Plane crash: AFZ releases victims’ names

THE Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) has released the names of the two officers who died on Thursday when their trainer aircraft crashed in Mt Hampden, close to Charles Prince Airport.


They are Squadron Leader Taurayi Jombo (36) and Air Lieutenant Evidence Edzai Begede (28).

According to AFZ officials, Jombo is survived by a wife and two children, while Begede is survived by a wife and one child.

Jombo is being mourned at Block 3 No 1 AF 90 at Manyame Airbase. For Begede, mourners are gathered at Thornhill Airforce Base Flats, Block A in Gweru.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

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  1. RIP Taurai Jombo

  2. mwari vaita kuda kwavo u were such a talented pilot

    1. in other words you are saying Mwari ndiye akauraya vakomana ava!!!???

  3. Dannie. KoMwari wapinda papi apa. Ndege dzaka donha either as result of human error, mechanical default, combination of both, or any other reason. Saka zvineyi chekuita naMwari?

  4. May their souls rest in peace. May the Lord comfort and give strength to the families of the dear departed.

  5. Sad. May they rest in peace. It is Unfathomable that MANY if not MOST people, even Christians for that matter, erroneously believe that God is a murderer! In the business of taking life wantonly! God is love guys! The bible says so every few pages if you care enough to read it! Munhu ofa muaccident, he atorwa namwari! Which god? Not the real God!

  6. May their dear soul rest in eternal peace.

  7. Pane ati mwari vaita kuda kwavo

  8. RIP may the Lord give strength to thr families to ovrcme all de difficaultz

  9. “thousand mosquitos in DRC”… Jombo RIP

  10. Mwari haauraye vanhu vakomana satan ozoita basarei ok tinomunamatorei kana ane utsinye (james3:13)mwari haaedzi munhu nechakaipa ndimwaro akarurama (john8:44) satan anga ari muurai kubva pakutangauye murevi venhema pliz tisape mwari mhosva

  11. Zanu pf yatanga humondi vamwe havapindi denga vakomana zororayi murugare rwashe vana blazz back to the families lm realy sorry but mhosva ku zanu pf

    1. Accidents will always happen, no matter which party is in power. We can not point fingers at anyone, because we could be lying by pointing fingers. And lying is against God. So Mixtar zanu pf, whilst we are mourning our departed brothers, let us not be carried away by political emotions and accuse those who may have nothing to do with the death of our air soldiers. Let us be wary of saying something unless we are certain that it is true.

  12. weduwee ngatidzidzei kutaura zvine musoro nguva dzose. Mwari hasiri iye anouraya asi kuti satani ndiye anoparadza. Dai iwe waizonzi panofa mwana wako ndiwe wauraya waizonzwa sei. Mwari ndewerugare uye runyararo. Dai ari iye anouraya angadai asina kuvenga rufu kusvika padanho rekubvumira Jesu kuti amutse Razaro

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  14. may their souls rest in peace

  15. Why is Airport called Charles Prince ???? And its in zimbabwe Mugabe is he aware of that .vanoti havadi ma british sei zita riripo .vadi kutoti Tsvangirayi airport zviri nani

  16. RIP SHEFU JOMBO,!wil grtly miss u..

  17. Never struck me that some day you would depart this young. You were a brave genius Jombo and will miss you forever. Go well sons of soil!!!

  18. Sory kune vasara musarasa tariro

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