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‘O’ Level student challenges expulsion


AN Ordinary Level student from Mutambara High School, Aleksei Bvute, who was expelled from the school on allegations of masterminding a strike at the boarding institution in July this year, has filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court challenging his dismissal.


According to the school authorities in their court papers, Bvute’s alleged mischievousness led to the assault of the school’s security guards and property damage.

In the urgent chamber application, Bvute cited the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora, the Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, acting provincial education director for Manicaland Forgiveness Chawarerwa and Mutambara High School as respondents.

Bvute, who is being represented by Harare lawyer Sharon Hofisi, was suspended from the school in July this year, following violence that erupted at the boarding institution pitting Form 4 and Form 6 students.

In his application, Bvute told the court that the incident that resulted in his expulsion began in June this year when he was at the school premises during a soccer match.

He said he was having arguments with his friends and in the process made noise, prompting a security guard to chase him and his friends away. Bvute further said he was then assaulted by the security guard, but did not fight back.

Instead, Bvute said, he was later taken to the boarding master and while he was speaking to him, some of the students attacked one of the security guards with stones and chased him out of the hostels.

He argued he was not part of the students that were involved in the fracas.

Bvute said the disturbances caused the suspension of lessons the following day and the subsequent fight between Form 4 and Form 6 students.

He said he was eventually served with a suspension letter on July 7.

“I reiterate that I had not participated in the strike which forms the basis of the exclusion. I was served with the suspension letter which did not have allegations of masterminding and inciting a strike,” Bvute said.

“I am satisfied that I have demonstrated that there will be a miscarriage of justice as the respondents are arbitrarily interfering with my constitutional right to education.”

The matter is set to be heard soon.

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