Zanu PF demo forces transfer of college principal

THE foiled demonstration by Zanu PF activists at Belvedere Technical Teachers’ College on Thursday has come with heavy a cost for the college’s acting principal Patrick Chinhoro, who has been transferred from the tertiary institution with immediate effect.


On Thursday, anti-riot police blocked a demonstration by Zanu PF Harare Central One District activists who were calling for the ouster of Permanent Secretary for Higher ad Tertiary Education, Washington Mbizvo, accusing him of ruining tertiary education in the country.

The activists, who included the Zanu PF-affiliated Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union, also said they were irked by the “political victimisation” of Chinhoro by Mbizvo for having unearthed corrupt activities involving huge sums of dollars by his lieutenants.

Yesterday, two Higher Education ministry officials in the company of anti-riot police swooped at the college in the early morning and to deliver the reassignment letter.

They demanded that Chinhoro hands over to new principal, Jason Muhwandi, who was Mutare Teachers’ College principal.

“Please be advised that at a meeting held on 4 September 2014, the Commission reassigned you, Mr Chinhoro, to head office,” the letter, dated September 5, reads. ads Ads

The letter was signed by human resources director in the Higher Education ministry, an L Mudyiwa, on behalf of Mbizvo.
“You are to assume duty as chief science and technology officer with immediate effect. You will maintain your pay-point, salary and allowances,” the letter further read.

“The Commission further declared itself the Disciplinary Authority in terms of Section 42 of the Public Service Regulations, 2000 as amended. You shall be advised of the composition of the DC in due course.”

A recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor-General showed that Belvedere Teachers’ College could have been prejudiced of more than $500 000 between 2009 and 2012 through the issuance of fraudulent receipts and breach of procurement procedures.

The report also claims some students were paying bribes to collect results without paying full fees.

John Dhewa, an official in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, who was part of the team that delivered the transfer letter to Chinhoro, said he was unaware of the development when he was reached for comment.

He, however, later on called back and said that it was not proper for him to divulge details of Chinhoro’s transfer over the phone.
Chinhoro said he was in a meeting when he was contacted for comment.

Zanu PF chairperson for Harare Central District One, Abraham Samushonga, who led the group of activists that intended to demonstrate at Belvedere, was yesterday summoned by the ZRP’s Law and Order Section.

Samushonga told NewsDay that the police wanted to enquire on details of Thursday’s foiled demonstration.
He was released after some time of questioning.

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  1. Some people are invited to the the police while others are physically dragged to the police for the same “offence” and remanded in custody at the liberty of the state

    1. They were invited/summoned and they co-operated. Those who do not co-operate are arrested/dragged so that they may assist with investigations.

  2. Stingray, that’s so true in Zimbabwe mhaka imwe chete inosiyaniswa zvichifamba nekuti wabuda mumba maani.Nxaaa!!! zanu pf yakaora.

  3. I thought a permanent secretary’s contract is for 5 years. In the banana republic noone retires. They take their cue from their president. He has no plans of retiring…

  4. my former o level science teacher

  5. Other people suffer in the hands of the police. Zvichapera chete izvi.

  6. This kneejerk response by Mbizvo is savage, barbaric and horrific Stone Age type of retribution where might is always right. Chinhoro is being persecuted for exposing the rot that is in Mbizvo and his cohorts and sidekicks. Mbizvo is a ZANU PF functionary who has how been inked in the psyche and ideology of grand larceny. Mbizvo wears an ill-fitting gown for an honorary doctorate. His body, mind and soul are filled with hate and malice towards anyone who exposes his looting side of life. Typical ZANU PF politics of patronage. Mbizvo is a blue eyed boy from Zvimba. That sums it up. I rest my case.

  7. For all these years mari yaidhliwa vakanyarara. Nhasi ndopazvazodii. Pane chariuraya zizi harifi nemhepo.

  8. Pamberi NaCde Samushonga Mutumwa wevanhu

  9. The College will surely benefit from the removal of Chinhoro- he was a disaster. Muwandi is a level headed principal .

  10. same action sme demostration asi nokuti ava varipedyo hapana zvavanoitwa ummmmmm i will nevr stop paryng 4 my lovly nation zimbabwe

  11. Zva Principal tazvihwa, ko zvaPerm Sec wacho. A qn of sacred cows!

  12. Ko uya wemaFlashdisk akazodii naMboko Mbizvo uyu…..vakomana veNewsday teverai nyaya iyi munhu anyure uyu nechiAccent chake chevatengesi veRhodesia

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  14. Zanu haaina haina hunhu manje zvichapera mwari haasi munhu itai asimunomhara chte vry sn

  15. Corruption rocks Belvedere Teachers’ College
    March 18, 2014 in News
    Email, RSS Follow
    THE Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education has unearthed massive corruption and abuse of funds at Belvedere Technical Teachers’ College in Harare with indications that the institution could have been prejudiced of over $500 000 between 2009 and 2012.


    During the investigations, it was also established that Matthew Gandawa, an accountant at the college, together with an intern in the same department — both of whom have since been arrested — connived to offer students fraudulent receipts after pocketing money paid for fees.

    The two were also implicated in several other shady deals including clearing students in arrears, breaching procurement procedures and sale of carpentry products from the college’s woodwork department for as little as $10 using fraudulent receipt books.

    According to internal audit reports for 2009-2011 and 2013 sent to the Comptroller and Auditor General, several students with arrears at the college were corruptly cleared by the accounts department, costing the college of over $200 000 in 2012.

    The investigations also established that coal worth over $3 000 paid for as far back as 2011 by the college through a middleman had not yet been delivered.

    The auditors also discovered that clients who hired college facilities, including Mazoe Garden Plaza and Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council to conduct their business in 2011, were yet to pay for the services.
    “The audited expenditure for the year under review according to the cashbook amounted
    $667 242 and the disclosed expenditure reflected on the financial statement totalled $539 966 giving a variance of $127 276. Therefore, the disclosed expenditure for the year under review could not be relied upon as it was understated by $127 276,” a 2011 report said.

    Patrick Chinhoro, who took over as college principal in 2012, claimed in his report to the ministry that after he came into office, he observed that there were no records of fees’ arrears and security systems against theft of college property and financial records were poor.

    “Before I came into office, the accountant used to purchase groceries (which he shared with the former principal) worth at least $900 every month. The cost of groceries for the principal’s office rarely exceeds $200 per month,” Chinhoro claimed.

  16. THEY BOARDED A SINKING TITANIC: Chinhoro deserves to be killed for he was so brutal even more than any dictator.Thank Lord intervened to his demise be4 we witnessed suffering of several innocent students & lecturers.Zicosu is not involved. Chinhoro & leutnants are corrupt + guilty of theft.Investigate them all.Bill & Jerimani (lecturers) designed posters denouncing other staff including Perm Sec Mbizvo & TEP Director Dhewa.These lecturers must go becoz they wanted other staff members to die so that they continue in corruption alone.They looted a lot of resourses & abused many so we immediately request for a forensic audit.They misdirected people against their ill activites.Amongst Chinhoro’s leutnants are the various post holders who abused a Production & Pricing Policies in which they misinterpreted to loot college funds at the expense of the rest of staff & students.Corrupt people should be persecuted upon facts so investigate them all.

  17. @ zvvaonekwa. Sure thanx for reminding us that story of March. Are you aware he falsily made the arrest of accounting officers and illegaly suspended them without authority and you are aware they were acquitted long back. Chinhoro made this noise to attract attention after the Perm Sec had not called him for the Principals’ interviews. Mbizvo was right and let us not point a finger against him. If these comments were read Chinhoro must have been removed there and then. Everson please publish all the comments on their on the world shoud judge who is right and wrong and who is corrupt. Money was abused and Chinhoro looted too much. Agoti huroyi hakanyari kasascam ikaka.

  18. Deans Office. Veduwee takadya mari na Chinhoro. Taingokumbirawo vachauya vatiregerere vasatisungisawo. Tisu takatoronga kuti ma students aitungamirirwa na Mirriam sazita wangu vatitsigirewo tisabvisirwe benzi redu Chinhoro. Kuune avoo vasina kusainira ichakwana nguva Belvedere is a rich golden mine ziva guhwa rekutamba naro badzi. Isu vamwe takatotenga mota imwi muchirova Zupco town nepakati. Hupenyu majana, yenyu nguva ichakwanavo. Tiregererei ma students haana mhosv vaityawoka

  19. MaCollege ese whether Polytech or TEACHERS college anoluma mari.Ndosaka vasingade macomputer neSAP GUI management system which was recommended to them long back.Mari iri kudyiwa zvisingaite.

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