Khaya Moyo cracks whip


ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said corruption and indiscipline were tearing apart the ruling party and revealed that he had been mandated by the politburo to crack the whip on errant members.


Khaya Moyo made the remarks while officially opening a Zanu PF provincial co-ordinating committee (PCCs) consultative meeting with government ministers in Bulawayo.

Khaya Moyo said recent events had exposed widespread corruption and indiscipline and warned that “this party will not be destroyed by selfish individuals”.

He was referring to the chaos that rocked the Zanu PF youth and women’s league conferences amid reports of massive vote-buying and imposition of candidates.

“I was mandated by the politburo last week to take disciplinary action and deal with the matter of indiscipline and corruption. We [the disciplinary committee] will be going around the provinces gathering reports of what happened; who did what and so forth,” Khaya Moyo said.

“We are targeting those culprits. Zanu PF is not a shopping mall — our members are not commodities that can be bought. The party is an organised party. It has rules, regulations and a constitution.”

Allegations of vote-buying, kidnappings, intimidation and open public attacks against feuding Zanu PF officials characterised the Zanu PF youth and women’s conferences and Khaya Moyo said disciplinary measures would be taken to ensure that the party’s December elective congress was not chaotic.

“We will instil discipline as we go to the congress. There must be discipline in the presidium, politburo, central committee, provinces, women’s league, and youth league and in all our structures. If we don’t deal with discipline, we will be a cursed society,” he said.

“We will deal with those culprits.

“When they give you their money, accept it but also report them to the disciplinary committee and you will see what will happen to them.

“There are people who want to destroy the party and that cannot be allowed to happen. This party will not be destroyed by selfish individuals.

“We must go to the congress as one family and not as many pieces of one family because of corruption and indiscipline.”

Some of the ministers at the meeting were Patrick Chinamasa (Finance), Dzikamai Mavhaire (Energy), Joseph Made (Agriculture), Fred Moyo (Mines deputy minister), Sithembiso Nyoni (Small and Medium Enterprises), Francis Nhema (Youth and Empowerment) and Chiratidzo Mavuwa (Industry and Commerce deputy minister).


  1. If they give money take it and report. That will be coward. Even if you move 20times in the provinces the message is the same Mugabe must go. We are now tired of the old man and team. Abductions and killing of innocent blood is taking place because of the Dictator.

  2. Change of leadership in ZANU PF is long overdue KHAYA MOYO. You may force matters but at your own peril.You have lost respect,dignity & credibility.

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  4. You should start with those that went around the country dishing out groceries, caps , torches etc in the last election

  5. The president is now a shadow of his former self, how could the youth elections be rigged right in front of his face all day & night long until 4am & he was unable to take any disciplinary action himself

  6. The Zanu people are just practising everything they were taught by VaMugabe Chete Chete that whenever there is an election you must kill, rape, torture, murder, vandalise, rob, intimidate, vote-buy, threaten etc etc the list is endless. So these people are graduate students of their tutor VaMugabe Chete Chete so you will never stop them from putting into practice what they have been taught to do esp when they were experimenting on the opposition supporters now they see they are qualified let them do it….

  7. Cde Khaya Moyo what you and the other party members do is talk and talk.Corruption has gone unabated through most gvt structures,non gvt organisations and even in the pvt sector.Right now what we lack is political will to fight this scourge. We haven’t had an serious commitment from the powers that be except cover-up of the beneficiary of this evil practice. Not even one single case of corruption has being prosecuted but everyday cases appear in newspapers but the powers that be just turn a blind eye like nothing happening. Looking at the Air Zimbabwe case ,why is taking so long for the investigators to do their work ?Believe you me someone is getting his/her hands oiled and no one is getting in prison for this case. Amazingly a man who caught a pangolin recently was arrested and he is already languishing in prison for 9 long years yet those who stole millions are enjoying the comfort of their homes. You really wonder how the justice system works.

  8. Although I dont like the name(matako makuru) has a point. The guys are practicing what they have been throughly taught ,drilled and perfected in anything called Elections.It is like teaching a child your language and after the child has mastered the language which you speak day in and day out and then start telling that child not to speak that language . The child will call you stupid.

  9. nhai ko va moyo wakuda kutaura zve corruption iwe wakatofuta kuto tadza kuwoneka mutsipa wako nekuguta im sure hausuri unoputika lol nah man its awfuly too late t redeem ur fat self i advise u kuti uto nyarara than try act clean u pathetic cockroach times up old man!!!!!

  10. I have noticed a trend of hurling insults and obscenities when commenting on Newsday and other public or social media platforms and wish to warn those practicing it. Do not be decieved by thinking that your actual details are anonymous.Email address even if its not published but can be accessed from the web servers, IP address of the gadgets used to comment give out more than enough leads to locate you physically. Baba Jukwa suspects were all caught in the same manner ask the UZ students who were involved.Freedom of speech is a fundamental right to humanity but in Zimbabwe your freedom after speech can be taken away by your very own speech which you are very free to do so.Let’s learn to share our views in a manner that shows respect to fellow human beings even when we do not share their views.Let me warn you Madzibaba through a voice call just to show you that you can be located!

    However, as the electorate, we welcome such cleansing moves which safeguard our beloved ZANU’s mandate and drive. We will support you Cde Moyo and the team.

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