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TechnoMag guns for hardcopy magazine


TECHNOMAG, Zimbabwe’s premier online technology magazine, will be courting universities and colleges, as they prep up towards the official unveiling of the hard copy version with a bias for the educational fraternity, aptly dubbed the Tech@School.


They will this year be unveiling a hardcopy magazine as they seek to complement their one-year presence in the Zimbabwean market, coinciding the event with their first year birthday.

Speaking on the upcoming launch, the founder of TechnoMag Toneo Tonderai Rutsito said this year will mark our greatest achievement as we finally bring the face behind the brand to the people.

“TechnoMag initially was an idea of bringing a hardcopy technology magazine to the mainstream.The mission was never easy due to costs and marketing structures so we decided to first do a soft launch with an online presence, then subsequently we unveil the hardcopy.”

Asked why in this digital era they would want to embark on such a move, Rutsito said in Zimbabwe and the world over, there is a market for hardcopy printouts although there is serious appreciation of the digital online platforms.

“We are now going online, but we are not aways there, although we appreciate our Internet penetration at more than 35% we still need to cater for the 65% which is not online, besides the statistics, most people who even have access to the Internet for our local news still flip through their hard copy newspaper and we do not want to deny them such an opportunity,” said Rutsito.

TechnoMag will be launching their inaugural hardcopy version sometime this month at a local hotel, a special moment for the company as it celebrate its first year of online presence.

The inaugural version of the technology magazine will have a bias to higher and tertiary education. TechnoMag is already engaging all the country’s universities and colleges to create a global village that brings students and lectures across the nation together.

This project is also meant to bridge the gap between the educational institutions and the corporate world as most students rarely have the opportunity to be exposed to the real world before they reach the attachment stage forcing many to join wrong careers on incomplete or false information.

The educational component of the magazine shall be aptly dubbed Tech@School, as they seek to bring technological facets to the mainstream in their quest to educate inform and entertain all age groups affected by technological concepts.

Contrary to the general perception, TechnoMag is not an information communication technology (ICT) magazine. ICT is only a part of the magazine yet it covers all technological issues including science and technology plus engineering encompassing the nano and biotechnological issues.

TechnoMag will not be limited to in-house editorial staff, but shall be handed over to various stakeholders in the technological field who are already contributing with in-depth content on various technological topics.

Many universities have already been approached on the project and work is already in progress to come out with Zimbabwe’s technological handbook that will revolutionise how we conduct, extract and share information to our socio-economic development.

Just like the online version, this version will not specifically targeting any type of techies, rather it has various technological topics, which in turn the reader may choose which topic he/she may want to indulge on.

TechnoMag online version has been specifically offering unique, exclusive technology video interviews, technology reviews and insights, technology news, information security, technology jobs, jokes, gadget reviews and do-it-yourself guides to offer daily technological tips and tricks amongst others.

The TechnoMag jobs centre has, however, grown to be very popular with most school leavers as it has provided an opportunity for the mostly sought employment opportunity for most Zimbabweans.
Leading technological companies in Zimbabwe have already committed support to the national project via sponsorship, partnership and advertorial work towards the vision as they add on their voices to the project.

TechnoMag is closely working with the relevant government ministries to drive the development of ICTs and science and technology.

To date TechnoMag is currently attracting more than 5 000 unique daily visits and strikes 3 million monthly hits, safely placing it as one of the fastest-growing websites in Zimbabwe.

TechnoMag is Zimbabwe’s premier technology magazine.

For more visit www.technom.ag/64 or join us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/technomagzw. Email: articles[at]technomag.co.zw.

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