Kick out remaining whites — Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said Zimbabweans should get rid of British remnants in the farming areas.


Speaking at the installation of Chiefs Alfred Tome Beperere and Johannes Kanyoka Chidziva of Zvimba at Murombedzi growth point, Mugabe said traditional leaders should not worry about land shortage as the country had enough, only if they kick out the remaining white farmers in the country.

“Chief Zvimba, musatye nzvimbo iripo (don’t be afraid, the land is abundant). We still have some of us who are hiding white farmers in the name of contract farming. Those ones, we will remove them,” he said.

“The land is ours. The British who are here should all go back to England,” Mugabe said.

He warned black farmers against harbouring whites in the name of contract farming, saying it was a “dangerous arrangement”.

“Don’t enter into contract farming with whites. It’s a dangerous, dangerous arrangement that we don’t want,” Mugabe warned.

Turning to the installation of traditional chiefs, Mugabe pleaded with Chiefs Beperere and Chidziva to unite their people as the chieftainship was laced with fights.

Mugabe, who is part of the Beperere and Chidziva clans that were fighting for the throne, conceded that that there were so many fights among members, with some going to the extent of seeking the legal route.

He urged the chiefs who were installed to work together to bring unity among the villagers and members from both families.

Due to the feud that went on for more than a decade, the families agreed to enter into a truce where two chiefs, all coming from Chief Zvimba, were installed.

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  1. Ok.
    If the whitemen stays out, are they not the sanctions that you claim are brought in by the Mdc?
    Follish double crosser.

    1. Does he mean white people in Zimbabwe who are British citizens or all white people in Zimbabwe – even those who are multi-generatoinal Zimbabwean-born Zimbabwean citizens and have Zimbabwean passports, ID’s and DL’s etc.

      I never face racism in my day to day life, my friends and co-workers are from alot of different races – I’m surprised that people are still saying and thinking things like this.

      I though land reform was over and done with anyway? There are barely any white farmers left! Most of them are gone.

    2. Does he mean w-hite people in Zimb-abwe who are Briti-sh citizens or all wh-ite people in Zimbab-we – even those who are multi-generatoinal Zimb-abwean-born Zi-mbabwean citizens and have Zimbab-wean pas-sports, ID’s and DL’s etc.

      I never face racism in my day to day life, my friends and co-workers are from alot of different rac-es – I’m surprised that people are still saying and thinking things like this.

      I though land reform was over and done with anyway? There are barely any whi-te fa-rmers left! Most of them are gone.

      1. The white person lover

        True that my bro….this is racism..I don’t like this…if u are Zimbabwean you are Zimbabwean …the color of the skin don’t matter….nxaaa….I am black and I love them whites,Indians, Asians …every1…….shameful president

      2. “…It’s a dangerous, dangerous arrangement that we don’t want…”

    3. VaMugabe the Greatest Afrikan Statesman- we adore you sir

      1. Your ignorance shows in your comment, your intellect is reflected in your spelling.

      2. are you serious?

  2. Nonsense kick the Chinese out instead . There are killing our industries and turning our young people into Vendors of their junk.

  3. Do we still have a President or what? With such insane rumblings we expect the economy to improve? Is it advanced age?

    1. Zvinenge zvave mumusoro manje.!!!! Ko hama dzedu dzose dziri kuna ana Britain ,Australia, Canada, Spain ,Ukraine etc dzikanhanyiswawo munoita sei nhai vakuru. Kungoti chete varungu woko havapengi sezvatave kuita.

  4. Crazy man leading the banana republic. There aren’t any crazier than this. A crazy audience also. Hahahaha!!!

  5. The man is too old, he was too old for that position he is holding 10years ago, he does not have constructive messages.Hanzi hee ndoachatimiririra 2018, damn it you must be using cocaine when you endorse someone like this.Regai azorore he is racist, imharadzi for our future

  6. You curse another race while ride,wear, talk over that race’s ideas, Mugabe give the whitemen all his belongings anything to do with his invention, your underwear,vest,shirt,glasses,shirt, suit and the Benz you ride and then show you really don’t like Europeans or the Whitemen so to say.

  7. It really makes sad reading dzichimo here kanakuti dzakatamba nepwere? Who owes vast tracks whites or Mugabe and company?

    1. At least the whites loved their land and looked after it well.

      1. Their land, you’re full of kaka the hell lot of you

  8. selfishness at its best, this guy is so trapped in the past no wonder why he can’t even plan the future of his own party

    1. Bob Marley sang: Know where you coming from, then sure you know where you’re going

  9. Iro idama Gushungo.Mabhunu yakasara ngayaende kwayene.Only to stay here with work permits just as they treat us kwavo.The issue is about ownership of zim.Ndeyedu and not theirs.Thats what God gave us.Vatengesi mese be warned against such nekuda tenaka.Kucha kunya nekuteta nzara.Never ever.

    1. Sure, RHODHIE remnants out pronto! Unrepentant racists

      1. I think you are racist mwanagu! Learn to live in a world full of harmony and cast out your racist spirits. Learn to love your neighbors as you love yourself. Remember what they have given us. If they hadnt of come to this land you would not be wearing the clothes you are wearing, or had the education you recieved or had the device you are using to type your racist messages. And if we didnt have all these things where would we be? Have you not seen what has happened to our land since land reform? It has plunged into ruin because our people are greedy. Please learn to realise your blessings and be greatful.

  10. kudahasnoknikkers

    This old man is surely snorting and injecting some potent illicit substances. Rather than telling people about what happened to the money he was going to get from the Chinese and what a tit he made of himself he rambles on about kicking out Whites. From which land? Who owns most of Zimbabwe’s peime land? Is it not Him and his Boot lickers?And what have then done with the land since acquiring it? The GMB is still empty and we still importing and getting donations of grain from China.

    someone please shut him up or shoot him which ever comes first

  11. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! And let’s go further and not ask the whites to remove sanctions. Letz ask them not to come as tourists to Zimbabwe. No aid from them no no no we don’t want investments from them and when Ebola finally lands in Zimbabwe and starts devastating people we don’t want their white medicines. What a visionary freedom fighter par excellence.

    1. Whites are evil PERIOD!

      1. @thandigee – You are so oblivious and ignorant, NO ONE IS BORN RACIST! You stupid idiot, I hope you and Mugabe get tortured

  12. Zimbabwe is a agricultural country. For us to improve the state of our economy we really need these whites. I don’t understand our President he continues to paint bad image on the few remaining white farmers something that is going to fuel more farm invasions and robbery. The biggest problem of my our country is Mugabe. KwaZvimba he is creating factions among the chiefs in Zanu pf he is doing the same. We tired of this old man without vision.

  13. Reverse racism.

  14. Baba vedu vachiri right here ava?

  15. apa myudhara bob wakurasika. Where are his advisors? Ngavasamusiye achirasika zvakadai. Zvakuenderera manje

  16. kutaura semwana mucheche so

  17. Kick ne size 12 chaiyo inesimbi kumberi those bastards.

    1. Yes kick them hard out out out

      1. same mould,is the problem here about whites or what, during there time we never suffered
        this way industries were working well then came looters, who are not ashemed, they are clueless ,no focus about the future of once honey and gold land, now they are busy talking about zim asset what of an animal is that without head or tail?

  18. The word racist applies to everyone black or white. Some people believe that it is only suitable to describe racist whites only. The reality on the ground is Mugabe is now the worst racist in the world.

  19. this old man is trying to hide his failer to run the state

    1. Oh please be quiet

  20. This man is too old to be @ e Parliament,so we need sum1 to cum n change e rulling system.If sum1 is tired he/she need 2 rest thats what Mugabe needs

  21. mazeru mandirahwe

    saka ku MaChina kwemakadzoka musina chinhu vanhu vatema here?

  22. Mugabe imhengeramumba asi kwete yoga as nerimwe nyin’inya iron codza tii.Harina kana nechipeneti chokubatisa bhurukwa rizere ndove. Iwe kana uchienda Brits une investment IPI Yauri kuenda nayo kana kuti Uri kutoenda kunopemha. Kupemha ikoko kunopedzwa nevarungu vanoziva kokuisa musoro mumapurazi. Toziva inhamo inokupa kutadza Kuziva zvekuita nechikoro chishoma. Fungai abiyedu.

    1. Haiwawo

  23. Aahh….White people again………

    Dont blame others look at yourself…….you and only you messed up this Country…….that is why you are so shy……coz the White Man gave you a Gem and You Mr President took us down with you…….


  24. You have just developed ruvengo naBob,kasi hapasisina zvamemuita mdra.Temutsigira.You man,you are many when talking shit on this web but pa ground izanu chete chete.Beware of size 12 on the way.

    1. do you have kids?

    2. Ana Codza sapoti ini yaunotaura iwe hake punha..ka pear power kadzitateguru aka…kkk..ramba wakatarisa chiringa zuva chete..kkk

  25. Codza tii, you are a brain washed idiot. Just shut up. Musoro wakazara kuuraya, stupid

  26. This is just a tired old man talking. From being such a respected intelligent man, he has become the laughing stock of Africa. This has to be the most racist human being alive, infact he makes apartheid look like childs play. I pray for the ppl of Zimbabwe because they are being punished for.something they have no control over. What a very selfish man. Its a great pity that as crazy as he is, he still has followers who actually believe his crap.

  27. Nguva dziri kuti 3mins to.

  28. ROBERT GABRIAL AND GRACE, very British I would say and colonial. I am starting to see why Bob has so much anger and hatred for the Brits ” actually whites in general “.
    The reason is this: You love and speak English in a very British manner and by your own admission you are very British
    You dress in a very British way
    You live in a very British way
    You eat in a very British way
    You shop in a very British way ie Harrods when you could.
    etc, etc.

    So why all the hatred and anger ???, there must be something they have that you don’t have!!!
    It seems to me it’s a colour issue, and that is you believe deep down God dealt you with a bad hand
    and born you with a black skin like the rest of us, that’s what it really is isn’t it?
    Now that you have milked the colonial ” white udder to death” you squeal the racist card until death do we part.
    The hatred , anger and racism that you harbour at this stage in your life, is the root cause of Zimbabwe’s failure ie from the jewel of Africa to the Dustbin of Africa.

    1. Excellent words Ronaldos and all true. I don’t even see Thandigee replying to this. Black or white it’s all about corruption. If Mugabe and his sidekicks seriously want to help help their people, surely he would of achieved this by now. No he’s happy getting kickbacks and suppressing by force and intimidation his views on your own people. Are they so blinkered to see that there has been no change since he has been in power. Worried about the whites, you have more to worry about the Chinese. Selling contracts to the çhinese , who send a labour force to work. This is one way of reducing China population, and when your beloved Zimbabwe can’t pay it’s way who will own it, not white or Black but Chinese. How big will your begging bowl be.???

    2. I agree with to a great extent, Mugabe has made himself wilfully blind, the white farmers that you kicked out were feeding the nation (FACT), your land reform program (if we can dignify it by calling it that), has utterly failed. You are hiding (as the Shona would say) behind your finger. If I were you I would wake up and stop this mindless ranting and prepare to meet my Maker gracefully.

  29. Codza tii musoro wakazara ndove Koala Estate ndeyani? It belongs to your minister of local government being leased to those white farmers whom the likes of you and old master are haunting day and night,think dont use your head for head gear purpose only

  30. This is too much, i think if we Zimbabweans don’t do something about this mad man and his illogical regime we all will be to blame by our posterity for having been complicity. We all know the country is taking on a wrong trajectory and this brutal, senseless regime can only understand the language of force for it to vacate office. Zimbabweans of all persuasions black and white,ndebele and shona, that tribe and this tribe women and children we can’t keep on being hoodwinked by this clueless regime the time has come to arm ourselves and fight to the bitter end for a true liberation to our people. If Syrians, Iraqis, Tunisians etc put their countries first why not us. We have friends who are ready to provide arms once there is a dedicated organisation ready to take on the challenge militarily. To think there will be a biblical miracle that’s going to see us waking up to a reformed Zimbabwe is day dreaming. We are our own liberators or captors. MDC has failed us spectacularly and truly we are on our own. We can’t keep on listening to this mad man and hope for the best from God without ourselves putting the shoulder to the wheel. Zanupf needs to be dislodged by force and the sooner we realise that the better. Forget about the academics these have been a constant negative force to our momentum for true emancipation. We need patriotic simple men and women who understand the gravity of our current situation and what it spells to our future generations. If it’s taking Julius Malema to change the face of south african politics it should seriously inspire us to realise we don’t need professors to free ourselves from the zanupf bondage. They can be part of our struggle as ordinary patriotic citizens. It’s time ladies and gentlemen to move from our false comfort zones and do something. 2019 elections won’t bring any change neither does Mugabe’s death is a gaurantee of our freedom. The rot is so deep and entrenched to think it’s going to correct itself through democratic means. Kwaedza Zimbabweans kusile lets all unite and fight and become once again a leading beacon of hope for the continent. Ichooo

  31. There was never an unjust land appropriation by whites. Before 1890 there was no nation-state: different tribes lived in small different village clusters. The locals did not need any land before 1890. WHY DID THEY NEED LAND FOR WHEN THEY HAD NO IMPLEMENTS TO DO ANY FARMING? The GEJO (ox-drawn plough) was brought by the white man. There might have been one hand-hoe in a village which was shared by the whole village. Hand-hoes (MAPADZA) were very very hard to come by. How much can you till or plough with a back-breaking hand-hoe? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. Whites owned large tracts because they had the unique skills to do serious commercial farming and the money to do farming. All black people were poor and could not afford to build houses of their own let alone have money to do farming. Before 1890 there was no factory to make FERTILISER or IRRIGATION PIPES or HOSEPIPES and no RUNNING WATER so why would they have needed any land for? Senseless. It was the whites who brought about the concept of land ownership. We should be thanking the whites for opening our eyes. It was the whites who set out the large borders with big farms. The idea that before 1890 people owned fertile land does not stack up. Fertile land to do what with one BADZA?
    I defy anyone to tell me why the local people needed fertile at all before 1890 when they only had one BADZA per village and how much you can till with a BADZA. Bear in mind the GEJO was brought by the whites.

    1. I could not agree more . You have a fine understanding of the local zim people.

    2. never underestimate the importance of land

  32. l am his minister but l did not know the old man can get lost to such as extent . thats pure racism . l will advice him to withdraw his statement l am sure he is not aware our people are suffering.

  33. You cannot stand in the middle of a jungle and say all this is mine without setting up any boundaries. This something which we NOW know. Before 1890 the people did not set out boundaries because there was no such thing as land ownership or ownership of a river or ownership of a tree or ownership of a hill. The only ownership was of the house, ownership of the wife or wives and family and the domestic animals not of endless land stretching as far as the eye could see. Landownership never came into the equation at the time. It only became a problem when people were told by the whites to live at X and not move to Y. Once you have set your boundaries you can show all late comers where the boundaries are and they will either respect your boundaries or threaten you and destroy your boundaries. At least you have boundaries. Before 1890 there were no boundaries.

    1. U are wrong. Damn wrong. Ownership was the and Lobengula had to be tricked into signing a document he did not understand so that the white man would assume ownership of the land. Your argument that if l possess something and Iam not using it then it should be taken away from me can’t be taken seriously. If you go to England and find an idle piece of land can you say its now yours because they were not using it?

  34. Asi apa Bob ariright. Isn’t it want they do with all foreigners in UK and America and rest of Europe? Do you know there are huge detention centers holding foreigners in western countries telling non whites to go back to their country. People having their visas or ILR revoked. It’s ok then for the West to carry on with racism on a huge scale and when Mugabe does the same on a minor scale aipa. Google ‘Yarlswood’ detention center and see how huge that place is detaining people from India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, whole of Latin America and Africa with children and deporting them with only clothes on their backs. People are dying in there, literally . so stop wearing blinkers like a race horse and pounce on Mugabe it’s only fair!!!

    @Muson you are mad you need to be sectioned. The Africans did not need land? Really??? So why did they build their palaces and ruled the land before the whites came and said oh Great Zimbabwe and Egypt could not have been built by Africans . Stealing is your way isn’t it. One badza per village? you saw this with your own eyes huh? Plough was not brought in by whites they were ploughing long before thieving Livingstone arrived ok? Fertiliser? Ever heard of organic farming . or you feed only on processed food full of chemicals. The West will be at its knees without Africa, go to your supermarket food is imported from Africa and the Caribbean. Do you have banana trees to feed the Estate masses here and the gold diamond and platinum you like to buy comes from Africa. Do your research and stop chatting foolishness . With mentality like yours no wonder Mugabe kicked people out. You cannot cry when you acquire land without a deed and it’s taken back by the rightful owner? Why are you people so worried about what Mugabe is doing if you don’t like it you can lump it!!! The whites threw out the indigenous people from their fertile land and put up boundaries in a land that wasn’t their’s to own? You want a medal for that? I won’t sympathise with nonsense like this. Let Mugabe proceed then after hearing from you. Do your research bharanzi. Asvotwa ngaafe!
    @ Chombo taakuburitsai basa mono seeker asylum kuUK manje. Racism yamurikutaura ipiko yakazara in the west bvunza varimumabasa ikoko kuwest unzwe its in your face daily. go ikoko tione but you have to obtain a visa which is a blatant way to discriminate people who are not white clearly. Isn’t that racism but ivo vanouya kuAfrica vasina Visa. Kana kuti uriko ikoko already and you know what I’m talking about. Variko vakadziidza vanoti racism is rife manje ikoko nemubhora mese but when Mugabe steps up hanzi he is racist hee-de!
    @ Mills do not pray for us we don’t pray to your white Jesus. You talk about apartheid as child’s play have you no idea what happened there. You are a bigger racist. Maybe Jacob Zuma and his gvt should reconsider their land ownership . Most whites wish they could go back to Zimbabwe to the big mansion and farm they used to have now they are living in run down council estates in UK their fatherland. The West is not what it’s all cracked up to be poverty iriko.

  35. black vs black is nothing

  36. Gentleman l will not rattle about who owns what size of land, black or white. This is because we have blacks who are non-Zimbabweans owning vast tracts of land. So it not about whites only. Secondaly l leave close to former commercial farms and what l see being done buffles the mind. Productivity has gone down to -20% its capacity. Some of these farms are now leased to whites coz our brothers failed. I have travelled along Hre- Mazowe rd, Concession, Mvurwi, Acturus, Shamva, Marondera Macheke areas and what l saw is a reciepe for disaster. Vast tracts of non- utilised lands or under utilised lands. Apa magaka apa mavegs apa nyemba/ nyimo. Haaa. Those who are now commercial farmers vorima cabbages ,tomatoes nemabroilers. Prime land here varume? With this you see that we have pple who do not understand agro- ecological regions so as to produce the right crops there. Only if there was a way to establish a genuine land audit commission non- biased iri non partisan iri pro- agric- revival , the president will be shocked at the land not being utilised. Some of the lands now have tress grown as if paisamborimwa. Note that the areas l have mentioned are among the region called “THE BREAD BASKET OF ZIMBABWE”. If productivity in these areas is optimised we will never cry. Lets first make sure kuti land yatakatora is fully utilised before we say anything. Mr president l appeal to you set up a commission of professionals to audit land utilisation. With your consent your excellence, the former governor of the reserve bank acquired and distributed agro equipment like never before even in the whiteman’s regime. But with all this we have nothing to show. Zvinondirwadza. I am a graduate of agric who took this noble profession hoping to help my country to be self sufficient. I knew land reform will come so when the then prime minister now president of our country said back to school all who desire, at 20 yrs in May 1980 l went back to grade seven and graduated as an agronomist in 1991. Today l do not even have land to show the investment my country did in me, while those who do not have the technical know- how have been allocated land. Now they do not know what to do with the vast tracts of land. Your excellence, you speak right on black zimbabweans owning their resources but from the onset your MPs and Ministers responsible for this have misled and lied to you. Nomatter how good and intelligent you are as a leader in any area, if you have bad, untrustworthy messengers you will always be labelled a failure. Ndiri kudawo land ndiratidze kuti muchena handiye anogona chete. Give me one pane dam and l will prove you that black is beautiful. We need fultime resident, commercial farmers. Farming in Zimbabwe is never part time coz it is the backbone of our economy. For zimbabwe to tick we need remedy for the back bone. Leave reply here kana pane purazi randingawana. By the way l am non political and do not aspire t be one but am a humble citizen who wants to see my country go forward “CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY”

  37. Where is his econonics degree,our President.If white farmers have the capital,and the expertise,and can farm (but not own) all the land in Zimbabwe,does that not boost the economy of the country?More food,more exports,more foreign exchange.

  38. tatambura nehanda

    Hey vakuru ava! , zvovongo gwauta, is he representing the people of zimbabwe with such crazy waffling. Where on earth can country live on its own. I wish he had said he wil chase away the chinese. Economy will tumble further with such careless talk. I think retirement is due.

  39. Kicking out the remaining white farmers is not a solution to the many problems facing Zimbabweans. That will neither help you Mugabe nor bring food to the table of starving masses. We know the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems – your death is. Your death will mark the beginning of a new era in this country, to every new born baby today and tomorrow. Amazing how you and your cronies turned a country once a bread basket of Africa to an empty basket. Wherever Satan picked you from the deepest depths of Hell we all will never know. God help Zimbabwe.

  40. “The West prefers a weak leader who, they hope, would allow the whites to come back,” he said, speaking in Shona.
    “They think if they intimidate us we will be cowed and allow the whites to come back; that will never happen.
    “Don’t they (whites) know where their ancestors came from? The British who are here should all go back to England.
    “What is the problem? We now have aeroplanes which can take them back quicker than the ships used by their ancestors.”

    Mugabe is using the anti-white rhetoric to divert attention away from the worsening economic meltdown. That has worked in the past but will not work this time; the economic meltdown is se-rious.

    For years Mugabe has dodged the real underlying causes of Zimbabwe’s economic poor perfor-mance, mismanagement and corruption and focus on scapegoats the sanctions, the white minor-ity, etc. Fortunately for him he had an ignorant and gullible audience who readily believed him. Sadly this has allowed the mismanagement and corruption, the cancer, to grow and spread; to-day the national economic is in ICU and will not get out until these tumours are removed.

    Mugabe knows that the economic meltdown is set to get even worse because these was nothing in the Chinese help that will help remove those tumours and get the national economy out of the ICU. Nothing!

    Mugabe is upping his anti-white rhetoric to divert the people’s attention away from the economic meltdown and worsening economic hardships; it has worked for him before but it will not work this time because empty rhetoric will never fill an empty stomach.

  41. Varume this man z now insane, aakutopenga chaiko.. Mashaya here dzimwe nyaya dzekutaura???
    Ther’z a lot to own in Zim thn jus a land space, apa vanhu vamunopa havarime futi.. Kutorima Covo zvavo.
    Mdara ngaasiye zvinhu izvi.. TB Joshua, natsoti jgo musi nenguva shamwari

  42. Zimbabweans agree, all white people (regardless of citizenship) must be deported from our country and barred at the borders and airports when they try to get into our country. We must give DNA tests of those suspected of being white or having any white blood in them, and if the DNA test prove they have white blood must be deported immediately. Zimbabweans do not want white people in our country. Those people of mixed heritage must be tested for DNA to determine if any of their heritage had any white blood in them. White people must be eliminated from Zimbabwe forever.

    1. You poor excuse for being human, our skin colour does not determine who we are, being patriotic and defending your country regardless, be proud to be Zimbabwean regardless of your skin colour, do we not all bleed red. Shame shame Chipo for supporting racism of the worst kind.

    2. And then this country will fail. What about when the white people educated you? And when the white people taught u to wear clothes. If it wasnt for white people you would still be walking around in animal skins and not have any of the nice things u have today. Think carefully of your ignorant words. You should be thrown back in time to before white people came here. See if u survive with the wildlife. I doubt it. What has a white person done to you that us so bad? Everything you own you owe to a white person. Everything from the running water and electricity to the clothes on your body and the tools in the field. If you dont want those things u r welcome to give them back and go and live with the lions and elephants where u will surely not survive the week.

    3. Oh and I hope you dont try to board a car or bus or airplane becoz those are invented by a white man. And I hope you dont try to go to their countries and ‘improve’ your life becoz those are white peoples countries. You are pathetic racist sorry excuse for a human being. God should have used that flesh he wasted on u on something useful like a pig or a goat becoz they are surely cleverer than u.

    4. Most of my mates (apart from a very friendly cat) are humans. I really like them all, some are different colours to me, some are richer, some are funny, some are old, they are all beautiful in their own ways. Chipo, take a chill pill, if an alien force invaded from outer space you would not refuse the aid of ANY human being.

  43. vaMugabe imi zvenyu zvakanaka hamuone nzara vamukuda kupa mapurazi vacho havana kana kiti chaiyo how du u expct grain maize goig GMB lv dos whites plz if u let thm go surely we contiou importing maize til amen

  44. MDC did not invite sanctions as some pple would believe. It is this kind of talk which brings down the economy you-know-what-i mean! Why can’t he just die.? fokolo

  45. Codza nachipo taurai zvamuri kuziva manzwa . Codza toda utiudze kuti size 12 chii uye wakanzwa ani.We can easily track you.Ndimi munofamba muchitaura nhema dzisina kutaurwa kudecampaigner makajaidzwa ychatiudza size 12 kuti chii.

  46. go read your history correctly, when the white man can to Zimbabwe our states we socialist states where resources were own by a community not individuals, meaning the issue of ownership was there. if there were no boundaries why did our forefathers perished I chieftainship wars? we did have boundaries. and black people were successful farmers, I the first 100 they outcompited the whitefarmers, that trigered labour shortage at the mines. as a solution the white man introduced tax, to force the black man to look for employment, that plan failed as the black man produced a lot of surplus to pay tax, later on the white man changed the policy forcing the black man to pay tax in form of cash only to force him to look for employment the failure resulted in that forced removals to the reserves. #blacks are well able to do what a white man can do#

  47. @muson, I think colonialism never did anything good to Africa. Africa were going their on way of civilisation though a slow one. now we are in a situation where we were made to jump necessary steps of civilisation. look at Africa today, wen a mineral resource is discovered we fight amongst ourselves, but to whose benefit? the education they gave us, actualy enslaved us mentaly, is that civilizing us?. in as much as we can say this statement by his excellence is resist. what can we say about the western guys giving an AK 47 to a black kid 12yrs of age to become a rebel soldier so he can kill his fellows (blacks) so that they can loot diamonds and oil from Africa to the benefit of their countries at the expense of the African continent, how many blacks are being killed everyday by Western sponsored rebels? They actually see us as not humans, but wild animals, barbaric creatures, isn’t that racism????

    1. @Gibs – I do not understand what you are saying. My remarks are very clear. I urge you read again and then respond again. Do not mix up the time when events happened. I am talking about the period before the whites came in 1890.
      Where two cultures meet there will always be clashes – that is natural. Whites had their own culture which was different from that of local blacks and adapting to some other groups culture has its own attendant problems.

  48. Zvauya seiko?

  49. Please our country is our country, is there any Zimbabwean who owns land in Britain? My fathers and mothers died for this land and I will continue fight for till death. Weather ndarima maveg kana chomoriya on my father’s land zvinei newe. Majaira kubatwa senhapwa nekupukuta mikosho yezvana zvevarungu tsve kuita self emancipation. Know your history guys so that you know your future!!! A white man or woman never liked you so why should I? How many black people are in European Jails and for what reasons. So is Mugabe a racist? To hell with the so called whites let them sort land to their mothers land not my Fathers

    1. I actually know a lot of Zimbabweans who own land in Britain. I know some Zimbabweans who own land in Hong Kong, some in South Africa a lot of them ministers and higher who bought mansions on the coast in SA.

    2. @pz every country is different from each other. Zimbabwe has fertile land and rich in mineral resources. There was nothing wrong with colonization because Africa was underdeveloped and people were primitive to the extent of not t knowing that we have good soil and minerals. Now that the whites opened your eyes you have the guts to say they are bad. Even if you have gold, platinum etc you need machinery and knowledge to extrct it. In Africa you may fool yourself that you are rich but you are unable to extract your useless minerals. Who lied to you that Whites do not like you? So the Chinese like you. How many Zimbabweans are in China? A lot of people are in Britain because they love us. Stop your stupid thinking. Those fathers and mothers who died during the liberation struggle did not die for certain individuals to enjoy life while others are suffering. If they were alive today they were going to rebel against the dictator who has been in power since 1980. Usafunge neshure.

    3. There are thousands of ‘black’ Zimbos who own land in Britain pz – be realistic – I am ‘white’ and not only like a lot of black people, there are many that I love too – give it a try

  50. Africa did not have such crops as maize,tobacco,cabbages etc before colonization and there were no farms to talk about

  51. yahh dzingai henyu baba asi vana ndovachanya nenhamo, kukanga nzungu norurimi.

  52. These people who support sekuru are those who are rich , they don’t care about villagers who are struggling day night.
    I’m in south Africa now , that wasn’t my dream to live in another country . The resources in Zimbabwe right now cannot sustain all citizens if we come back

  53. This old man should just retire. Anyway thats what those young foolish guys within ZANO want. Does He have any advisers or he is now a lone ranger. In this day and age such an old man to utter such rubbish. This is worse than homosexual. Racists have no place in this age. Whats better about him, if he continues to do what he always claim where the reasons they went to war. Are these guy really nationalists? Mugabe tapota, just be old enough, you have failed yourself and its high time you leave office . If there is no successor within your ZANO, it would be honorable to accept that fact and give over the mantle to Tsvangson’ maybe that way you can salvage your ailing polital hold’

  54. Yes before 1980 we were under oppression when the whites were ruling our country. After independence farmers were producing and Zimbabwe was named the bread basket of Africa. We were able to feed our own people. This history of west Africa is irrelevant to us zimbabweans because we are not affected by such speculations. I wonder if you have proof that the Western countries are sponsoring rebels and you can comfortably call them racist. In Africa there are people with money who can turn the youth to become rebels for example the Border Gezi training school in Bindura was starting to train rebels. Is that racist? We need to be fair racism can be coming from our black man or white man in this case it is clear our own oldman has displayed big hatred and racism against the British.
    We must know that Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain and for us to be what we are it is because of Britain. No one is perfect even the big countries they have their own weaknesses. For Mugabe to say the remaining whites should go indeed that is cruelty. Like any other country Zimbabwe has lots of whites born in Zimbabwe and they do not have anywhere to go. Not only racism is that not inhuman.? I agree with the idea of a thorough land audit to be conducted by competent and non political people.

  55. hey of al bullshit u utter of hs exclence bein a racist jus noe dat,sme of u isu-we died 4 ths country nt like we died 4 ths country so dat john frm england cn jus cum an do watever he fil lyk doin n or beloved land.we myt b usin our land n an abusin fashion,sme of us (blcks) myt b beneftn than othrs bt at lis he/she z my bra or sis pasi nevapambe pfum

  56. Gushungo varikurasika big time, ko kuBritain kune maZimba mangani varikutuza nhamo iri muno? Baba imi machembera, ko kubvawo munei moenda henyu monobatana nevamwe venyu kurwira humambo? Mhuri yenyu inoda kutonga chaizvo, ko muchatinyarawo riinhi veduwee…kutambura kuri kuita vana veZimbabwe hamusi kukuonawo here? Zvino kana muchiziva kuti Zimbabwe yakabatwa nekurima, ko sei murikuda kudzinga vane maInputs uye vachikwanisa? vashandi vemumapurazi vacho munozovaisa kupi? Mudhara iwe tinyarewo please

  57. Farai uri mupanduki,mharapatsatse,nharadada,nhundira mutsime,mboko,boora ngoma and wanga wemunhu.Ask your ex premier of size 12.Its the best shoes size which suits all fools.Treck me where?why wasting your time?Come eldorado farm pa Sinoia apa and you get your square one.Pasi nevatengesi
    Povo yaramba madisinyongoro.

  58. 3rd generation whites don’t have any rights to enter Britain, unlike those who manage to seek aslym in the UK – rather ironic

  59. What about the millions of Zimbabweans in foreign nations. Should they be kicked out also?

  60. Mugabe the only surviving dinosaur on planet earth.

  61. Mugabe is a con artist. He acts the big anti-white, anti-colonialist so as to fool the gullible who do not know his background. There are few who benefited from colonialism than Mugabe who schools fees at Kutama were paid by a white colonial Irish missionary called Father Jerome O’Hea when Mugabe’s father abandoned the family to live in Bulawayo in the late 1920s. Mugabe would not be where he is today had it not been for the benevolent Irish colonial missionary who paid Mugabe’s school fees when he was a boy. That is to say, without colonialism Mugabe would not be educated and would not be a leader today. Mugabe acts extreme anti-colonialist to cover up the fact that his school fees were paid by a white colonialist. Why did he accept his school be paid by a white colonialist when he was so anti-colonialist?
    When Mugabe finished his teacher training at Kutama he was given a job by the Southern Rhodesia government as a teacher in Highfield township. MUGABE WAS A CIVIL SERVANT IN THE SOUTHERN RHODEISA GOVERNMENT. He was also given a house to rent in Highfield by the Southern Rhodesian government. You could only get a house to rent in Highfield if you worked for the whites. MUGABE’S COLLEGE FEES AT FORT HARE WERE PAID BY THE WHITES. Mugabe was mothered by the whites. Without colonialism Mugabe would not be where he is today. Mugabe is biting the hand that fed him. When he wanted political power he told those who had mothered him to go to hell. He can only fool the gullible among us. You will find that most first generation politicians were civil servants in Southern Rhodesia – Mugabe, Murerwa, Takawira, Msipa, Didymus Mutasa, et al. I don’t see anything wrong with coming up with true facts. It’s unpalatable that we are all where we are because of colonialism.

  62. Mugabe has had the best of both worlds as they say. The best of the colonial world and now the best of the post-colonial era. School fees paid by a white colonial missionary at Kutama, given house to rent by white Southern Rhodesia government, given a job by the white Southern Rhodesia government and college fees paid by whites at Fort Hare, S Africa. THEN when he wanted political power he started saying colonialism was very bad. He is now leader calling for whites to be expelled. An amazing volte-face. The gullible majority are not bothered about his life history – they will die for him. Typical con artist Mugabe. He can afford to tell the whites who mothered him to get lost because some who helped him are already deceased and besides they cannot undo what they did for him in his formative years when he was poor.

  63. Ndofunga zvamakaita zvakakwana mazanu chiregerai kutiuraira nyika

  64. Surprise, surprise, surprise! If this is no surprise then I wonder what could be.

    Why several chiefs for one area? Is it reasonable for Zimbabweans to be told that becoz some people who belong to the same clan are fighting then government has seen it fit to appoint more than one chief for the same area?

    Key questions to ask include:
    1) since chiefs enjoy state benefits (salary, cars, etc) paid for by taxpayers, is such a decision fair to the taxpayers; (or put differently: are thetwo chiefs going to be sharing the perks that come with a single chieftainship so that the taxpayer is not unduly burdened?)
    2) is it by mere coincidence that the only chieftainship to enjoy the privilege of having two chiefs in one chieftainship happens to belong to the president’s clan?
    3) is the president’s clan the only one with chieftainship problems that so far have had prolonged intra-clan fighting regarding who should be crowned as chief – over the years we have had squabbles among Makoni’s, Charumbira’s, etc – so what is so special about this one?

    Important to note is that the throne now comes with huge government perks in Zimbabwe. A chief now earns more than most professionals- teachers, doctors, or even may be professors. Be that as it is, could one be very wrong to say our wise president is simply creating employment for dear uncles. Pakakadini apo? Judge for yourselves

  65. Then all you black people should leave England and go back to Zimbabwe. I cant wait for you to die Mugabe. Zimbabwe will be a better place with you.

  66. Mudhara ndizvo manje becs wapuhwa kutiurime iwe wotsvaga muchena handizvo

  67. Chipo, Chipo,Chipo .
    It would be very wise for you to read an historical book called ” The Bantu Past and Present ” written by S.M. Molemo ” who is in fact a Bantu just like you and me.
    He will factually tell you that we Bantu came down from north of the Zambezi just over a thousand years ago. And when we crossed the Zambezi we Bantu annihilated and eventually exterminated the true aboriginal people of this country, the bushmen , rock dwellers and Koinsan. By this very act ,this destroys the theory of Bantu ownership of Zimbabwe and we can be best described as colonists.
    We don’t have to go too far back to see it nearly happened again with Gukuruhande.

    Secondly, you talk of DNA testing . Once again history will tell you that most of the people who came down from the north do in fact have MURUNGU white blood to some degree, and in fact it has been proven by the very DNA testing you speak of. The Ba Lember people DNA is 50% semetic blood ,40% Bantu and 10 % mixed.
    So on you recommendation that all people found to have even 1% Murungu White blood must be kicked out of the country , that would leave Zimbabwe with the lowest populated country in the world. Even you would probably have to go.
    These are the facts so why don’t we Bantu ” blacks ” stop this inhuman apartheid reverse racism and tribalism and make our country Zimbabwe a shining example to the world.

  68. my boyfriend got an awesome white Chevrolet Cruze Diesel by working part time off of a macbook air. blog here,.,,,,, paygazette.cᵒm

  69. The same reason why we are hungry and more poorer than before 1999!

  70. This old man is living in his own world.May God forgive him, for he knows not what he is doing or saying.

  71. Codza toshandisa network ndiyo inokubata pauri. TokuZiva ndimi murikuuraya musangano nekungowawata zvisipo . Unoziveiwo iwe munhu watinotochengetawo approach yedu yakasiya izvozvo made tirikukuona imboitazvauri kkureva and see if you can spend an hour afterwards fatso is right ,who gave you that directive.Wait and see.

  72. Codza toshandisa network ndiyo inokubata pauri. TokuZiva ndimi murikuuraya musangano nekungowawata zvisipo . Unoziveiwo iwe munhu watinotochengetawo approach yedu yakasiya izvozvo made tirikukuona imboitazvauri kkureva and see if you can spend an hour afterwards fatso is right ,who gave you that directive.Wait and see pauri ipapo hapazi pako muridzi ari munzira. Urikudzokera .

  73. Mugabe dzatenderera, zanu pf please remove him before the party loses control of the country, the man is 90 years old probably 98 you know kudhara vanga vasinga register mabirth fast ngaachishamula mudhara dzatamba nepwere

  74. Vakuru vapererwa avo hey

  75. Iyi ndiyo inonzi shayisano iri kuitwa navaMugabe.Havapengi asi vatsigiri vavo ndivo vanopenga.
    No normal person can accept Mugabe’s myopic rubbish.Fortunately,the British now realize the
    INSANITY in our so called president.
    Surely how can a normal person endorse a 90 year old to stand re election to lead a nation at 94 years of age? Is ZANU PF so short of capable people?I can never follow such a useless party like that.

  76. pamberi na bob i hate thse rhodies let them go bk t their country

  77. Racism at highest position in the country. I guess SA, North America, UK and other European countries should throw out all indingenous people from Zimbabwe. That’s if you want to use the same racist reasoning as Mugabe and those who agree with him. Personally I don’t because it is so wrong.

    Secondly you wonder why foreign investment doesn’t come to Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s attitude.

    Third, Asia should kick out any relatives of Mugabe if you go along with his reasoning.

  78. Can anyone tell me whats so special about Zimbabwe that other black African countries are missing that we have to always need to be talking about land this, land that every time a person gets a chance to talk. Where was the issue when every one was employed and lived a comfortable life before 2000? I think this racist and land issue was created by those who failed the country to distruct use from the issues at hand. They have failed 100% to run a simple economy and look at the acres of space we waste some of use being racist to the bone and talking about land that you already have been given. Chitayi tione now that you have the land you cry for at any opportunity you are given. Travel from Mutare to Harare, Harere to Bulawayo all you see are people growing grass. Guess very soon that will be our new staple food. In life we must accept ones limitations, not every one is meant to be a farmer, employer, business person etc. We are all Zimbabweans white or black. Countries that are advanced dont waste time talking of ones colour, but what you bring to the table. If you watch the english football league, 60% are black players but the whites dont complain as long as the goals keep coming and there is quality of play. Thats why its the most popular league in the world.

  79. its pay bak tym n its a b××× w al gota eat

  80. What about those born after indedependance? Those zimbabwean children? Those that were born and raised in this country? U choose to judge them just becoz of the colour of there skin? That is racist and Ignorant. God will judge u as you judge others. One day you will burn in hell for your stupidity and judgemental attitude.

  81. Imihlola kaLobengula!!

  82. Tshiyani ukusihlolela lina!!

  83. What wrong have the white people done to Zimbabwe?We have heard enough of this,can’t we start on a fresh page?Everyday whites whites whites……..

  84. All I can say is WOW… people can really be ignorant.

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