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Medicines Authority assents to herbal food supplement sale


THE Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has granted permission for the sale of a herbal food supplement, Epikairos Herbal Powder, which is believed to complement medicines for the cure of chronic diseases including HIV and Aids.


In a letter dated August 21 addressed to the official distributor of the herbal food supplement, Dr Wellness Health Clinic in Highlands, the MCAZ said: “It appears that this complementary medicine, as presented, does not make medicinal claims on the labelling nor does it purport to treat ailments and as such, has been granted permission to be sold in Zimbabwe.

“Furthermore, we confirm that though permission has been granted for its sale, this complementary medicine is not registered in this country.”

The licence is valid for two years and subject to renewal after the completion of the drafting of regulations for the approval of complementary medicines by the MCAZ.

“Should these regulations be published, the permission granted therein will immediately fall away and you will be required to submit an application for approval and registration of your product in compliance with regulations,” said MCAZ.

MCAZ said it could not comment on the efficacy or quality of Epikairos because it did not inspect the facilities where the product was made. The national drugs’ regulator placed the onus on Dr Wellness Health Clinic to disclose the facts about the product that it considered appropriate.

According to a flyer shown to NewsDay, Epikairos is produced from natural herbs with no chemical or preservatives. It is a potent natural food supplement that is believed to support and strengthen the functioning of the body through improved appetite on wasted bodies.

With no side effects except increased appetite and thirst, Epikairos is also said to improve energy levels and enhance patients’ sense of well-being.

“There are numerous success testimonies from people who were HIV+, had cancer, diabetic, blood pressure, arthritis, chest pains, chronic undefined coughs, poor eye sight, painful legs, asthma, anaemia [and many more] that have taken the herb. There is no scientific evidence to support testimonies,” read a disclaimer on the flyer.

Anywhere Tawengwa, Dr Wellness Health Clinic’s spokesperson said Epikairos was a good supplementary herb useful to people suffering from chronic diseases.
He said the herb came with a unique bar code to safeguard it from counterfeiting.

Dr Wellness Health Clinic is a Harare-based private clinic run by Tsitsi Dlamini, a medical doctor.

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