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Zimondi calls for maximum utilisation of prison farms


COMMISSIONER-GENERAL of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Major-General Paradzai Zimondi has called for maximum utilisation of prison farms to improve food production and ensure self-sustenance.


In a speech read on his behalf by Assistant Commissioner Didymas Chimvura during the conferment of ranks to promoted officers in Mutare yesterday, Zimondi said: “You are also expected to appreciate and understand the real nature of our present undertaking as an organisation in line with government’s economic blueprint, ZimAsset, which obliges us to attain improved production at our prison farms in order to guarantee food security within our institutions.”

Most of the country’s 47 prisons are reportedly experiencing acute shortages of food and clothes.

Zimondi also threatened to weed out corrupt officers, saying the prison service did not condone such elements.

“May I also take this opportunity to remind you that as Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, you hold the dignity of the Zimbabwean people and the supremacy of our constitutional mandate,” he said.

“To this end, I urge you to continue to be well disciplined and cease forthwith indulging in corrupt activities for we will not spare you in the organisation if caught.

“So as officers who have been vested with more responsibility and authority, continue to work hard and inspire your juniors by exercising good leadership qualities and discipline.”

Zimondi also asked the prison officers to improve living conditions for prisoners and facilitate their rehabilitation to ensure they gelled well with their communities upon release.

“Provide improved and sound rehabilitation activities to prisoners in an effort to ensure that they live as productive and law-abiding citizens upon their discharge from prison, thereby breaking the offending cycle.

“Provide decent and habitable accommodation to members of staff and prisoners through the construction of additional staff houses and cell blocks respectively at prison farms whose implications on the decongestion of urban prisons need not be over-emphasised,” he said.

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