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Upcoming producer releases HIV and Aids film


UPCOMING producer Malon Murape, who was struggling to raise $20 000 to finish up an HIV and Aids feature movie titled Tariro, has finally released it.


The Moderate Kasvosve written film was initially scheduled for release in April, but due to financial constraints the producers could not meet the target.

The movie CD is selling for $1 on the streets.

Speaking to NewsDay, the executive producer of the film, Murape, said they were happy to have finally released the movie after a great struggle.

“We have been self-funding the project and we had run out of funds resulting in the delay of releasing the film,” said Murape.
“With this film, we believe it can bring behavioural change to society for both people living with or without HIV.”

Murape said they wanted the movie to premiere, but they had again failed to secure funds for the first showing.

“Just like any other filmmakers, our plans were to premiere the movie first before hitting the market, but the situation on the ground has deterred us,” he said.

Independent film producers continue to struggle in their endeavour to improve the face of the local film sector.

Local players in the film industry are on record that they are working against progress, a situation which has seen most of them realising too little from their efforts and struggling to earn a living.

According to Murape, the film is based on real-life issues of HIV and Aids. It was filmed in Mufakose and Marimba.

The film’s theme centres on Tariro, a 17-year-old school dropout dating a caring and loving university student Tawana while at the same time she is having an affair with Paul, a sugar daddy who is a car sales dealer.

Tawana is not aware that Tariro is cheating with the 34-year-old Paul, who is married and a father of one.

Tariro lives with her elder sister Chantell who also dates several married men including Kundi, who also happens to date Tariro.

Tariro’s best friend Kudzi tries to warn her about the dangers of multiple sexual partners, but interestingly, Tariro rubbishes the advice and later falls pregnant by Paul.

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