Mjintu rejoins Barura Express?

PROLIFIC rhythmist could soon be back at Barura Express if developments last week are anything to go by.


Mjintu is reported to have met with Barura Express management last week together with his son discussing his move.

Sources close to the proceedings told NewsDay on Saturday that Mjintu was sceptical about the move, but is likely to be forced by his own circumstances after his tenure at Energy Mtodi’s Mutodi Express and poor fortunes at his own outfit Zare Band.

The guitarist played with the youthful outfit at Club Manucho on Saturday where hundreds gathered for a reminiscent dose of music by the late sungura legend Leonard Dembo.

Led by Dembo’s ever rising son Tendai, Barura Express was sure to keep the audience entertained into a vibrant Saturday night as they fused his father’s hits with his own from his album Kupa KwaShe.

The show that started in the afternoon with just a handful of revellers gathering a few paces from the stage and others completely disregarding it as they paid attention to their own affairs ended up with all the patches of space crammed with people who jostled to get a glimpse.

Band manager Hope Makoni yesterday said they had not yet taken Mjintu on board.

Asked if they had plans to engage him, Makoni said he was in church and would respond later, but had not responded at the time of going to print.

There has always been speculation as whether or not Mjintu would join the new look Barura Express after years of band hopping, but it appears the several questions will be answered in the next few days.

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  1. Mjintu is not a singer but a guitarist. Swallow your pride bhudhi and join the boys. Look at Lokassa yaMbongo, Daliki moko. They play for others. No bands of their own yet successful. Make a decision Mjintu or die poor

  2. It would be better for Mjintu to rejoin Macheso.Anyway he can choose what he really wants but his band hopping won’t help him at all.

  3. Go back to your Roots but give the young Dembos the vocalist.

  4. Macheso woye,Macheso woye,haa latest yaMacheso ichapisa muterere waya,Mujintu ho brother dzokera kwa Macheso unouraya vana nenzara.

  5. Ngaaende kwaNicholas Zacharia

  6. Ko Franco nechikwata chake varipi vanyarara mazuwano kungoti ndagarisawo kuno ku Egypt mungandibatsirawo vari kumusha

    1. Mutamba u are dreaming boys dzitori ever busy ,I don’t think in Egypt they don’t play our music at all

  7. Manganeez del Piero

    Barura`s chief rythmist u`re welcome!! Come yee Bro and assist these youngsters. U`re welcome Innocente Mujintu!!!

  8. Mutamba u are dreaming boys dzitori ever busy ,ï think in Egypt they don’t play our music at all

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