Newsflash: Police release Epworth demolition victims

Rights lawyers on Sunday secured the release of 10 Epworth residents who were arrested and detained on Friday after chaos ensued during the demolition of houses in the area.

Report by Tapiwa Zivira, Online Reporter

 Tarisai Marikopo sustained right-eye injuries when she was arrested and allegedly assaulted by police during demolitions of houses in Epworth. Accroding to her lawyers she was assaulted for questioning the assault and arrest of her minor child Shupikai Marikopo aged 17 years.
Tarisai Marikopo sustained right-eye injuries when she was arrested and allegedly assaulted by police during demolitions of houses in Epworth. Accroding to her lawyers she was assaulted for questioning the assault and arrest of her minor child Shupikai Marikopo aged 17 years. Picture by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

According to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), the 10 were released into the custody of their lawyer Marufu Mandevere of Kadzere, Hungwe&Mandevere Legal Practitioners pending their appearance in court on Monday on yet to be confirmed charges.

Police accuse the residents of violently resisting the destruction of their houses under a new wave of evictions and demolitions that has left hundreds of Epworth and Chitungwiza families homeless.

The police anti-riot squad was on Friday forced to fire warning shots into the air to disperse an angry crowd resisting eviction from their homes in the sprawling informal settlement after the Epworth Local Board ordered them out.

In Chitungwiza, a nearly completed new shopping complex in St Mary’s suburb was demolished while hundreds of families were rendered homeless after the local municipality stormed the area bulldozing houses in the early hours of the morning.

The police were called to Epworth after a group of about 25 people had reportedly razed several houses to the ground claiming to represent the rightful owners of the residential stands on which the houses were built.

Hundreds of residents who were resisting the eviction, however, forced the police to briefly retreat before calling in reinforcements after which several gunshots were fired into the air before the crowd was successfully disbanded.

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  2. for this very reason shall we take to the streets. gross inhumane treatment of children of Zimbabwe. demolitions are inhuman. yet the constitution says we have the right to shelter. kana smith haana waakapwanyira wandakambonzwa.

  3. Dhongi rine mukonyo ngarisvuvugwe mahanu.

  4. I am in Chitungwiza, what was razed down was not a near complete shopping complex but but a single building under construction owned by the notorius land thief Boniface Manyonganise Ndanda, a former MDC councillor. Thanks.

  5. so where will those people stay amana ma1

  6. Why would they do that its insane.Think about this leaving those people building houses till it is done,now they are comfortable there they go and destroy those houses.guyz it is not fair where were you all this time?????? Look at this girl born with 2 eyes not knowing that one day she’s going to have bandages on her face.I’m so sorry my sister only God knows so touched this is inhuman

  7. ngazvingotanga mhani handina kana rally ye any political party yandinoenda bt this tym count me in pakupinda mu street makavavhotera mapihwa mastands asina kana plan mochidzingwa manje muchingwarawo mhani kusvika rinhiko anambwa vachiita zvavanoda mustreet ndirimo

  8. Let us have order in Zimbabwe kwete kungovakira pawafungira. All the illegal structures must be demolished. From Chitungwiza they should move to Glen Norah to demolish illegal structures that are being built between Glen Norah B and Glen Norah A. I’m happy that the illegal settlers have been served with 24 hour notices to demolish their structures. Asi pane munhu akadya mari, ndiko kunonzi kupusa kwemaZimbabwe. Unoti wawana stand iwe uchivakira murukova. Chero kuruzevha chaiko hapana anongoti chero pawavakira.

  9. Muchasvinura henyu.

  10. them realy take poor people fi fool, cant beleiv it, me turn refugee ina me owna country, Jah knows me nah vote again me ah tak it to de streets now…

  11. Is this the Zimbabwe our late heroes fought for, why is the police attacking innocent people. For your own information the populance of Zimbabwe could not recover from the diabolic Murambatsina, and now you are putting the people in a more agravated demolishment spree. l know am a young person but please do not injure the innocent people of Zimbzbwe, because of inefficient policies. If l may ask, who formulates such evil policies?, because if the population was formulating those policies violence will surely not exist in our country. For the sake of the poor people in our society, please DO NOT DEMOLISH THEIR HOMES.

  12. Chandinoziva ndechekuti kuna Mwari kudenga

  13. god iz watching


  14. @studio uri shit kind yemunhu. Kutaura nonsense. Do u thnk munhu anongomuka obva angoti apa ndipo pandada otovaka. I doubt that. is it easy to jus go n buy a stand ku local gvt. I doubt unonzi. Unonzi hakuna. And akabuda ukaenda unonzwa zvichingonzi hapana or panodiwa ye drink yakatoita seye stand racho or even more. And vanhu ava vakatenga ma stands aya. jus becoz munepekugara musangohumana apa. Every1 has a right to shelter in ths country.

  15. Gvt ikatadza kupa munhu basa zvinonzi tsvaga zvekuita zvitangire basa rakowo pane ungatozopawo vamwe mabasa. Asi ikatadza kukupa pekugara wozvitsvagira hako kasango wovaka wapedza kuvaka vanozouya kuti hatina kukupa pano vopaza kikikikik eish.

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