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Makandiwa prophesies bloodshed


UNITED Family International Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has predicted turmoil in the country and pleaded with the nation to pray to avoid the prophesied bloodshed.


During his Tuesday night sermon, part of it posted on the church website, Makandiwa said he had seen something which was “not good”.

“I can see something, it’s not something good. But the way l see it, I gave you the exact month and said can it be pushed or not?

“What is it that we had to pray against? From the physical, some will say it’s a nice thing, but spiritually, you see the aftermath, the consequence. lt was like thousands entering into a field. These people were like farmers, all of them carrying seeds, they started planting them and as they planted the seeds, the seeds were very good, but they were planting them in the wrong seasons, it was not the time,” Makandiwa said.

“The seeds were scattered everywhere, but the time was wrong, God said though the seed may be good, the timing was wrong.”

“l tried to warn the people that’s when the owner of the field said you can’t plant in my field, but the people never listened. That’s when I then saw bees practically walking on foot and the bees were biting these people and the people were now crying, after the noise there were other bees which heard the crying and these ones came in flying. After that, the bees started attacking each other.”

In the prophecy, Makandiwa said the bees had been sent to restore order.

“It’s their responsibility to stop the disorder as bees and the farmers were crying out for help from the other bees and these bees were biting both other bees and the same people crying. I prayed for the meaning.

“I saw some of the rivers we have here in Zimbabwe, some turned into blood. I got into the fields and I saw blood spots on the walls and in the fields. This is a spiritual thing, not a physical one,” he said.

Makandiwa said the country only needed prayer now, not people talking, adding that the hand of God was closer to help the people of Zimbabwe.

“Where we are now as a nation, the most effective instrument that can see us through is prayer.

“But the things are going to be well in Zimbabwe, the hand of God is too close to our nation. If you tell people that things are going to be well they think it’s only motivational speaking, but l only say it because l have seen it.

“There are so many nations that we admire, but when they look at us they admire us more than we do.

“There are two things that make us unique: our culture, and peace.

“Let’s be careful to delay our own celebration. This thing is spiritual, it is up to you to obey or disobey the prophetic. When God is about to do something, be careful.”

After reading of the Word, he said: “There were supposed to be patient for the right king to come who was David.

“l will never want to be a politician, l have no intention and it needs so much grace thereof, Rom 13:4 says he is a minister of God. If something is already being corrected, be very, very careful. Less talking, more prayer, whoever is going to come in no matter how perfect, she/he will not be of any help. Let’s have a person that we are ready to pray for.

“I saw some blood stains on the streets and walls, God said maybe we can push it, but these are thousands in the fields. The seeds may be right, but the time is wrong, when the field gets defended it’s now just a small spark that can start huge uncontrollable fires . . . Let’s pray for our nation.”

His prophesy was, however, met with mixed reactions yesterday with some observers saying it related to the ruling Zanu PF succession politics while others viewed it as a warning against mass demonstrations being planned by the main opposition MDC-T.

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