MDC-T gets confrontational

OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai says his party has adopted a confrontational approach and was geared to take President Robert Mugabe’s government head-on through streets protests after the latter spurned his party’s call for dialogue to rescue the economy.


Tsvangirai made the remarks in Masvingo at the weekend during his keynote address to over 15 000 supporters who attended the party’s 15th anniversary celebrations.

Looking weary, Tsvangirai told his supporters that Mugabe continued not to take their offer for dialogue at his own peril and now it was time the MDC-T changed tact in its quest to bring change in the country.

Tsvangirai said: “I want to conclude by restating that we have now drawn a line in the sand. We called for dialogue, but our
genuine offer was spurned. We are sending out a clear and unequivocal message that we reserve our right to mobilise the people for the ultimate people’s victory through a free, fair and credible election.”

He added that the fight has been long drawn out, but it was nearing the end game.

“We pledge a new paradigm that will address our current predicament and the solution to the serious crisis that we face as a nation,” he added.

The party’s call for change of tact comes on the backdrop of the MDC-T youths holding two street demonstrations in Harare last month which were violently quashed by anti-riot police, leaving some opposition party activists injured and arrested.

The demonstrations, couched under the theme We want jobs, were meant to force the Zanu PF government to deliver on its election promises and accept that the July 2013 elections were flawed.
Meanwhile, the party’s early congress has started in earnest after it dispatched invitation letters to about 5 000 delegates to start preparations for congress next month.

The letters open the doors for aspiring politicians to start lobbying and canvassing for votes at the congress.

“This anniversary is a forerunner to a watershed congress in October where the key event will not be elections for top positions, important though they may be because we are a democratic party,” Tsvangirai said.

Many insiders said Tsvangirai’s leadership will be tested to the limit at this congress as many members were reportedly against the proposed constitutional amendments, especially the clause which proposes to give him power to make executive appointments.

The congress was brought forward earlier this year as choruses for Tsvangirai to step down were getting to a crescendo among his lieutenants, resulting in the defection of several top officials, among them former secretary-general Tendai Biti and former deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma.

Biti’s group, now known as MDC Renewal Team, has said it would have its own congress next March.

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  1. LOL, what a clown

    1. Tsvangirai stop being a main actor of cartoon show.the guy is failing to put Mdc-t in order and starts unnecesary fights who will gain if youths demostrate and come election time women who does nt participate are given preference in all positions.Youths dn be decerved by a fool

  2. mongogadzirira kurwisana nembwa dzabob the securocrats

  3. Now let us all build the country; elections are only due in 2018.

  4. Nyika haitongwi ne penzura…u will never win an election.. nekuti Zanu inoti bhora mugedhi…

  5. Nyika haitongwi ne penzura…u will never win an election.. nekuti Zanu inoti bhora mugedhi…….

    1. Nyika haiwine neganyavu

      Morg shuva idofo
      Chinoda violence, saka kana watora nyika togarepi. I think he will be worse. God help Zimbabwe and its people, Tsangi atanga
      He is going mental ill. Mirai tione kwachikuinda

  6. Save, do you want Bob to just walk away from Sate House and call you to replace him? Street protests will worsen this economy, and even the word you are spreading is scaring away the foreign investors that you clamour for. Or is it that you are deliberately trying to destabilize this economy further, so that by 2018 life will be so difficult for Zimbabweans that they will have no choice but to vote for you. People can see through all those stunts, Morgan. Firstly, you protests message will not be taken seriously by the majority of Zimabweans. Secondly, after the protests fail to achieve whatever you want them to achieve, you are going to emerge a much worse leader than you have ever been. Why don’t tell us what you will do for Zimbabweans if you get into power?

    1. investment was scared decades ago,as long as ZANU is in power don’t expect anything new,except for Chineese rejects,I mean 3decades zero progress

  7. Ah Morgan wakuda kutirovesa mahara. You failed us.

  8. Munodashurwa nejongwe harishayi(black boots)

  9. Now I’m really tired of this tsvangirai guy he just talk and no action.the people want you to lead from the front .we’re fed up with this regime tsvangi act not just talk.

  10. If my friend Tsvangirai understands how democracy works (which I doubt he understands), he should wait for the next elections. Mugabe and Zanu-pf were given the mandate to rule by Zimbabweans through the ballot. If they fail to deliver Zimbabweans will vote in an alternative party to deliver, that is how democracy works. Is this really hard to comprehend? Talk of confrontation defeats the tenets of democracy, you are just seeking relevancy where you are irrelevant.

    1. we surely did not give that withering old man any mandate to install his equally dull wife,and democracy under our current constituion allows for people to be confrontational towards the goverment mostly by protests or demostrations its our right under the new constituiton ..

      1. Idiot you can not even chose your name so that you distinguish yourself as a strong supporter of this goblin cum womanizer by the name Tsvangidongi.

  11. 1500 yakasiyana ne 15 000, reporter stop propin up the goblin.

    1. it was 15000 my friend,taivako,did you not see it mustandard ,vanhu vanounganira president kwete harahwa iya

  12. Tsvangison asuwa media attention
    kuda kungonzi ataura

  13. Zimbabwe nyika yembwende.

  14. Mese muri mbwende dzevanhu

  15. iwe tsvangirai unoda kuuraisa mwana waani?

  16. famba Tsvangirai tiende tasvika hona makudo aya ava kurwaaa vanourayana nhaka

  17. Mr. Tsvangirai never learns – why the continued recklessness!?

  18. Save famabi tiende. Ndiwe wega Morgan wakaisa hwarahwa iya mu corner, kubva tichiwana “oppression” muna 1980. The Morgan i knew is the 1 aipinda mu street, pamberi pechaunga uchiri ku ZCTU. Nomatter what this old dog will try to do inorder to stiffle our demos, totorega nekufa. Dictator ngarichienda iri, hezvo honai rakapa mukadzi waro Doctorate Degree zuro uno, kuti a compete na Mai Mujuru! Grace akatiza Bachelor”s Degree gore riya, nhasi ofuma ava ne Doctorate? PhD? UZ, why did you allow yourselves to be dragged down like this sure wo nhai? Vana Grace vanofanira ku Graduator ku Border Gezi kani avo nxaaaaaaaaa. I hate this ZANU Party with all my heart ini!

  19. I heard Morgan had put on a thinking cap.saka zvinoreva here kuti all this time he wasn’t thinking.I also need that cap .a cap which can make someone intelligent ,latest technology

  20. Street protests is the only way to free ourselves and start building the economy afterwards.The dictator doen’t want free and fair elections.He rigs and claim a win.

    1. Hey Zimbabweans,street protests saving whose interest?Anyone who want street protest should take his own family and start that dangerous act.If you know that you are not trained to protest know that some people are trained to deal with protests in a fashionable way.lets all respect the law of the land not kuda kuurayisa vana vevamwe.Tsvangirai look at what happened in libya,SYRIA IRAG.Vanhu vanzwa ne hondo.Please give people a rest.Dont trust your sopporters Tsvangirai,you could be having a very low support base.To tell you the truth in politics dont trust even your wife for she has a right to vote for someone whom she think could be a better President.Remember the temptations of the secret ballot.Vanhu vanouya ku rally kwenyu can not be enough to warranty your real sopport,ko BITI waimbouyawo kuma rally ako akazodi chenjera kuenda woga ku street dhara.Hondo takaiona inouraya inengozi,Smith was having all what it takes to win any war but was defeated in a shameful act.

  21. Ana Tsvangirai tibvirei kmhepo.Makapedza nguva yevanhu without any strategy in place. Nhasi kaDhara yake kakurovai mavakuti…….Makufunga tii yeMondayka yamainwa namudhara.Kuita basa rekunakirwa netii kwakutokanganwa. Heeeehe Confrontational means, What means?? Makambozvi try zvikaramba wani. Iko kusadharara kudai kuda kshandindisa vanhu imi mchiguta mega. Tibvireipo mashaya zvimwe here? Wait, 2018 is nearearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  22. ma1 aye atanga

  23. @Watosvorwa.You belong to those who are resistant to democratic change.You have a hand in all the violence that was pepetrated on innocent Zimbabweans since year 2000 but you will never kill the spirit of freedom from the people though you have got the licence to kill their flesh.

  24. the hardest way is the only way tsvangison. Siyana nembwende idzo. Totoita hide and seek mustreet imomo. The only man who is standing for democracy is u. Hona mbavha dzotoda kuba nenyaka yacho nokuti vakatopedza zvose zvomudzihofisi.

  25. regai tione .anotamba netsvimbo a nofa netsvimbo.chitungamira urege kukuza vamwe iwe uri kumagero. taura zvinovaka vanhu ndivo vanosarudza. gwaro ra vamugabe haridi hondo. iwe unoda hondo . vosarudza zvipi vanhu ?

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  27. Haa ichi !!!! Vana @Rebbecca makauraisa womoda futi apa ndiani . Economy economy everyday , kusanyara . Woshaiwa madzokero ekuvanhu , angada kuswero mhanya ne street achitadza kushandira mhuri yake ndiani . “Indeginisation ” yakarehwa nasekuru ndiyo irikushanda . Vanhu vese zvapera kuzara nemotor ndiwe urikuvapa mari dzacho here? Zidununu remunhu . Mumwe nemumwe akatenderwa kuita zvinoita kuti ararame ,nasekuru . Kwana iwe tsvangirai

  28. Worsted 4yrs as PM in the GNU with no clue of his executive role but boasted of ‘tea and cake’.Instead of making some meaningful contributions together with his shadow cabinet,now MT sleeps walks the supporters to sure political suicide by way of this confrontational rhetoric.

  29. A bunch of cowards justifying their cowardice.Do u think freedom comes on a silver platter?

  30. Hitler had bootlickers/praisesingers
    Idi Amin had them as well
    And Mugabe is no different.
    But the relief is they all have their day despite how many praisesingers they have.

  31. So it has come to this the old man is even more of a rogue than he ever was how can someone be assesd in a month and given a Phd this is a circus. So he is running the country like a tuckshop its pathetic pamberi neprotest action hapana kudzokera mumashure kajaira kadhara tirikusekwa nedzimwe nyika pamusaka kwemudhara uyu.

  32. Does the constitution say that the president should make decisions in consultation with the ex-prime minister? Tsvangirayi is not part of the governing process, so what dialogue does he need with Mugabe? What does he propose to achieve through demonstrations, besides destabilising this country further? Yes, life is hard in this country, and we do not expect it to change overnight, but is Tsvangirai not making a fool of himself by demanding instant jobs when he knows well that it will take time to undo what corruption has done to our economy, what sanctions have done to our economy. And corruption has been there before he joined government, and he joined government and participated in that corruption, and also he did nothing to reverse the sanctions that he called for. Why does he demand an instant remedy to a sickness he helped create? Some of us are not taking to the streets, but whoever stones my car again (like Morgan’s thugs did in 2003 in Simon Mazorodze Road) will certainly get a nasty fight. I won’t leave it to the police to do it for me, I will do it myself. We are tired of mobs who claim to be fighting for their rights, when actually they are also stealing other people’s rights.

    1. Nyamadzawo Kunaka

      Whoever is willing to obey what MT said will find that MT himself and his family and all MDC ministers and their families will not participate in this senseless proposal… is only meant to scare away investors. MT you called for sanctions to arm twist us to vote you into power…. but we didn’t. Just call off those sanctions.

  33. @machakachaka this shows ur an ignorant fool who cannot tell the difference between a goat and a sheep ur talking about corruption how it has destroyed the country but ur forgetting the overseer of all this is zanu pf.this organisation of fools has outlived its expiry date and this group of monsters has brought untold suffering to the majority of this country.tsvangi is right when he’s calling on the masses to hold the bull by its horn time is up ma zanu we are ready for action

  34. ZANU PF has upset a lot of Zimbabweans who have seen their country go to the dogs in a very short painful time but the anger for the MDC is worse. The MDC gave the people belief in themselves and hope that change was on the cards only to disappoint them big time.I guess while people had given up on ZANU they were left very angry by the MDC..building from this anger is not going to be easy. One way would have been for Tsvangirayi to give one of his colleagues a hand at the wheel…Now to many he is just like Mugabe whose mind is made up he will die on the wheel. Tsvangiryi is showing the same trait and he does not care what anybody thinks, he was born to lead, he believes and ONLY he can do this. After 16 years at the helm of the ZCTU and 15 years at the helm of the MDC do you really see a democrat here? How does this differ to Mugabe’s belief that only he can lead/rule Zimbabwe?

  35. Makuda kudashurisa vana vevanhu manje ,iwe enda kumberi vanhu vatevere ,wakanganwa mbonje dzegore riya

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