Tuku disowns ‘biography’

PROMINENT musician Oliver Mtukudzi had distanced himself from a ‘biography’ written about him by former company publicist Shepherd Mutamba, describing the snippets of the book which were recently published in the local media as damaging to his reputation and family.

In a statement yesterday, Tuku, as he is widely known threatened to take legal action against Mutamba whom he accused of divulging some sensitive family matters without seeking his consent.

Here is the full version of the statement:

“I have been reading with great dismay the excerpts from a so called ‘biography’ of me by Shepherd Mutamba who used to work with Tuku Music as a documenter for our website and other publicity materials.

“About two years ago, Mutamba came to me and told me that while he was working for us he had been simultaneously writing a ‘biography’ about me, and wanted to publish it. I was taken aback as he had never mentioned this to me before, but I said to him that if he was going to publish a book based on intimate information he had acquired while working with us, some of which he had acquired in confidence, during conversations with members of my family and team, he needed to give it to me to read first. He agreed to this and said he would bring the manuscript to me when it was ready.

“Shortly afterwards he started becoming more and more distant and then announced to us that he wanted to take a year “sabbatical” to study and write exams. We agreed happily and that was the last we saw of him. We invited him to several Tuku Music events, including our Tribute dinner at the Rainbow Towers last year, but he did not respond.

“Then two weeks ago I started reading with utter amazement the excerpts from his ‘biography’ that the Daily News started to print. I felt betrayed by a man I had trusted so much and brought into my inner circle.

“As a man, I am not perfect. I have my strengths and weaknesses, like anyone else, but why would anyone write a book, which from what I have read so far has so many made-up ‘facts’, half-truths and false interpretations of my life? Why would someone who was warmly welcomed into our camp and treated with great respect want to pull me down like this?

“Everything about the book that I have seen so far is an attack on me. Nothing positive at all. Is that Mutamba’s summary of who I am as a man?

“You can imagine the distress that this has caused my family. If he wanted to pull me down, why attack my family too?
“We are currently consulting with our lawyers on the action to take, but we are moving on with our vision as Tuku Music and won’t let these recent developments slow us down.”

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  1. You are not a pastor,saint or prophet Tuku.i had reservations from the start about the said book.it’s kinda too attacking on your personal standing than anything else.
    but don’t worry too much mudhara.kana Gushungo vakadashura secretary wani.kkkkkk

  2. I think Tuku’s advisors are not helping him at all that is why I have always said that he needs managers of the high calibre of music managers like Debbie Metcalfe who used to manage him. If Mutamba had shown Tuku the manuscript then obviously Tuku was going to ask that the hard hitting issues be removed. The hard hitting issues is what people want to read.

  3. Tuku, Tuku, Tuku…you rightly say that you are not perfect as a man. It is those imperfections as a man and team leader that Mutamba wrote. So you wanted the book to write nice nice things about you through and through? Then it wouldn’t be a book interesting to read.

    1. this tuku guy has been praised almost the rest of his life and never wanted to shown his other side of his life. what is he trying to prevent is going to attract a lot of attention of media. ndidzo news ka idzi manje

  4. I think Mutamba has some journalistic training. Don’t you seek a comment first before publishing?

    1. One needs no permission to publish a biography. Tuku should take it like a man and is free to say the biography is nowhere near “official”.

  5. Can someone tell Tuku that Rita Marley wrote a book where she criticises her own husband (Bob Marley) for his immoral behaviour.

    1. Biographies (unless they are commissioned by the subject) are, by their nature, uncomfortable documents because they tend to be factual and they unearth those “hidden skeletons in the cupboard” about our lives. Most luminaries have had biographies written about them and they are not at all complimentary. From Cecil John Rhodes, Mahatma Ghandi (these two it was divulged, were gay!) to Mick Jagger (whose close confidante Keith Richards alleged Mick had “a tiny todjer” (kadora!) for a sexual organ) and Lady Diana (who was said to have conducted love affairs during her marriage to Prince Charles.) I tend to agree with Ronald Sibanda that Tuku is seriously mismanaged and advised. The best response to the biography would simply have been to disown it and its contents not to try to take legal recourse. Superstars are by nature, goldfish. |Just like goldfish they have no hiding place. Ironically the same man has lavished in praise and worship throughout his life without complaining even once about the superfluous positive publicity he has enjoyed!

  6. Tuku does not want his immorality exposed. Remember how he rushed to the courts when Sunday Mail wrote about his affair with his backing vocalist Mwendi some years ago? If you are a public figure you are subject to public criticism. Read books about Diana in the royal family, read about Bob Marley’s book written by his wife Rita. Mutamba is a journalist and his instinct as a journalist was to write Tuku’s untold story. Tuku knew Mutamba was writing a book and that is enough and that is why he gave Mutamba interviews for the book.

  7. Mutamba did a very splendid job.

  8. Dont waste your money on lawyers Tuku. Your own wife and children gave the author interviews criticising you. Unless you are saying that your wife hates you and lied about your immorality. Leave the author alone, deal with your own wife and children. You should actually be happy with the author because the truths he wrote about your immorality will set you free.

  9. If it was an autobiography Tuku would have the right to see the manuscript. He would even have the copyright for the book. But this book is a biography with elements of criticism and Tuku did not have the automatic right to see the manuscript. You cannot criticise someone and ask for their permission to write about your immorality. Accept the truth Tuku and move on.

  10. Come on Tuku. Take it like a man. Musa ukukhala njengomfazi

  11. Tuku has lost the strategy here because of bad advisors. By responding he is even making the book more popular before its even published. He is also giving reporters and readers more news about the book and himself. Going to the courts will even make the book much more popular and more revelations will come out.

  12. Chamunorwa Mudzviti

    But Tuku is very funny. He is admitting that he is not perfect. So why does he want to sue the author. Tuku should be bitter with his wife who exposed him. I am surprised Tuku is saying his family is distressed when it is the same family, wife and kids, who gave the author interviews critical of him.

  13. I read part of the extracts last week and was not impressed with the linguistic ability of the author, so I stopped following the whole serialization. I however find it laughable that Tuku can come out guns-blazing when someone attempts to describe him exactly the way he is. The Tuku on stage or in public is different from the Tuku people around him know. The guy is cunning, shrewd, egoistic and very dictatorial. He bullies everyone around him – workers, reporters, promoters and even his children. What Tuku wants, Tuku gets – whatever the cost and most promoters have had houses/properties sold all in trying to keep Tuku happy. It is that Oliver Mtukudzi that the general public and his fans don’t know, who this poor author is trying to publicise.

    Whilst at it, we hope Tuku will tell us why his manager Jack Sadza (Jerry) committed suicide; why his promoter Josh Hozheri’s (Jazz 105) house was on the auction list recently; why in the UK he has a new promoter each and every time he tours.

    Nothing wrong with looking out for yourself Tuku, but do not paint yourself whiter than white. Let the fans know who you really are. You are still alive to make this possible – so forget the legal threats and address the issues like a ‘genuine’ guy you want everyone to believe.

  14. wat u do beind closed doors can be known everywhere, rinamanyanga hariputirwe….singing
    inga ndiwe wakazviimba wega wani nhasi zvakudzokera wakuti mavara angu azara ivhu…

  15. Paivepo, your comment is spot on about Tuku. I think you know Tuku very well. He wants people to treat him like an angel. His humility is false judging by the comments about him made by his own wife. Charity begins at home and he should show his humility first in his own home. His wife, children and ex wife all don’t have kind words for him and now he wants to blame the author. As for the linguistic ability of the author, I didn’t see anything bad about his writing. The problem that we have is that when we don’t like certain styles of writing we then question the linguistic ability of someone. Styles in writing are personal and authors choose particular styles. Fiction books have different styles from non fiction books like this book in question. The liberties that a non fiction writer enjoys are restricted than those enjoyed by fiction authors who can be flowery with language. But facts are sacred and you can’t be flowery with facts. But yes I like you analysis of Tuku.

  16. Paivepo,you suffer from the colonial mentality of taking English seriously when we all know it is our second language (unless your are white)Ironically your own input above is full of basic mistakes eg “Is it that Oliver Mutukudzi THAT…………”.So judge not.It is also not wise to deprive yourself of such interesting information primarily because it is not written in perfect English.Read Ngugi’s Decolonising the mind,you need to be decolonised.

  17. Paivepo, you are very right about your analysis of Tuku. He does not accept criticism and I think the book is going to unravel many hidden secrets and his shortcomings. About the author’s linguistic ability, I did not see anything wrong with his writing. His writing is simple but sharp. He writes like a journalist dealing with facts and does not use too much flowery language like a fiction writer.

  18. The statement by Tuku is not intelligent at all and shows the intellectual bankruptcy of his advisors. It’s a self pitying statement. He does not tell us where Mutamba lied or twisted facts and rushes to intimidate the author with legal action. The extracts that I read were his own wife and ex wife speaking in their own words about his immorality. He should blame his wife for exposing him. She exposed him because she is not happy with his immorality. Mutamba is a journalist and his job is to write. And for sure he wrote the truth about the true personality of the superstar and not the PR propaganda he used to write about Tuku when he was his publicist.

  19. The wise thing to do was for him to sign non-disclosure of family secrets or what he encountered in his tenure working as a publicist. This was to be done before he assumed duty. By now he will be referring to these papers for legal action. all else is vanity. If you are a celebrity you need to be very careful when engaging someone even a housemaid these contracts need to be signed.

  20. I agree that the statement is not intelligent. How can Tuku say his family is distressed by the extracts when his own family gave the author interviews for the book where the family members (wife and children) speak in their own words. Tuku should not lie to us. He should have said that he himself is distressed not his wife. His statement is exposing him even further. All he wanted was the author to say positive things about him. We know his positive work because it is already in the public domain. It is these secrets about his personality that readers are interested in. He now wants to behave like a dictator by seeking to censor the author. If Tuku is not clever he is going to do himself a lot of damage by trying to stop this book. Tuku is an intelligent song writer but I don’t think he himself is intelligent. That is why he needs intelligent advisors.

  21. So, News Day you lied to us on Friday when you said Mutamba was fired by Tuku. The statement says Mutamba left on his own will. Nowhere does Tuku say he fired the publicist. Perhaps the author must tell us why he left the employment of such an icon. You will be surprised there is more controversy about Tuku. I have heard a lot about Tuku’s habit of not paying his workers at his centre. I am sure if reporters investigate they will unearth a lot about this man.

  22. Tuku you say you are currently consulting your lawyers on what action to take against the author. Forget it man. Take action against your wife who exposed you. If the book had been written by someone who doesn’t know you it would have been distorted. The author knows you and his account is honest and painfully true.

    1. After all the book is called ‘Back Stage’ which means what ordinary fans do not usually see and hear

  23. Iwe Congo, get away. Zvakanzi don’t judge ehe asi hauzi futi kuti zvinonzi, ” You see them by their fruits”? At times you don’t need to judge someone, u just need to see them by their fruits!!!!

  24. Um! Pachanakidza ipapo! mind you this book was written who spent quite a lot of time with Tuku and probably his family too…he surely would know much more! there is no smoke without fire! Tuku should actually capitalise on the publicity this book is going to generate. (lol) I have not read the actual excerpts myself but judging from the nation and his (Tuku) response, PANE NYAYA APA!!

  25. Tuku is bitter because he didn’t want his bad side revealed. He only wants nice things said about him. I met a close relative of his who said everything written in the excerpts is true. It was going to be a very boring book without exposing Tuku’s challenges as a human being.

  26. Tuku you are a public figure your life is public. If you sired those children outside marriage the public has a right to know. After all no publicity is bad publicity. The book will sell make sure you get a fair share from the proceeds, that is all.

  27. Does Tuku have advisors? His statement has lost it. Does he think we can believe his lies. I heard he is very good at denying things. Does he think any normal writer would have given him the manuscript to approve the hard hitting facts that criticise him?

  28. Do you become a better person judging Tuku? Whatever rubbish in that book, Tuku remains Tuku. Samanyanga is a superstar, and Matamba is a nonentity

  29. Oliver, as a celebrity the only way not to attract negative interest by the public is to behave morally!

  30. We wil certainly have a gem of a song from this ‘madness’.PANE ZVAZVAKANAKIRA!

  31. If Mutamba did not sign a non-disclosure document stating that he would not divulgeTuku’s family secrets or private and confidential matters while he was employed by Tuku then someone must quickly advise Tuku that he is wasting his time and money with lawyers. Without a non-disclosure Mutamba was always going to write, he is a journalist isn’t he, and his job is to write! The tone of Tuku’s statement is revealing that he knows what the author wrote is true. Tuku’s statement is trying to seek public sympathy but that is not going to help. I don’t see a court, even a kangaroo court, stopping Mutamba from punishing the book.

  32. The last sentence should read: I don’t see a court, even a kangaroo court, stopping Mutamba from publishing the book.

  33. The judges or magistrates also want to read the book, so they won’t banish Mutamba from publishing it.

  34. Mugabe, Moses Chunga, Dynamos and Tuku are the only credible brands in this country that can drive newspaper sales. Sadly the struggling newspapers will stop at nothing to tarnish these perfect brands.

    Tuku like any person is bemoaning that he didn’t authorise the book. Surely in Journalism they are two sides and mese murikubatirira zvakataurwa naSelmor namai vake have you bothered to hear Tuku’s side.

    Joe Hozheri the promoter used to live large throwing parties where water was substituted with RED BULL and now you want to blame Tuku for his demise. Joe is a good man though and I hope he recovers from setback.

    Please live Tuku alone nemasecrets ake just like we all have our secrets.

  35. Noone including Selmor&her mother is perfect on this earth.Tuku has his good side as he has a bad side too.However,I think Tuku should take it easy like a gentleman.Maybe his family expected more than what he could afford.But it’s not advisable for children to take sides in parental issues.Sometimes wives tend to fabricate things against their husbands as children naturally side with their mother.It’s most unfortunate but it happens.

  36. Asi bhuku racho rinotaura nezvana Eric Knight? Watosvorwa wants to be enlightened.

  37. Maybe this information could help the debate:
    A: The short answer is that no, you do not need permission. However, where a biography is written about a living person, it is highly desirable to obtain that person’s approval because, if the book is not authorised or approved by the person about whom it is written, there is always the danger of a possible action against you for libel, based on any factual inaccuracies or unfair comment harmful to the reputation of the individual concerned. After all, if the book is to sell well, you will need to liven it up with anecdotes and witticisms of potential interest to your readers, and obtaining approved material direct from source is obviously more reliable than, for example, picking up unreliable gossip, possibly at second or third hand, based on the hazy recollection of third parties.

    If the subject matter of your biography is dead there is no danger of a libel suit by the deceased since under English law (assuming it applies here) a dead person cannot be defamed.

    Another factor to bear in mind is that an authorised biography is more likely to sell better than an unauthorised version since authorisation is likely to give it added credibility in the minds of the public.

    If you are intending the book to be a critique of the entertainer concerned, and if the latter is still alive, then obviously you need more than ever to be particularly careful about a libel suit. In those circumstances I would suggest that you check your facts with special care and that you or your publishers arrange (as your publishers would probably do in any event) to have the book read by a libel lawyer prior to publication.

    So far as expressions of opinion, as distinct from fact, are concerned, it will be a good defence to a libel suit that the opinion concerned was fair comment, expressed in good faith, based on truth, and given without malice, on a matter of public interest. However, malice in this context includes recklessness, ie not caring whether the opinion is based on factually correct information. Malice can also be inferred from the use of extremely excessive language.

    If, as seems likely, the entertainer concerned is a well known public figure, that is another reason to be particularly careful because of the impact of a high profile public reputation on assessment of damages in the event of libel being established.

    Bear in mind also that if your book contains material about persons other than the principal subject of the book, the same considerations about libel apply in relation to those other persons, even in the case of an authorised biography. Furthermore, even if the biography is not authorised, it would be prudent to send a copy to the entertainer concerned prior to publication, requesting their approval of its contents, whether you think it likely that such approval will be forthcoming or not, because by so doing you are giving the person concerned the opportunity of saying in advance if he objects to any particular passage in the book, which should draw him out and give you some advance warning of trouble if it is likely to occur. This will enable you to obtain the best legal advice on any points of objection prior to publication, and, if there are none, your subject will be less likely to obtain the sympathy of a jury in relation to assessment of damages in the event of a law suit for libel.

  38. Tuku let me be your lawyer just for today! Bad publicity sales! Eg Response to Joe Mafana with Tsivo? Respond to this book with BACKSTAGE 1-5! hazvireve rudo handina inini Sandra,and Selmor. Hwema handirase. Etc were in Mutamba’s book. Buy Mutamba beer next time u see him

  39. Am sure if Debbie metcalfe is still the mngr ,Tuku was to be advised to dwnplay the whole thing.Tuku has just made the book a best seller by threatening to sue mutamba.

  40. Dear Tuku

    I had no intention of reading this book by Mutamba. But because of your press statement above ndavakutoda kutenga 3 copies. If you had not responded we would have really believed that the guy is lying because taiti but why is Tuku quiet he knows its a lie. But because of your response we can’t hardly wait for the book to be published tinyatsonzwa zvose. Also, don’t fool yourself that we are ever going to buy those your versions of biographies written by your bootlickers, never!!

    Yoz faithfully,

    Emru Kunanti, the Prince of the Kingdom of Mapungubwe

  41. this guy got trust mo than he deserved.don bring nobody close to yo life they wil sell u out.all thiz motherfuckers who justify betrayal are full o’ shit.one day u wil understand tuku wen u are in his shoes.long live tuku u remain my icon nomatter yo weaknesses.jus like every motherfucker who is nailing u

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  43. i like his music nd as an entertainer we dont hve to mind abt his private life jus like pastors care abt the word they preach not the life they leave. i do so respect his privacy nd lets kipvit dat way, for mutamba he shuld be sued

  44. I never liked Shepherd Mutamba. I knew he was trusted by Tuku. What he has done is not acceptabe. He interrogated people without telling them he was writting a book using their conversations. He is H-Metro type. Daily News don’t seem to have acted in their best interests by repeating this ‘bio.’ They are so desperate for sales they will do anything short of firing incompetent morons and appointing proper editors. Why join in on Mutamba/Tuku’s feud? Envy. Tuku’s family surely didn’t know he was planning to use innocent words to do this. We don’t buy books, Shepherd. I’m not obsessed with people to voyeuristic levels you would watch them having sex just so you can write a book. That’s your legacy now. Purely un-employable. You are not a gentleman. You are a snake. No ethics. You can never be more popular than Tuku. And the press statement is a good idea to clarify that you are now un-employed and un-employable.

  45. No matter how the sub-standard Daily News and Mutamba justify this it’s just wrong. Hiting below the belt. Your true colors Shepherd aren’t beautiful. Now we know yo for what you are: shameful, despicable, vile, abominable, sly devil. What use is this ‘book’ of yours? Will it be published in Zimbabwe? By ANZ? They are broke. You would sink so low for a buck. Shepherd, Shepherd. You are an embarassment. You have always been

  46. What Tuku should do is very simple. Banish Daily News from your life. Anything they need from you they will get from Shepherd. You lose nothing Samanyanga. No one reads that paper

  47. Mwendi told us zvese! Remember her? Let her soul rest in peace. Everyone has secrets dont cry wakazitosora wega!

  48. The likes of Judas Ischariot and Reader are ranting and raving and lying and spewing venom and Mutamba is silent while your own high blood pressures are shooting over the roof. He wants the book to speak for itself. Hate Mutamba or love him but his book is going ahead and he won’t feel anything if one hundred people boycott the book because thousands more are going to read it. If Judas and Reader are male your wives are going to buy the book and read it in your own bedroom or while preparing you your supper.

  49. Tuku,
    You have been a true man, you are still a true and you wont stop be be one unless you try to chase the passing train.Suing Mutamba is not the solution.

  50. If SHHepherd Mutamba is entitled to his opinion why shouldn’t I? My wife has taste, Shepherd or Stanley or whatever your name is. And Zimbabweans are not exactly streaming to buy books at the moment having other priorities. By the way have you found a publisher? Writing newspapers and writing books are 2 different things. Spliting a family to make money is hardly honorable, even if they were already split. This is indecent, Shepherd, Stanley or whatever. Few people read Daily News anyway

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