, medicine and law to mention a few?

    1. @wasu wemanyika. Distance education in education is there everywhere. Unisa is offering this. what is important is that Teaching Practice must be done. you will not graduate without TP because it is also an exam subject.
      If these ZOU graduates went for TP for at least 2 terms then what is the problem. The problem is someone at PSC

    2. @wasu. Look at this year’s poor results. This is surely not due to the deployment of the said ZOU cadres in the article. What are you saying? ZOU was the first university to recognize the modern trend in tertiary education – distance education. Now everyone is doing it, albeit disguised as block release, what what. Pamberi-mberi neZOU! We know that samaz is clever; you are struggling to prove otherwise.

    3. Its possible to learn law through distance learning, UNISA one of the highly recognised universities does offer law.

  4. Ne ZOU zvinofaya

  5. It is a historic score for the nation,at least the authorities have been considerate enough.enough. Zou is a world class institution which has changed the game in tertiary education ,gone are the days of Ian Smith when we had only one university,at least lets be appreciative that distance education is now the concept of the twenty first century.LONG LIVE ZOU.

  6. LONG LIVE ZOU,you shall rise despite the jealousy attempts of your enermies.

    1. half a reason why anyone in Zimbabwe shuld be jealous of ZOU?

  7. Ezekiel 6vs6 ndakakuona uchitakanyika uripakati pematambudziko ndikati ”RARAMA” GOD BLESS ZOU


  9. Distance education is the only way working people improve their qualifications and work environment

  10. Zve ZOU zvakaoma …ZOU ino offer madegrees to known failures. Handina mwana anodzidziswa ne ZOU graduate ini. Munhu akafoira grade 7 , ndokufoira form 4 ndokuidzokorora ka6 ndokubva 5 subjects excl English and Maths dzazokwana . Pedzozvo ndokuzo applya to ZOU after avoiding Alevel. Nhasi uno oda kudzidzisa mwana wangu !!! Unoda kumudzidzisa chii ? Kumudzidzisa kuti Kufoira kuita seyi? ZOU graduates Must be treated saana Mudhibhisi kuma ruwa uko or sema temp teachers eShona ne Religious Education chete .

  11. In SA UNISA is not rated at all, if anything it is completely shunned and regarded as “peripheral”. I really wonder how it is so well recognized in Zim?

  12. Patriot, who shuns Unisa in SA. check your facts correctly. it is the largest university in the world with branches throughout the world including Australia and USA

  13. patriot u juss blunt. don post uniformed heresay nex tym on a public platform.unotinyadzisa

  14. ana patriot munongohumana

  15. Kikkkkk vanhu kuhumana pamberi ne ZOU

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