MDC-T gears for congress

THE MDC-T yesterday said it was now geared for its congress to be held in the capital between October 31 and November 1, amid financial challenges stemming from mass defections that rocked the opposition party early this year over leadership change.


MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa yesterday confirmed the dates and venue.

“The party congresses will be held on October 31 and November 1 at the City Sports Centre in Harare,” Chamisa said.

The congress, originally set for 2016, had to be brought forward after former deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and secretary-general Tendai Biti launched a massive campaign to push for urgent leadership change following MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s third consecutive defeat by Zanu PF in last year’s harmonised elections.

The campaign reached a crescendo in February this year when Tsvangirai loyalists allegedly turned violent against the change campaign leaders, leading to the formation of a splinter group, MDC Renewal Team, fronted by Biti and Mangoma.

Preparations for the MDC-T congress had, however, been blighted by reports of severe financial challenges stemming from the split with the party’s traditional funders said to have withdrawn their cash, citing uncertainty. ads Ads

Chamisa yesterday said they had secured adequate funding for the congress, despite donors’ withdrawal and government’s failure to release the MDC-T’s financial quota for this year from the Political Parties Finance Act.

“The party has always been funded by its members. Our members know how to sustain the struggle through service and sacrifice, therefore, the issue of budget has not been a major issue,” he added.

He said the women’s and youth wings’ congresses would be held simultaneously with that of the main wing to reduce costs.

Chamisa said Biti, Mangoma and their Renewal Team followers would not be part of this year’s MDC-T congress as they had severed ties with the party.

“We have not invited Zanu PF neither have we invited Biti and his oranges,” he said in reference to the MDC Renewal Team’s official orange colour.
The Renewal Team congress has been tentatively set for March next year.

Chamisa said the MDC-T congress would deal mainly with five issues that are meant to re-orient and restructure the party to deliver in the next general elections.

The party is currently finalising its district congresses before holding the provincial congresses that will lead to the national event at the end of October.

While there is no contest for the party presidency, all other positions are up for grabs with Tsvangirai’s lieutenants already reportedly engaged in fierce campaigns to land key posts.

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  1. “Biti and his oranges’ sounds like a campaign for Biti given our love for oranges.And summer is upon us! Where does Chamisa get these gems? Does he think before saying these things or he is just so lost in these kindergarten recitals?

    1. kkkkkkk …kana Biti achifarirwa nekuti colour yake ndeye orange saka Zanu inofanirwa kuita 100% nekuti coulour yayo ndeye green & pane asingade green including you

      1. Banda is not in The structures of MDC-t the fact tht Thokozani Khupe and Tsvangirai ther borrowered $15000 from Gift Banda and thy r failing to return it thy have to pay thru imposing in Bulawayo.

    2. Chamisa surely whre r u taking MDC-T you set rules and regulations which you dnt follow the constitution is very clear on BANDA and your deputy Abednico Bhebhe starts forming parallel structures in favour of Gift Banda.From look of things Biti is now becaming relevent

    3. young advance nyamucherera

      Aiwe uri kuti biti haana zvaari kuti udza chamisa is corect. Toudzwei nemunhu aka sungirwa kuti wati tsvangirai ahwinha. Akati maelections arikubiwa nhasi oti vatsvangirai vatadza.hazivi zvaanoda comander hamiswe pfuti dziri pakati vakomana. Ito taurayi pamwe zvepfuti not zvamuri kuroto moka bvisai zanu no tsvangirai

    4. People of Bulawayo

      We declare no Bulawayo provincial Congress will be done as long those who do not qualify are impossed

    5. this falcon guy is he normal, is it really about colours,

  2. Why not give the gathering another name than congress..what sort of congress is it if the party president is not contested.??.What is the difference with the ZANU congresses..??

    1. Ko ZPF ndiyo undemocratic benchmark here? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1 time! Mira uone fight dzichamuka ikoko.

  3. Please MDC T,go ahead with your congress&don’t look back.
    Of late,we have read in the STANDARD NEWSPAPER,Mangoma seeking political relevance by lying about quality leadership in Zimbabwe.Mangoma was so insincere as evidenced by his acceptance of being used by Biti to form the so called RENEWAL TEAM which is going nowhere.Right now,the same Mangoma is heavily involved in the ‘RENEWAL TEAM’power struggle with BITI.Both men cheated Zimbabweans in negotiating for GNU which they foolishly tried to disown later,just to topple Tsvangirai as MDC T leader.
    How can MDC T invite such rubbish?
    As for Mugabe,he is going into his ZANU PF congress in December & MDC T has absolutely nothing to do with that. Mugabe himself is not interested in MDC T congress either. We only hope that the MDC T congress will neither be disrupted nor infiltrated.

  4. Hon Paul Madzore
    “Kubehaviour kunge pwere Same same naTombana”

  5. @ falcon go and give your own gathering another do not tell us what to do or say.our president is not to be contested because the people still need him.

    1. Very funny, indeed! If people still need a leader, why not subject him to confirmation by the same people through a vote!?

      Yeah, this MDC-T is just another ZANU (PF) – only that the former has started messing up too early!

  6. I believe in democracy and I believe that all posts should be contested and that makes a political party strong. Hehehe all posts are up for grads except the president is just silly for a party that believes in democracy.

    1. you are to free to contest as well & don’t be so coward

    2. hakusikut haisiku contestwa bt oashaya ano contester tht position

  7. Falcon may enjoy those oranges but the MDC T congress will go ahead without those poisonous oranges. And a congress does not need a contest against the president of the party.MT is still very much loved as leader of the MDC T&why waste time on the obvious?After all it’s well known that whoever wants to contest the MDC T presidency would lose hands down.Even Mugabe himself knows he can’t stand a free&fair election against MT. The MDC T congress does not need to be the same or different from ZANU PF’s congress.The party has nothing in common with ZANU PF.

  8. kkkkk it is just funny that these guys in the MDC continue to show the micky mouse circus in their party…..” Biti and his oranges” ko mareds acho ? kwaaaa

    1. Taura hako, Mbada! One wonders what would have happened if these guys actually got into power. If they were robbed at the elections, it was a blessing in disguise. Mr Tsvangirai has lost credibility, yet he had all the chance to fix the mess by simply saying, “I am human, I messed here and there, but I am still available for leadership, please retain me.” By refusing to be contested, he is simply admitting, he is no longer popular!

  9. how can we chalenge the post which i can see i cant manage,thus why the presidential post in our party is left far so good Morgan is more we salute you Save

  10. If no one is willing 2 contest him, so be it. Viva Morgan.

    1. It’s not a case of no one willing to contest him, but him not willing to be contested. Get it right!


  12. Tsvangirai is a bigger monster than u can imagine, give him power, he gives u hell. if its tru that we the pipo. love him let us endorse him thru a ballot at congress, Kkk if beaten he will say the election was not free n fair, we need electoral reforms,

  13. Zvichapera, ingave ZANU PF, MDC T, MDC N, MDC no name team renewal whatever it is, ur time will come to an end, we dont need democracy in Zimbabwe, there is only one way to settle greediness, acts of corruption that has prevailed in our beloved country heads are going to roll one day. And one day is one day.

  14. young advance nyamucherera

    Kana musina zveku taura nyararai. Uye vari kuda kujoiner ana biti endayi. Hamu fananidze zanu ne mdc. Biti,mangoma,madzore zvavari kuita hazvisi zvitsva. Nguva yehondo kwakava nana nyati vaka tengesa vana pachimoyo. Chamisa mwana mudiki but anoto funga zvine musoro. Nhai ndiku bvunzeyi, mdc ichi umbwa chinangwa chaive chei? So mungati pfuti dziri pakati moti comander ibva. So mdc yakaumbwa kuchinja hutongi hwezanu. Zanu yabva here iwe biti? Nevamwe vako. Hatisi madofo hukuru hwamuri kuda chete. Kana muri kuda shanduko chatadzisa kuti muronge muri pamwe chiii? Iwe biti hauna kusungwa here wati tsvangirai ahwina? And this tim uka buda uchiti tabirwa. Uri kuda kuti tsvangirai aite sei. Ndaiti ucha taura kuti vanhu vezimbabwe tibatane tirwira mavotes edu makuti tsvangirai ibva. Hondo ino rwiwa nemunhu one? Zanu yakaita makore mangani iri musango kuti mabhunu abve? Hoyoyi hapana kwamuri kuenda vatsvangira endai mberi tisununguke ndatenda

    1. Naivo VaTsvangirai vako vakadzoka kumusha vaona hondo yakaoma! Dont start what you cant end – siyana nekushevedza vamwe kuti vatengesi. That’s ZANU (PF) language – anyone who disagrees with them mutengesi!


    2. Biti anga ari bhoo asati a kurwara

  15. young advance nyamucherera

    Isu taka firwa tika ponderwa hama dzedu.advance takanomu viga kuguruve newe madzore. Fungai kaviri zano ramunaro iroro isai pamwe kwete kurwisana. Maelections ari kubiwa pachena so why kuda kupopotera vatsvangirayi. Kutosara bato renyu kana riri kusa zvepfuti moita hondo yes mucha wana vatsigiri. Ndopanga siyana nava tsvangirai. Vatsvangirai vakati we need peace not pfuti zanu pf ikatiwo manje penzura haitore nyika kana muka hwinha hamutongi. Biti wane pfuti here tiuye ikoko or uri kuda zvepenzura. Itai muchi kura atsvangirai ngavato ramba varipo or vobviswa kucongress. Hondo iri pakati vakomana hai bviswe comander. Tongo gara chitepo nevamwe vakatofira musango.

    1. Iwe ndiwe munhu akazvidhakirwa zvake, iwe! Uri kuti kudii chaizvo!?

    2. Hauna nyaya iwe. Hapana difference iwe neveZanu.

  16. ndezvenyu izvo natsavngirai wenyu,tomuita rough 2018

  17. young advance nyamucherera

    I suport u truely congress ngaiitwe. Musa vhundu tsirwa kana kutarira shure. Biti neteam yake vamubhazi rezanu. Ngava ende havo chamisa simba nebato mira wakadaro. Vatsvangirai hapana kwamuri kuenda tisina kubvisa zanu. Zanu ikabva kana muka tonga one month moti ndaku enda its oky our comander

  18. Some Tsvangirai enemies pretend to be democrats just because they want to discredit the man.
    No one was denied a chance to contest the MDC T presidency. It is just foolish for his enemies to think that contesting Tsvangirai is democracy hoping that he may lose. Vamwe ndivo vanoda tuita Tsvangirai rough 2018,but they have no solution to our economic problems.Hapana rough kuna Tsvangirai asi ku mhuri yeZimbabwe,vose ZANU,MDC T,MDC N etc. We will all of us suffer equally the same.

    1. Ko, kana zvichinzi the presidency is not to be contested zvinorevei? Zvinoreva here kuti hapana akafanana naVaTsvangirai kana kuti VaMugabe? Unobva watoshaya kuti tinombozvifambisa sei.

    2. Waverenga story iyo here kana kuti you are just commenting usina kuverenga

  19. Tsvangirai “shared executive powers with Mugabe during the subsistence of the GNU” only on paper. What were MDCs hoping to achieve by going into a coalition with a ZanuPF military dictatorship? I do not see the difference between MDCs and ZanuPF at the moment except the party names. If people form a political party (MDCs) they are putting themselves forward as an alternative to the incumbent administration (ZanuPF) and the moment the new party’s policies rhyme or resonate or coincide with those of the incumbent administration to the point of forming a coalition then there is no point in continuing to live as a separate political party like what the MDCs have done. When people form a party they should make sure their policies and those of the other parties do not at any point rhyme or resonate or coincide otherwise it leaves the voters with no alternative and leads to voter apathy. People say why risk life and limb to vote for MDC when they are going to form another coalition and leave us in a lurch while they enjoy their cabinet positions? There is no such thing as “common national interests” in politics. There shouldn’t be. Those who talk of “common national interests” are crooks trying to set the agenda and dominate others. Victims of political violence in 2008 are still picking up the pieces of their shattered lives while politicians like Tsvangirai are ensconced in new houses in Highlands without a care in the world and making preparations for yet another coalition with ZanuPF.

    1. Very touching and well argued.

  20. The interest generated by an MDC-T article, considering the number of comments tells a story longer the one word/paragraph comments we are penning.

  21. we are tired of people saying mdc t is another zanu why if we take it like that then every another party is zanu ,the truth is after independence most people were zanu and zapu respectively ,until zapu joined zanu and there was no more zapu and mdc was born after zimbabweans had no one to turn to because government did not listen to anyone who did not shout zanu slogans hence the decay so where is the marriage between mdct and zanu pf ,there are small parties which mushroom during election time those are puppets of zanu

    1. Zvinorambidzwa here kuva nema mushroom parties towards elections? So if a party mushrooms towards elections it follows that yava a puppet of Zanu?

  22. Iwe Eramunah and Falcon dont act as if you did not go to school machinda.Saying the president is not contested is not the same as saying the presidency is not contestable.The former means that nobody is willing to contest the post of the president while the latter is used to indicate tha nobody is allowed to contest.In the case of the MDC-T anybody is allowed to contest for any post.It is not like in zanu pf where they say the presidency is not vacant,nobody else can contest.

  23. Mhofu chaiyo ndiwe unotodhunya. Hapana sense yauri kumbotaurawo kusara kewkungoita oppose.
    Urikuda kuti chii??????????

  24. Why tell us the obvious. How can ZANU PF be invited to an MDC congress or the other way round.

  25. Writer of this article you are misleading readers.Why didn’t you specify who in MDC said the position of the president is not going to be contested?There is a difference between not being allowed to contest and failing to find a contestant? Please try to put your facts proper and not try to please those who are againest change.

  26. hallucinating is natural let those who are against Morgan hallucinate millions of his followers love him and will continue to do so

  27. Ndinovimba maOrange anaBiti haasi anonzi Orange Tonga(from Brighton Matonga farm) kwai rinovava kungegavaka

  28. Nhai ma comrades zvino mukatanga kutukana kana Congress yacho ingaitwa here? Hero basa ma Securocrats, calculate the number of forces required for the MDC Congress!!Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1 time!

  29. Hameno zvenyu mese 2018 muchatongwa na chatunga

  30. guyz kana tisingazive kwatakabva naDR Tsvangirai madi manyarara nhai ka isu toziva kwatikubva nekwatikuenda TIRIPARWENDO NASAVE zvevatengesiavo nevarume avo vakabuda vachiti ndivo MDC T tinoti pasi navo bwaaaaaa Congress tikutoida ngaitwe

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