It’s now Dr Grace and Dr Mujuru!

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday graduated with doctorate degrees at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).


The two were part of the 3 274 graduands who were capped by President Robert Mugabe, who is the Chancellor of UZ.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, UZ Vice-Chancellor Levi Nyagura said yesterday’s graduation was a different one as Mugabe was going to cap his wife Grace.

“This graduation ceremony is a historic event which is very difficult, if not impossible, to repeat in the near future,” Nyagura said.

“Allow me to single out a very special and unique graduand, the First Lady, who shall be presented to you for conferment
of a degree . . . May you also allow me to single out the Vice-President who shall be presented to you for conferment of a degree.”

Grace graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in the Faculty of Social Studies, while Mujuru graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Faculty of Commerce.

It was not clear when Grace registered for her PhD with UZ. Only a few months ago, it was reported that she had registered for a doctoral degree with the institution and chose a well-known UZ sociology professor as her supervisor.

Grace reportedly possesses a first degree in Chinese Language that she completed in 2011 after four years of distance learning with the People’s University of China.

It could not be established if Grace completed a post-graduate degree course.

In the mid-2000s, there were unconfirmed reports that Grace had been forced to abandon her Bachelor of Arts degree in English course with the University of London due to a string of poor results during an eight-year period.

Mujuru, on the other hand, holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management with Chinhoyi University.

But it could also not be established when she started her studies with UZ.

Other notable people who graduated yesterday were Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Lazarus Dokora, who graduated with a PhD in the Faculty of Arts, Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs Abigail Damasane, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and Patrick Zhuwao, a nephew of President Mugabe, graduated with a Master of Science degree in Economics.

MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa graduated with a Bachelor of Law Honours degree and was also awarded the Law Society Prize while former MDC-T national youth chairperson Solomon Madzore, who is now affiliated with the MDC Renewal Team, graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work Honours degree.

Nyagura bemoaned the brain drain at UZ and called upon government to improve conditions of service.

“The brain drain which we thought had ended is again rearing its ugly head,” Nyagura said. “In order to retain experienced staff, we continue to appeal to government to improve our conditions of service to make us competitive regionally.”

Nyagura also said that UZ had reviewed its curriculum to promote innovation, applications of science and technology, and entrepreneurship.

“Our focus is to produce graduates with a strong foundation in science and technology, and with problem-solving and analytical skills,” Nyagura said. “In particular, we have taken up the responsibility to provide training in nanotechnology together with product development in nanomedicine.”

“We would like to remain competitive as a university, both locally and internationally, and we shall attain this through a process of total quality assurance in all our activities. We are a pioneering university and we like to show the way for others to follow by identifying the right things and doing them right.”

Nyagura said 28 of the graduands were those living with disability, and having them at the university was a way to empower them.

“Students with disabilities have found a caring, intellectually-driven home at the University of Zimbabwe,” Nyagura said.

“This comprehensive affirmative action should not be interpreted as showing sympathy to any student with disability. Instead, it is a means to empower these students so that they become independent citizens of our country. Today I present to you 28 graduands with various disabilities.”

He also said the past academic year had seen a significant number of their strategic partners offering scholarships to support the education of the students.

“We are grateful for this support whereby other players realise that the role of educating our nation and investing in human capital development should not be left to the government alone, but should involve all stakeholders,” Nyagura said.


  1. We have become the most dishonest, corrupt, foolish countries in the world.

    1. We have become the most dishonest, corrupt, foolish country in the world.

    2. Maybe they have been offered honorary degrees, who knows? If they are PhD degrees which have been studied for, then at some point they must have defended the theses publicly in some hall in the university. What I know is that if you have not defended your thesis publicly, you cannot be offered the PhD degree, and the thesis is supposed to be deposited in the university library for all members of the public to access and read, and probably use it for research as well.

      1. Yes cde Hove they did their viva, mai mujuru dd hers at the council room while first lady at her orphanage, both places are public and are accessible to the public

    3. No, that honor goes to the USA.

    4. All the Dr. (:-) LOL Grace needs to do is publish her thesis on an academic website or in an academic journal.

    5. Now the only thing she needs to do is publis her thesis on a public academic website or in an academic journal.

  2. this strange, remember the two are racing

    1. PhD thesis title 1: Body language Enhanced and Bodyguard Assisted Social Adventures
      PhD thesis title 2: Twenty-five Business Deals from the Second to the Third Chimurenga

  3. Doctor Grace and Doctor Mujuru kkkkkkkk i don’t trust those fake degrees. They want to disguise people to think that they are educated we very well know that they are preparing for the Congress.
    She failed Chinese degree. She never attempted London degree because of incompetence.

    1. PhD thesis title 1: Body language Enhanced and Bodyguard Assisted Social Adventures
      PhD thesis title 2: Twenty-five Mega Business Deals from the Second to the Third Chimurenga

      1. Tanaka, are the two PhD theses in your comment meant for Dr. Grace Mugabe and Dr. Mujuru. It will be interesting to get hold of these documents!!!!

    2. You pretty dumb,…. why would you trust a fake degree?

      1. @senior don’t split hairs. you know what he means.

  4. Dt Grace ? What a dis-grace ! This is a circus of unimaginable proportions.

  5. Congrats hapana munhu anofara kana ukaita chakanaka .Munoda kuti if anyone kana akuita chinhu akutaurirei anyone can do a Phd no has a monopoly to having a Phd.Grow up mhani hanzi Ninja vamwe vachiita maPhd chiitawo zvechininja zvaunoswera uchiona vamwe vachiwerenga.

    1. I am looking for Grace’s dissertation. Please supply the title so that I can check the UZ data base. I am totally unconvinced that grace can write a scientific document. Having gone through the process myself I do not believe Grace is PhD material and for that matter I am skeptical that she could earn a genuine BSc degree.

  6. Amazing Grace now Dr Grace ? What a Dis-Grace ! Abuse of state institutions for personal gains and aggrandizement . Shame.

  7. I agree with u Jxman! Individuals like ninja are just jealous. Their comments are as good as ‘garbage’ and must be thrown in the bin where such comments belong!

    1. i think you are the most gullible person ever! you probably didnt go past o level from the look of things. phd research is no joke idiot

  8. Dr Gire kkkkkkk. Happy for you. Chitora phd in Violence zvawapinda mupolitics dze zanupf

  9. Makorokoto VaNelson Chamisa madadisa mwana vokumusha. Ramba vakadaro vawengi vachaona kuti zvinogonekawo, toti IT urishasha, toti IR urishasha, toti Law urishasha, toti Politica Sc uri shasha zvakare. Haiwa usakanganwe kusimbisaSave. Vana Solo kungopesana principle asi chinangwa chimwe muzvizive, tinopembera nemi zvakare. Muti MaiBona makorokoto, naVP Mujuru.

    NaSave tinodya huchi. Wochodzokera mumaTrenches untill we finish the strugle.

  10. Makorokoto Dr Joice Mujuru, Dr Grace Mugabe and all others

  11. Vanhu vasaita zvekutamba nechikoro. Our degrees will end up not being recognized outside the country

    1. Too late, we are already exposed. With UZ dishing out qualification to appease politicians a UZ degree is now viewed suspiciously by the external world unless it was earned prior to 2008.

  12. common sense is much greater than education quality. you have becum educated fools.

  13. Whats your problem?its now Dr Mugabe and Dr Mujuru.Dr Grace kuita sei ,makaenda kuchikoro chaidzidzwa chirungu here imi ma reporter imi?or kuda kungotsvaga sensitionalism.

  14. It is a shame that the UZ is being used by corrupt politicians to award dubious degrees. I have lost the remaining respect for the UZ. Ivo sekuru Mugabe havanyare. He has genuine degrees and he finds courage to cap DisGrace and Teurai Ropa!!! Shame to Zimbabwe

  15. Ndaizviziva kuti Amai Grace inyanzvi chaiyo.Surely she graduated in 2011 with a degree in Chinese langauge iyezvino just three years later vato pasa PhD. Asi masters yavo havana kuti daidzira graduation yavo. Vemapepa nhau makakanganisa chaizvo nekuti hamuna kubudisa kuti Amai VAchiPASA masters yavo asi mave kumhanyira kunotiudza zve PhD. Aiwa imi vemapepanhau makaipisisisisisa nekuti hamusi kuda kutizivisa kuti PhD iyi ndeye Chineese Language futi here kana kuti Shona. Ipapo ndipo panoratidza kuti vemapepanhau imi muri kushandiswa nema British nema Americans kuti vana ve Zimbabwe vafungidzire kuti PhD ya Amai ndeye feki. Tinokumbira va Chihuri kuti vatume matikitivha avo kunoongorora kuti sei vemapepanhau ava vasingadi kuratidza patriotism zvikuru nekutadza ku reporter zvakanaka maringe nekudziidza kwa Amai Mugabe. Ndiyo regime change agenda iri pachena kai iyi. Pamberi nekudziidza madzimai!!! Viva Amai Mugabe. Pa Christmas chaipo munenge matove Professor. Ndapota va Nyagura ndipireiwo Amai Mugabe kirasi vachitiratidze zvamakavadziidzisa kuti tigodziidawo kubva kwavari. Ndavekuto register mangwana chaiye sosioroji. Ndinofungidzira kuti kuda va Makumbe varipo taida kunzwiririra nekuonerera zvibhakera mu dhipatimendi

  16. Madofo anoti kana umwe munhu akagona chinhu otiyowe-yowe zvazoshamisa coz zvaitwa nemacomrade here?Kurai godo no deal at all.Itaiwo zvenyu tizvionewo!

  17. the only graduate i am celebrating there is Chamisa. i dont belong to his party or know him, but he graduated with a first class in BSc Political Science and MSC International Relations. Now he has done a first class in LLB again – great achievement. Congrats.

    AMi Mujuru at least we know she was stufying for her PhD, how genuine is her pass is something else. Totiwo makorokoto amai. Grace is quite odd on this. No known pastgrad qualification, even dubious undergrad, then booom, she is a Dr Grace. Dai maPhD aiwanikwa nyore so kubva every junior lecturer would have been a Prof paUZ handiti?

    Dokora wakafunda?????? Then how come ziDofora kudaro as a minister?

  18. Cde Garikai, your story is based on emotions, hatred and assumptions. I find it hard to believe only if you can reinforce your ‘theory’ maybe some of us will buy your tale. What we need as Zimbabweans is to school ourselves not only be good at counting other people’s degrees let alone some of us dont have a Diploma or just a Zimsec certificate. ★★★★★

  19. UZ has gone to the dogs .

  20. Tutako tenyutwo.Chii chidonyangara pakare kuti ananyoko vedu vafunde kudai?Pamberi nemi anamai.Fundo kuvanhu.Rwendo huno madadisa.Itai makorokoto kwatiri.Nhasi ndezveduwo manyombwe.

  21. Congrats to u honourable Chamisa madadisa at least yo degrees correspond with e level of sense you utter nt e other bogus honours

  22. Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs for sure.

  23. Two doctors of misgovernance. You need to have got these degrees before your minds are warped and corrupt. I have no respect for these late qualifications.

  24. so now mugabe prepares the list of those to be capped? so zanu pf politicians are not able to read on their own? so mushowe, gono, mujuru, zhuwawo and mugabe are given degrees while chamisa, madzore and the rest work for them

  25. The things which mesmerizes me is that Prof Levi Nyagura has been Vice-Chancellor for so long when the usual term of a Vice.Chancellor is two terms of four years each, i.e. a maximum of 8 years. All Vice-Chancellors, Prof Craig, Prof Kamba and Prof Chavhunduka, they served their maximu 8 years, but Prf Nyagura has been in the position for over 14 years, how come?

  26. Congratulations to you our Mother and VP. You are true of leaders and did the nation proud.

  27. Elizabeth Macheka uripiko ho ho.Shaura.As dan da headed lyke hubby.Fundai mavhitori.

  28. Kungopanana hapana zviko.

  29. The sad thing in this phd academic chicanery is that uz qualifications are no longer worth the papers they are written on. There is a dearth of reputable academics and resources. It’s no longer what you know but who you know.

  30. This was a present for the first family and VP Mujuru from the University of Zimbabwe. Even Chatunga is going to be given Phd next year. Ko Macheka apinda papi nhai muzvinha fundo? Little knowledge is dangerous.

  31. a phd thesis, after being defended successfully in the faculty, is stored in the library repository of the university and is publicly available in hard copy or online. this is a pre-requisite before graduation day. a search on the UZ thesis-online today is not showing either a Mujuru or Mugabe thesis. hopefully this is being rectified. i want to grab a copy of Grace’s thesis, and read it thoroughly (also to note who supervised her). i cant wait…..

    1. I totally agree with yu. PhD haiwanikwe overnight. When did they register? Who wason the thesis committee? When did they defend their theses? In which journals did they publish their papers? Kunyepera vanhu. Grace chaiye haaana kana first degree.

      1. She registered that one I know, It was indicated in July 2014 that she had registered three months ago. Iwe hauzive kuti at the University of Zimbabwe, a PHD takes less than two months to complete. Plus the second lady is extremely intelligent.

        Congratulations to the second lady, at least she has taken away the dignity of hard earned UZ degrees.

  32. @Uncle and Chenjerai Hove.I wish people could read again you comments.

  33. let us not think bad at everything. Makorokoto Mai Mugabe naMai Mujuru. Wedzerai dzidzo yenyu muite maprofessor.


  35. Which University Teacher has the metal balls to fail these political fat cats? You fail ZJC, you fail O level yawaiitwa spoon feed, you try 2 undergraduate degrees with overseas universities and fail both. You do not have an undergraduate degree, let alone a masters, but the a university registers you for Phd in orphanage, and womuka mangwana waane PHD in Orphangae ? Ah , ‘Dr’ Grace makapenga.

    1. Hahaha. Good points. Ko hakusisina zvema entry requirements here? Grace haaana kana O level chaiyo….she cant write a simple composition…nhai vakomana…who supervised her? Ko thesis defense yacho..what methodologies did she use? How did she collect her data?

  36. viva Mai Mugabe. Love or loathe her she is a force to reckon with, our future and hope. Amai tinokudai musacheuka shure forward ever backward never bhora mberi.Viva War Veterans we salute yu pasi nechidhoma Tsvangirayi day dreamer. KuState Houz kure. Ibenzi Tsvangirayi vamwe vari kudzidza vana Chamisa iwe vazvu bambo vangu makangomirira kut vanhu vaomerwe Va Gushungo vagokunyengerera manje madonors atovavo ne cold feet newe. Dofo Tsvangirayi.

  37. Ndoridawo degree iroro handi rinongopiwa hakuna zvekuverenga

  38. Yaaah,ma1! I thought Mai Mujuru was studying with the Women’s University!? Anyway, this should not hurt us as a nation because these two ladies with their questionable qualifications will never represent Zimbabwe internationally.

    On the other hand, their ”achievements” mock other women cheer-leaders because they will never be given special exemptions these two got!

  39. All the world problems we are facing are being caused by educated fools

  40. Kkkkkkkk aya madegree maviri aya ndeenhema. Comrade Mugabe has lost my dignity, credibility and respect because of these dubious degrees. This is corruption and abuse of Office. If they think Zimbabweans can be fooled by paper Phds they must forget. Come 2018 you shall be surprised.

  41. zvaonekwa mukoma chamisa rambai makasimba tichatonga chete

  42. Kumzima. Zvorema. Asazi! One day books will be written, movies made, and stories retold. Our children will be ashamed of us. From Jatropha diesel, Chinhoyi diesel, Zou degrees, now UZ PhDs. The rot started when Gono, then chairman of UZ Council, gave himself a doctorate. The truth is that you dont need a doctorate. Just hard work, honesty and integrity and patriotism will do. What a shame!

  43. Me thinks the truth shall come out-rinemanyanga ………….ngatisaitei zwekufungidzira…..Torai gavi muiere nyoka

  44. Kana maita madegree mapedza mouya totengesa airtime tese, dai kuwanda kwemagraduates kwanga kuri kuwanda kwemabasa dai Zimbabwe isingatambure

  45. these degrees are bogus to say the least….just recently in april, Patrick Zhuwawo graduated for a Master’s in Management at the University of the Witwatersrand (joburg) and four months down the line he is graduating for a MSc in Economics at UZ….this is utter nonsense and fraud at its best…..I regret ever holding a UZ qualification!!

  46. What’s happening at uz.nhai vanyagura woye.m doing mphil but mutambo murefu.then PhD after being given woman boss post two weeks PhD. Kkkkkkkkk

  47. Ko zvokuti mavhitori fundai zvapindawo papi veduwee kkkk

  48. @ Chenjerai Hove. Thanks for your comments. The first one about thesis, let us give the reporters a task to share thse papers and thesis with us. I noticed on Daiy news caring Tuku’s Story of his life. Dr Grace Mugabe Dr. Mujuru thesis and work papers are considered as public infomation which be reproduced if they really existed. We are also aware of outsourced researchers like Dr Gono v Dr. Kareke’s case(s) which is before the courts which makes it difficult for academic like Prof Hawkins to call Gono with the title doctor.

    If the doctorates are honorary then UZ’s prestige as a noble prestigios and institution of value is eroded and gone. Shame on you prof Nyagura. Academics have always been attracted to this profession more by career than jobs. Leaving UZ may mean their are not happy with how the MD is running it. With 14 years of imposition and politicking, we have seen dubious doctoates.

    Lastly, with these doctorates, my prayer is the graduands’ reasoning and actions, will hopefully demstrate the honour

    1. Thats sad. Dr Grace Mugabe really, this is a shame to the academic fraternity and the UZ community.

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  50. Zimbabwe’s University has now lost its dignity. I as a Masters’ degree student abroad am ashamed for the university of Zimbabwe which has supported these fake degrees. I just like those before me and the ones after me are eager to read Grace’s and Joyce’s defenses of their Doctorate theses.

  51. Hope all dis academic accomplishments by our masters translates to substance both economically and socially.

  52. Usaite jealous….Mai Mujuru earned her doctorate ne hard work….Mai Mugabe was awarded masters not a doctorate

  53. That’s a genuine degree

  54. Mfumba I think there is nothing wrong with ZOU degrees, state your facts.



    Dr Mujuru, you have made everybody happy. Please translate these ideas into productive. The nation will be expecting your expertise to show and help president Mugabe to do the right economical decisions.

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  58. Hahahahaha! We registered Grace this year to counter Noise Mujuru. She waas goin to be difficult to deal with if Muchinguri and Madzongwe had not done what they did with aa PhD. Waiwinner congress Noise uyu

    1. She was going to be the only star at congress if she got the PhD oga oga! Now her fortunes are declining

  59. ZveZimbabwe zvandikona. Zvakatanga nekurwira mapurazi now its down to scrambling for degrees. These politicians make us question the integrity of our esteemed UZ. Kana maPhD avakungopakurwa sematemba bva tose takutozvidawo. Hameno pamwe ndezvechokwadi. Maybe they earned them……tingagotii zvedu. Tongotarira kwazvinogumira.

  60. I truly believe that propaganda has got to our heads as a nation. This gabbage that we are the most educated on the planet does not add up for me. Just listening to the poor diction and pronounciation of our newsreaders as an example, (vana Barwe hatutaure) leaves a lot to be desired. Compare that nepfuti dzepa RSA apa. Tininteperana hama dzangu hatina chikoro isu. Remember the lies, ‘best education system, best health care system, best roads on the continent, best president etc etc, utter nonsense. We cannot even read macontracts atirikupa madiamond companies.

    1. I concur with you sama this whole ” most literate pipo in africa ” shit is utter nonsense or has gotten to our heads.SA institutions and educated intellects are humbly streets ahead or getting ahead while we go around beating the “most educated drum”

  61. Talk of bastardisation of the UZ and the educational establishment at large. Makaro acho ekuda zvinhu unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei. I challenge all investigative journalists to (i) dig up her thesis (ii) who was the supervisor (iii) what publications have been made and in what respected journals (iv) did she go for a viva amongst other things. Mbuya Nehanda naKaguvi douyai muone vanhu vaye havasisina ganda kumeso.

    Exploration in Literature (1) – 9%
    Exploration in Literature (2) – 18%
    Renaissance Comedy: Shakespeare and Johnson – 17%

    Exploration in Literature (1) – 31%
    Exploration in Literature (2) – 42%
    Renaissance Comedy: Shakespeare and Johnson – 29%

    New module
    Approaches to text – 7%

    Let me digress and point some similarities to Elena Ceausescu who also achieved a PhD in Chemistry in spite of leaving school at the tender age of 14 without passing. If Gucci can do this, maybe Chinoz can go and attain a PhD in Neuroscience at Harvard in a record three months. One would have thought that the rigours of academia would sharpen one’s intellect and manner of communication but alas with the “Queen”, inongori “ndiri monya for hire” , “dondi teki foto”, ayaas. Ndisati ndaenda ndine mubvunzo emwe chete, What are they smoking at the University of Zanu, Ngagura et al?

  62. I hope vacharigona basa racho.

  63. Zvinodadisa amai, ndizvowo kunzi amai veZimbabwe. I’m very happy for you Dr J T Mujuru and Dr G Mugabe and not forgetting Nelson Chamisa well done.


    1. Outside of zimbabwe, the uz degrees have lost credibility overnite unless done during the 90s. Its just a worthless piece of paper, framed and hanging on the wall!! Sh*t mhani gresi, reducing our degrees to two cents??

  65. I have done up to 5 chapters for a PhD – it is not a joke to tell the world you have a PhD. Where is the thesis – we want Grace to tell us so we can pick up some items in the Literature Review. I hope my former Professor is not fingured in this saga – otherwise he will lose the credibility he had. Last time I had been given to understand he helped Joyce in the desertation at CUT??

  66. Veduwee PhD inorwadza, took me five years to complete!! Dont be so gullible you zimbabwean people. Stop being so outright foolish! This is a huge insult to those who worked their knuckles off to.get their degrees!! Grace never even did a masters degree! Akaita thesis nguvai, amidst the eedding and shopping sprees and birthdays? Please I have searched the UZ domain, and their is no thesis under the name grace mugabe!! Saka murikuti makorokoto chii chacho!!? What are u teaching your kids?? Kurai mhani vanhu imi. By the way, my wife is looking for a PhD as well, i go about it? Ndofona number.dzipi? Her thesis is called dousing fires on mujurus farms.

  67. Was considering to do my masters in engineering degree at uz ; bt since it has lost its value and status at uz which is being turned into zimass by these stupid gurus i am now considering earning it outside Zimbabwe because handidi kufunda panhu panopihwa ma degree mahara .i think university of Mozambique will be better and recognized than uz(university of Zimass ) sorry (University of Zimasset ) i mean .

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