Video: Women speak on single parenting

HARARE, ZIMBABWE-A Highfield based community group of women and youths talk about single parenting and challenges faced by single mothers.

Video produced by JENROD

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  1. I truly feel sorry for these young women and their children. Growing up in Highfield as a teen in the 1970s there was an upsurge of teen pregnances as well. My mother laid it out for me and my sister. She told us that as a girl, once you have a baby, your own life is OVER. We had to make a choice between education, career and finally marriage or follow the raging hormones at your own peril! The girl child needs to be informed well so that they don’t fall into such situations. I thank God everyday for my strict, no nonsense mother.

  2. Ngatwutibvire apo! Kana twuchiudzwa nevabereki kuti isai bhora pasi itwo kwindima hanzi maOld fashoned. Kaakuchemei manje ndo maresults ekusanzwaka iwayo! Chengeta mwana unyerere!

  3. Murume akakutiza unosara usina wekurara naye zvekuti unosvika pakuipanga. Apa hapana murume anombokuti “ssss” iwe wakabereka mwana. Unenge wotomirira kurumura mwana. Sorry if l insulted anyone. That’s not my intention.

  4. its very unfortunate you will not find any of these young girls here to hear such news, busy with whatsapp and facebook, sending nude pics and crazy stuff. hanzi immorality the new morality. Becoz hausati wave ne responsibilty all you are told doesnt make sense.

  5. Maybe the video is wrong, but from what I saw and heard in the video is about single mothers with some of them being widows. This can happen to anyone any time, I don’t think they deserve insults that we are hauling at them.It’s hard to be a widow, in our families let us remember in prayers and deeds this group of mothers. May the Lord be with you mothers as you raise God’s loved children

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