MDC-T condemns demolitions

THE main opposition MDC-T has condemned the demolitions of so-called illegal housing structures in Epworth and other parts of Greater Harare, describing them as an inhuman act.


“The MDC condemns the on-going demolition of people’s homes and other property in Chitungwiza in blatant violation of the Constitution. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the dormitory town by the Zanu PF government, leaving thousands of people homeless when the Constitution clearly identifies shelter as a basic human right,” the MDC-T said in a statement yesterday.

“A true people’s government protects people’s rights and does not violate the same rights it is supposed to protect in line with the country’s Constitution. The new Constitution is very explicit that homes and property cannot be demolished in the absence of a court order.”

The party said its councillors in Chitungwiza and Epworth did not condone the demolitions.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) yesterday filed an urgent High Court chamber application to stop the demolition.

ZLHR representative Tonderai Bhatasara told NewsDay that the sought-after interdict was targeting the Epworth Local Board, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi and Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana.

“We are seeking an interdict so that they are stopped from evicting people from the area,” Bhatasara said.

“These people [respondents] do not have a court order and that is arbitrary evictions. People’s homes are being demolished without notice, people are being injured, the sick are sleeping in the open,” he said.

“We are discending into lawlessness where police and other bodies collude to violate the rights of people,” he added.

Police last Friday fought running battles with residents when the demolitions started in Epworth and Chitungwiza, leaving several residents homeless.

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  2. shuto wekwakatsvete

    haungovaki pamunoda munyika kana pamuchatongawo wakatendera vanhu kuita zvavanoda hautongi hamayangu . Pane akaputsirwa akavaka zviripamutemo here ? Kana kumusha unotoona sabhuku wani

  3. That’s double speak by the MDC-T, it’s councillors are the ones running these places. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Saying it’s councillors do not support the demolitions when they are the ones who passed a resolution to carry out the same is utter dishonest by the MDC-T.

  4. Is the MDC-T saying they’ll let people where they want? This is not a ZANU thing, people should not just build where they want. We need some semblance of order. There are rural areas that are more orderly than some areas in Chitungwiza. In some parts of Seke Unit ‘C’ people are just building whereever they want. They can’t even access their houses by road! Just a footpath leading to the house.

    1. Your _Uss shit

  5. Imi vanhu munondishamisa. Kashoma kuti imba ivakwe usiku zvakare imba haivakirwe mumba. Imba inovakirwa pachena masikati machena. Ko sei ma terrorists aya (zpf govt) asingamise vanhu pavanongo tanga kuchera ma foundation edzimba dzacho? Tinotaura zve development asi tinoputsa zvivakwa. Shame on us.

  6. As an urban dweller the onus is also on you not to just build anywhere. Why would you just start building without the following the necessary procedures? Why should you cry now saying, ‘why didn’t they stop me before i’d finished?’ DON’T JUST BUILD ANYWHERE, PERIOD.

  7. @peter. Bullshit. Do we still have anything proper in this former British colony?

  8. @peter. Bullsh*t. Do we still have anything proper in this former British colony? You suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Son of an idiot.

  9. Nhaiwe Peter, pawapedzisira uchiti PERIOD handina kupanzwisisa. Asi uri kuma periods?

  10. Vamwe vanhu pfungwa hadzitoshandi chaizvo mademhe asina chinhu mumusoro. Yamunoti proper procedure iriko ndeipi iyoyo ichiiri in existence. Ukaenda ku council uchida stand unonzi haako nw or panodiwa yedrink. Ariko muvanhu are not even affordable musada kuhumana do u thnk pane anongomuka oti ndakuvaka nhasi mangwana yomuka yapera. Hapana imba inovakiwa overnight. Are u telling me kuti dzimba dzese idzi dzanga dzisina mvura nemagetsi here

  11. Its not abt kungovàkira paunoda apa. Munhu akapihwa pekuvakira anovakira ipapo bt kana asingappihwe oita sei? Ongoramba akachenama akamirira kupihwa sekumirira kwaakaita 2million jobs here. Maya angafa nechando or nemvura akangomirira soo

  12. Prosper Chinamhora

    @Moses Matenga, MDC-T is not the main opposition party in Zimbabwe but was. It no longer commands the same blind support it used to have. Gone are the days.

  13. the party cöndemed demolition, bt its councilors ddnt condem the demolition, so who s the party? So!

  14. Both MDC T and Zanu PF councillors profited from selling these illegal stands in Chitungwiza esp. You don’t become less a thief because you have been outmanuvoured.

  15. Let us put emotions aside and look at the hard facts. There is legislation that governs development in urban areas, was this piece of legislation contravened? If ”yes”, then there are procedures to be followed in order to regularize the illegal activity. Demolition is also part of correcting the anomaly especially if the development is not in accordance with the master plan of that local authority. What these lawyers who have approached the high court are trying to do is to promote impunity. We are a country governed by laws. Any authorised development should be in accordance with The Model Building By Laws, which require, among other things, submission of building plans- were any plans submitted to the LA for approval? If ”no”, then the development is illegal and must go.

  16. you guys l think you are missing something here don’t fool yourselves there is always a political hand that shield these innocent souls during contraction of these houses. That’s what ZIMaset says come 2017/2017 till 2018 you and me will even see these structures in first street and destruction will start after the 2018 elections. So pliz dont blame these poor souls varikutodawo pekugara vanenge vatototengeserwa nzvimbo idzo chero muna first street vachabhadhara vavovaka during compaigning period.

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