Updated: Two die in Air Force plane crash

TWO Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) officers died yesterday afternoon when their SF260 trainer aircraft crashed at a compound in Mt Hampden, close to Charles Prince Airport.


AFZ spokesperson Squadron Leader Simon Matingwina confirmed the accident that claimed the crew on board.

He said the names of the deceased were being withheld until their next of kin have been notified.

AFZ Commander Air Marshal Perrance Shiri last night said news of the accident and the death of the aircrew had been received with shock and deepest sorrow.

“We are deeply saddened by the aircraft accident which has claimed the lives of our officers. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of these courageous officers who died in the line of duty,” he said in a statement.

“The cause of the accident will be determined after aircraft accident investigations. Details of the funeral arrangements will be announced in due course.”

When the news team arrived at the accident scene, AFZ officers, Zimbabwe Republic Police officers and Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe officials were present and the scene had been cordoned off while investigations were taking place.

Although journalists were barred from taking photographs, pictures of the wreckage and mangled bodies had already gone viral on social media, including Whatsapp.

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  1. Sorry.RIP guyz.amakawe amakawe.If something goes mambara on the plane,shit happens.Ndeke ne ngarava ma1 chaiwo.

  2. Outdated jets.No money to service the fleet.This is the final end.

  3. sorry guyz.anyway ian smith zvaakangosiya zvakaita ndozvazviri!

  4. Musapote musi nyeperana.This aircraft is latest.commissioned 2012.

    1. Depends how old it was coz this plane was certified in 1966 so yes it is likely to have been an old aircraft.
      Commissioned in 2012 but was it acquired brand new?

    2. Codza, these planes were made in the 1960s in italy, yes commision in zimbabwe does not mean its not outdated,despite that we are saying they lack proper servicing, period!
      ZANU inoba mari yese ,puting our brothers and sisters in deaths way by leting them fly unflyworthy planes nxaaa!

    3. liar iwe, sf260 is an old old Italian made plane. 2012????????????????

  5. if this plane was the latest the pilots would have managed to eject upon realising danger

    1. Nxaa old damn shits are mearnt for scrap mani ,

  6. This is expected in a pariah state like Zimbabwe still using old soviet era aircrafts. The Zanu PF government has no money to buy new millitary aircrafts or service these old military machines making it suicidal for anyone working with them. Of course they will ague it happens to other countries as well but these fools should look at this case in relation to the number of aircrafts Zimbabwe has got and the frequency at which they take to the sky. Zimbabwe has very very very few of these machines and they hardly take to the skies because there is no money for fuel. Unlike other states that have thousands of these machines taking flight every second. A nation so wealthy at independence has been reduced to a mere rubble heap due to corruption and money laundering making Zimbabweans laughing stock.

  7. I’m very sorry! Rest in Internal Peace Comrades!!!!!

  8. Shame. RIP but ndege yaakutyisa mazuvano. Nezuro ndakabva kuHarare kusvika OR ndakabatirira wena…

  9. Death always compromises State security matters! Remember the helicopter crash in Gwanda and vanazhwaki commenting about the adequacy of our radar system? Vanazhwaki are at it again! Please allow me to be liberal with the truth-first there was F-260, then there was SF-260, followed by SF-260A[for civilian use]. The SF-260EA is the modern version for military purposes viz training and combat. Our is a developing country, we do not have the capacity to requisition everything which is churned out by divers defence industries. Again, what is the nature and extent of our external threat. It is common cause that the biggest threat to world peace is USA, but do you guys expect Zimbabwe to purchase InterContinentalBallisticMissiles(ICBMs)?

  10. @liberalism. Vaurikuti vana zhwaki ndivanaani? Son of a couple of idiots. Ana Codza tii varikuti ndege yange yakanaka implying that the plane was either shot down or the crew were novices from some stupid training school or were recruited along zpf lines. That is according to Codza Tii. Well, rest in peace guys, if you ever worked for the peace.

  11. Zimbos take things seriously and desist from politicising every news.Where those Malaysian craft too old for accidents.Whats an accident?According to silly you,its caused by zpf.Regai vana vedhaga ticheme murunyararo.

  12. Readers don’t forget that TB Joshua prophecised a plane crush just a few days ago.I don’t know if he meant this one or should we wait for another one in Asia.

  13. Zvashamisei apa its obvious,ko kudzidza kwacho kuripi?kukoniwa kugadzirawo dzenyu mega zvino hamusati ibola irimunzira muchamama rwendo rwuno hamusati nxaa

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