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Paul Matavire brother comes out of shell


IT has become almost predictable that one day, a certain relative, close or distant, would make headlines after embarking on a journey to revive the career of their dead musician kinsman.


That is a given.

The challenge is that the bulk of those that have come up have dished out half-backed projects.

Think of Peter Moyo who remains a far cry from his father, the Munhumumwes and Chibaduras, whose projects remain in the wilderness. The list is endless.

Talent is not always hereditary, but that is what Watson Matavire, younger brother of the late Paul “Doctor Love” Matavire, seeks to contest this notion with the release of his debut album Kufakwehosi.

It is almost a decade after the death of the enigmatic musician and the revival of the career could be too late.

Matavire signalled his arrival on the showbiz scene with the effort made together with his seven-member Hit Machine Band.

The five tracks on the album that was recorded at Diamond Studios are Ndimimamutora, Promotion, Gasva, Muramu Inzungu and the title track Kufakwehosi.

Speaking to NewsDay on Monday, Watson said he was determined to revive his brother’s legacy just like what sons and daughters of late greats were doing.

“The death of my brother must not be the expiry of Hit Machine. I have decided to step into his shoes and revive his legacy and I am confident that we will maintain the legacy,” Watson said.

“We are not trying to divert from Paul’s original music which raised Hit Machine to stardom, but we seek to maintain the social commentary messages on all our songs that we are going to release.”

Watson said old members of the Hit Machine band were welcome to rejoin the band so that they could maintain the originality of their music.

“We are inviting those members who used to work with Paul as I do not have their contacts so that we can bring back the glory days of Hit Machine,” Watson said.

“At the moment, we only have two surviving members of the old Hit Machine, rhythm guitarist Million Chidhakwa and lead guitarist Jesikiya Mwenje. As we are in the process of assembling a strong band, we are also inviting a few new recruits.”

He said he would be engaging seasoned musicians for musical guidance and some promoters to take their music across the country.

“We are a crawling baby in the industry and for us to do well, we need the support from both fellow artistes and promoters,” he said.

Despite Paul’s death, his music remains very vibrant and it is going to take a lot of effort combined with extreme talent for Watson to match the indelible mark that was left by his brother.

Paul’s hardcore humour and his hard-hitting factualism in tackling societal vices made sure he carved his own niche.

Paul had 13 albums under his belt released with the Jairos Jiri Band and later Hit Machine.

While his lyricism kept him at the top of Zimbabwean rich musical history, it remains to be seen whether his younger brother will be able to rise to the same standard.

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