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Maneni on third album


MUSICIAN Jennifer Maneni has announced that she will be releasing her third album this October.


Produced by Blessing Mchenga, the album will carry nine tracks that, according to the singer, will tell the real story of who Jennifer is.

“I am not a diva, but a songstress and that is what my music will be saying. The tracks were eight in total, but we have added a bonus track Hamunyari that castigates the abuse of the girl child and women through issues like rape,” she said.

The album comes after her debut Handimbomira Kunamata which carried tracks like Ndoita Sei (Musango Muneshumba) and the second Total Recovery that carried the tracks Umire Papi (Tsotso Muzhira) and Tatenda.

On the forthcoming album, the musician played the acoustic guitar on some tracks, while she also played hosho and other percussions.

“This album will be different as I have tried to make every song appeal to different people. There is a song that has a ‘Vapostori’ feel, Buruka Mweya waShe, backed by Witnesses of Jesus, with two tracks Tivhenekere and Yahweh, being backed by Joyful Choir,” she said.

“There is also some Afro-jazz on Dana Denga and Anokurwira, while You Raise Me Up has a Pasada feel and Ndabvuma feels more like a South African beat.”

The artiste, who has studied marketing and interior decor, said she was now running a bridal wear business at her brother’s house in Glen View.

“I am still working on what is required for me to open a shop in the central business district,” she said.

Before pursuing a solo career, the musician had a colourful career as a session artiste backing different singers like Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and Ray Chakanyuka.

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