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Video: “Grass pastor” converts petrol into pineapple juice


After making headlines, albeit for the wrong reasons of making his congregants eat grass, South African Pastor, Lesego Daniel, has a new trick.


In a 26-minute video, he claims to turn petrol into drinkable pineapple juice.

The video, which has been truncated to show the most relevant parts, starts with an unidentified man quoting faith verses while holding a bottle containing a yellowish liquid.

“This is fuel,” he says before pouring the liquid into a bowl.

In a well-choreographed manner, typical of what is shown on Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed TV Show, the man then hands the fuel to a standby usher girl wearing a jersey with sleeves long and big enough to conceal another bottle.

The girl takes the bottle from the main stage area, off the camera while the man brings out a match box to light the ‘petrol.’

The petrol is lit and burns quickly before Pastor Lesego storms to the stage and says: “So, I am turning it (the liquid) into a pine apple juice.”

Immediately a couple of congregants -mostly women- storm the stage, staggering like drunks and snarling at the pastor like the ghosts in the late Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, demanding to take a sip of the converted juice.

Those who drink confirm on microphone that it is sweet.

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