Grace Mugabe’s masters research ‘upgraded’ to PhD

HARARE — Soon after being shoe-horned into the top ranks of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, the wife of ageing leader President Robert Mugabe has gained a PhD in orphanages, seen as the latest sign that she may be destined for high office.

In a country where the path to power is paved with academic letters, analysts said the timing of the First Lady’s surprise qualification was no coincidence.
Armed with a PhD, a seat in the Zanu PF politburo and her 90-year-old husband’s ear at home, Grace has become a political force as the battle hots up to succeed the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980.

Some have even speculated that Africa’s oldest leader is grooming his 49-year-old wife, nicknamed “Gucci Grace” for her reputed dedication to shopping, to take over.

Although her Zanu PF credentials are thin, a group of female members recently launched plans to install her at the helm of their Women’s League.

Tongues wagged harder still when she completed her doctorate last week, just three months after it was announced that she was doing one.

“This is a political conferment. A lot of politically connected individuals have been getting free degrees here and at other State universities,” a source at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), whose chancellor Robert Mugabe has seven degrees, told an opposition newspaper.

The UZ declined to comment, but a source there told Reuters she enrolled for a masters in 2011 and her tutor considered her research to be “ground-breaking and contributing enormously to the body of knowledge” so it was upgraded to a doctorate.

Her qualification was celebrated in Zanu PF, where it was also taken as a sign of her rising prominence.

“It was not given. It was acquired quietly without her telling the world,” Zanu PF Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena said a day after her graduation.

“Women, youths and chiefs say to Dr Mugabe, the sky is the limit.”

One Zanu PF politburo member told Reuters that Mugabe, who has always kept rivals guessing on his next move, could step down once he has secured a final five-year term in 2018 — by which time he will be 94 — to make way for his wife.

However, this could prove too much for Zanu PF generals who have always stated they will not recognise a leader who did not fight in the 1970s liberation war against the white-minority government of then-Rhodesia.

That includes Grace, a secretary in the presidential office when she met Mugabe and started an affair while his first wife, Sally, was terminally ill.
“Being the Machiavellian political operator he is, Mugabe is wise enough to know the red line in Zanu PF which he himself cannot cross,” Eldred Masunungure, a political science lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe said.

“So I clearly dismiss the possibility of her taking over the crown. The crown is too heavy. She will be swallowed whole. Zanu PF is more and more carnivorous and she will be consumed.”
— Reuters


  1. point of correction, Mai Grace fought n th liberation struggle. have you forgotten comrades when she downed a helicopter in 1977.

    1. Don’t be naive, those are lies usa dherere helicopter ka

  2. the only thing she “downed” are her pants to numerous men.shez wicked & full of herself. nxaaaaah. God help!!!!!!

  3. @Mai Mujuru, in 1977, Grace was 13yrs old. How could she fight in a war of liberation at that age?

    1. It’s called sarcasm, dope…

    2. Actually Mai Mugabe was 12 in 1977!

    3. she successfully liberated her pants when she was secretary to the president while she was `HAPPILY` married to Rascals father

  4. she died for the country

    mai vakarwa hondo nokuti vakanga varichimbwido kuChivhu, plus her brother Reward was on the war front.

    1. There were no 13 year old Chimbwidos. We never allowed that when we were in the bush. That was too young.

  5. The Zhuwauo Institute

    In July 2013 Rigobert Mugabe commits electoral fraud, in September 2014 DisGrace Mugabe commits academic fraud. The Mugabes are just one big fraudulent family…

  6. The Zhuwauo Institute

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    2. ko ma philanthropic awards are they also on sale or those are bhasera

  7. Mwari torai vanhu vekwa Mugabe.tatambura isu.nxaaaaaaaa

  8. Gucci Grace…. That’s very funny. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  9. kkkkkk PhD yakanaka izimAsset iyoyo

  10. Nyika yave pedyo nekuguma .tave kuona zvisionekwi,Grace is rapidly rising to the top ladder ,watch this space

  11. Grace was never a secretary. She worked as a copy typist in the presidential typing pool.

  12. Shame on all our with UZ PHDs, you are now all at the same level as Gucci Grace. I will not dignify her and say Dr whatwhat……its simply a DisGrace to our acclaimed academic prowess as a nation. Shame on your Prof Nyagura. You just soiled your cap. I had so much respect for UZ. Why not just give her an honourary PHD for her “sterling use of stolen money” in Mazowe Orphanage. Why not give a class to teach at UZ if indeed she got an academic PHD. I think lm better off with my diploma

  13. Mugabe ”a Machiavellian political operator”?.I dont think his age still endows him with such capabilities.Grace is now in the cockpit.

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  15. Grace is a true genuine leader who is intelligent enough. She worked for that PHD, she worked for everything she has in her life. Lets observe and respect authority. If you do not know the history of this country shut up or we will deal with you. Yes we will never allow Grace to get into shoes which are too big for her simply because she is not fit to walk in them.

  16. This is pathetic , degrees for free in this failed banana republic, Grace s Thesis is not even available on the UZ s website that means someone is busy working on it very soon we will see it. This country is run by criminals .

  17. Imi vanhu wats ur problem with Grace having that phd saka maida kuti paanonoenroller for that phd oudza nyika yese ndimi maimubhadharira fees yacho here she chose to tel you after completing the phd coz ndozvaaida…takarasima nekuteedzana nenyaya dzevanhu vaturika macertificate avo mudzimba siya kutaura zvinhu zvinoita murarame..vanhu kurai godo renyu or no godo phd rake ave naro

  18. murikutaura zvekuti amai Dr Grace vakadonhedza ndege muna 1977 izvozvi nhasi chaiye pane andifonera achiti vatodonhedza imwe ndege yema bhiritishi pamusika we mbare. varume mhanyai munozvionera ini kutaura kuno ndotiri kumhanya kunoona Zindege ririkutopfungaira ravarikutodonhedza izvozvi. Paneimwewo nyaya zvirikunzi MSU, Chinhoyi University, GZU uye ZOU dzoita nhange-mutange kupa amai Her excellency Dr G. Mugabe nee Marufu mamwe madegree. Hanzi Midlands yatoti iri kupa amai Dr grace hu professor chaihwo in dairy farming kubudikidza nezvinyorwa zvavo zvavakaita during the past 5 years at the helm of Gushungo dairies

  19. No one is ever angry about a well deserved qualification. If it were well attained, congratulations would be in order. What has raised eyebrows is the speed with which such a high level qualification was attained. The issue really is not about Mrs Grace,but the risk of standards at plummeting. Anyone who clandestinely or fraudulently achieves a Doctorate does our country disservice. To proclaim one Doctor, it has to be legitimate, deserved and worked for. Even honorary Doctorates are accorded to persons who demonstrate integrity, people who have worked to improve the lot of humanity in a distinctive way. What is at stake is the good name of University of Zimbabwe and the collective rubbishing of other well attained Doctors from the UZ. To put questions to rest, I suggest that three things be done: 1. that Mrs Mugabe faces the nation on national TV on a programme such as used to be, Face the Nation, with a panel of journalists from three media houses, and answer questions related to her qualification; 2. that her thesis, which is the fruit of research and original thinking and a veritable addition to knowledge, be made available online by the UZ, Department of Sociology, for anyone’s perusal; 3. that the UZ administration address the many questions associated with when Mrs Mugabe entered her degree programme; and allow her surpervisor opportunity to speak on the matter; and reveal when the defense of the thesis took place. This issue is of public interest because the reputation of a formerly high-standard institution is at stake. In other jurisdictions, an enquiry would have been instituted so as to safeguard academic standards. What is at issue her is the preservation and credibility of academic standards of UZ and all other universities in our country.

  20. You surprise me,Chamisa struggled with a diploma at Poly. and now is a genius at the UZ infested MDC-T departments and no one is questioning.Siyayi amai avo,marwadziwa neyi? Dai ari Elizabeth Tsvangirai maibvunza here?

  21. Hey you…….there is no connection whatsoever between the title of your article and whats in the story. Get real we wanted to hear how the master research was upgraded to PhD.

  22. Damit kana Grade 7 certificate hauna. Kana usingazivi nezvekudzidza kwemunhu usataura zvausingazivi nekuti ungatonyadzisira. Nelson Chamisa never struggled for a Diploma at Harare Polytechnic, he was a true genius and is still a genius.
    Let us critisize zvatinoziva kuti ichokwadi chataurwa kwete kungoita gundamusaira kuti ndinzi ndataurawo. Most of us we are criticising Amai Mugabe tisinganyatsoziva kuti vakadzidza sei

  23. There has been much written about the conferment of this Doctorate. It is certainly a matter of public interest. The speed with which it was attained seems to be the main issue. If procedures were followed and everything is above board then there is no problem. There is need for clarification on these issues: 1. when did she enrol; 2. where is the doctoral thesis (a long time ago, upon conferment, the thesis title used to be read to the audience); 3. if the lady is confident, she would do well to face the nation and answer issues from a panelist of journalists from all media houses. if some of these questions are not answered, the suspicion of fraudulent granting of such a high degree are going to continue. A doctorate is a significant personal achievement academically. even if it were an honorary one, it would also bring out the character, integrity and contribution to society of such a recipient. If Mrs Mugabe has worked hard for this achievement, all i can say is: Makorokoto. If on the other hand it has been under unclear circumstances, it is a dangerous act which endangers the integrity of not only UZ but other universities in Zimbabwe. May we work for credible, verifiable and upright academic and human standards in Zimbabwe.

  24. iyazve….ko Chamisa waitamburawo neDiploma chairo….kkkkkkkk thats why he is soooo ziiiiirooooo he knows the story….hameno

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  26. Newsday, why do you repeatedly tell us about the ageing of Pres Mugabe as if we dont know his age. Every year his birthday is publicly celebrated so whats the fuss about his age.

  27. Whatever happened to pride in the fruits of hard work? Kukiyakiya kwacho kwazonyanya manje even PhD kukiya chete.

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