HIV+ woman jailed 20 years for paid sex with teenagers

A 38-YEAR-OLD HIV-positive Harare woman, Faith Gona, has been jailed for 20 years for engaging in commercial sex activities with teenage boys from her Highfield community.


Gona was sentenced last Friday after regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya found her guilty of bedding two boys aged 14 and 15 years after they would have paid her in kind or $3 for each encounter.

According to the facts presented in court, Gona started her sexual escapades with the minors sometime in December last year until late January this year.

The court heard that during the material time, the two victims were introduced to Gona by their 17-year-old friend who had had several sexual encounters with the woman.

The magistrate heard that each time the boys visited Gona for sex, she would ask them to pay cash upfront for the act and provide condoms for protection.

One of the victims, a 15-year-old boy, is said to have been paying for Gona’s sexual favours by offering her clothes which he would have stolen from his grandmother.

The court heard the matter came to light when the boy’s grandmother quizzed him over the disappearance of her clothes prompting the teenager to spill the beans, leading to the woman’s arrest.

In his judgment, Mujaya said: “The boys said initially the accused [Gona] demanded $5 from them, but they pleaded with her to reduce the price and she charged them $3 each. However, the other boy [the 15-year-old one] had no cash, but would bring clothes stolen from his grandmother to pay for sex.”

The magistrate also said the other boy who gave evidence in court as a witness told the court that he failed to have sex with Gona because he could not afford to raise the required payment.

The court heard that although the State only chose to prosecute Gona over two complainants, she was also said to have had sexual encounters with other boys, one of whom testified as a witness and not complainant in
the matter.


  1. seems excessive considering it is these boys who approached the woman.

    1. Well done, court! Big ups to this decision.

  2. But 20 years is a bit too harsh. The court should have considered that she would give the condoms to the boys so as to protect them. Yes it was terribly wrong to have sex with the young boys, but 20 years is too much for a woman who would give condoms to her victims.

  3. It was going to be fair if she was jailed 20 years if she had infected the boys with HIV. The good thing is that she was using condoms and I think she deserved a lesser sentence than 20 years. The sentence is too harsh.

    1. Really? Surely, u can’t be a parent!

  4. @Saln the judge is right. We can allow that these are minors

  5. It appears the sentence was too linient. This was apparent multiple cases of statutory rape. Further the woman taught the minors prostitution whilst endangering them to contract a killer disease

  6. Some of the comments here really show how messed up society has become. If those are adult views then we are all doomed….she had sex with underaged boys for status…..and even if condoms were provided there is stil a risk factor…..did i mention sex with an underaged minor?

    1. Zvinotyisa sure, people are truly failing to see that this sentence is actually lenient considering that there a retwo complainants. I always say if u are at a bus terminus waiting for the bus and a ten year old asks u for a smoke unomupa here nekuti akumbira or common sense is supposed to prevail and u actually admonish the child. 1. she raped the kids (statutory rape!), 2. she has taught the kids wrong lessons – women are objects and it is ok to pay for sex (so in essence these kids hv been damaged psychologically and actually need counselling bcz they hv a warped view of these issues- ndokunobva varume vanenge vanaGumbura ikoko), 3. she could hv transmitted other infections to the kids (e.g. herpes is contracted through saliva exchange), 4.Hunhu hwedu hwaenda kupi veduwe mwana wemumwe ndewakowo how do u do that honestly?

  7. Having sex with anyone under the age of 16 is considered statutory rape and these boys were under 16 at the time the sexual encounters took place. I think the magistrate was very correct in giving a 20 year sentence. The argument that protection was offered to the boys is neither here nor there because according to the law these boys were raped, this despite the fact that they paid their way to being raped.

  8. Vanhu havana kwavo shuwa, ungati 20 years dzakawanda pamhosva yakadai. Paitoda 40 dzaGumbura dziya coz munhu uyu anogumbura mhani.

  9. Same cell na RGM (Robert Martin Gumbura)

  10. This is justice. All suspected sexual escapades should be investigated, tried and sentenced, just like Gumbura’s case. Minor children should be protected and evil people like Gloria should be removed the society

  11. Whats wrong with this magistrate? Isnt he the guy who convicted Gumbura? Ok she is guilty but 20 yrs? What would be the sentence if it were a man bedding similar aged girls? Thats outragious.

  12. This Sentence is unwarranted and excessive. This is no Justice at all. Poor woman, driven by poverty into prostitution acquires Hiv in the process . Most probably her customer base has dwindled over the years because of age and perhaps appears morbid by now. Poverty has made her more suspectably and vulnerable to abuse and manipulation, the same process that gave her Hiv. So hungry, her dignity ravaged by decades of poverty. Along comes the young boys offering some form of economic benefits albeit very little. She has no choice, she needs the money. She is the victim , victim of who ever can offer 3 dollars, victim of decades of sexual exploitation and presumably rape in some of the encounters. A victim of a Justice system that is no compassionate , that does no consider the plight of the poor. I appeal to the Zimbabwe Woman lawyer Association to appeal this sentence. Please help the voice less. God blessed u so you cold help the poor who leave right amongst you.

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