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Parliament soccer team demand Treasury support


JUST when government is struggling to pay civil servants and financially support the senior national soccer team, Members of Parliament on Wednesday moved a motion demanding funding for their social soccer team.


The demand came soon after MPs’ soccer team, Parliament Warriors, recently gauled Zambia 2-0 in match played in Zambia.
Mover of the motion Zanu PF Buhera West MP Oliver Mandipaka said it was imperative for government and the corporate world to promote the development of sport by MPs.

The motion was seconded by Zanu PF MP for Buhera South Joseph Chinotimba.

“It is important for MPs to engage in sport and get financial support towards their sporting activities because one can reduce fat in the body and weight is controlled for some of us whose tummies are almost protruding,” Mandipaka said.

“As we visited Zambia where we beat their team 2-0, it is interesting to note that their Speaker Patrick Matibini was able to play soccer with us — competitive soccer for that matter,” Mandipaka said.

Chinotimba said the return match was supposed to be in September or October, but they ended up pretending that the Parliament of Zimbabwe will not be in session during those two months as they battle to raise funds to host their Zambian counterparts.

“The crux of the matter is that we are pleading for funding as we wait to host the Zambian Parliamentarians. Due to lack of funding we had to mislead the Zambians saying we cannot invite them now because Parliament had adjourned when actually it is sitting. We have been honest enough before you, and kindly ask you to write a letter to Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to hear our plea for funding,” Chinotimba said.

They argued that sport fostered and promoted unity and solved problems emanating from political differences in the country.

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