Government to build 200 000 houses

LOCAL Government minister Ignatius Chombo yesterday told Parliament that government will tomorrow unveil a programme to build 200 000 houses or flats in the next three years.


Chombo also told the National Assembly during the question and answer session that he would not relent on his stance to demolish illegal vending stands, adding the $30 per month fees charged by local authorities for vending were very reasonable.

Responding to a question from Emma Muzondiwa (Zanu PF Proportional Representation MP) on government policy to ensure there was housing for all Zimbabweans, Chombo said: “The issue of housing is a concern to all people and government has been deliberating on the issue and agreed that 200 000 houses or flats be built in the next three years.”

On a question by Southerton MP Gift Chimanikire (MDC-T) about harassment of vendors and demolition of illegal stands, he said: “There are rules and regulations that guide how cities are managed or run, and there are properly designated areas where those intending to do vending activities are accommodated for as little as $30 per month.”

Meanwhile, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa said diplomats were not supposed to move more than the authorised 40-kilometre radius from Harare without approval from the Foreign Affairs ministry.

He was responding to a question by Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) who wanted to know government policy with regard to movement of ambassadors and donations by them to rural areas or to MPs.

Mnangagwa also said legislators should be vigilant and not believe all media reports after recent allegations in the media that 12 Zanu MPs were doing spying work for the United States Embassy.

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  1. Build houses with what money you can’t even pay the civil servants on time.If you have nothing to say then don’t say anything Minister of Local Government, coz you are useless please show us a housing project your government has undertaken, ZERO.But you guys build 17 bedroom mansions using stolen money, taxpayers money, money thats supposed to build those houses.

  2. No one will take Chombo serious. Infact this is the introduction of Zanu pf 2018 election campaign. 200 000 houses to the people.
    With the state of our economy where is he going to get the money. Zviroto Zviroto vaChombo.

  3. Chombo is nothing but a lying, thieving, adulterous bastard! The mafikizolo should be in Chikurubi not Parliament.

    200 000 houses in 3 years = 66666 per year = 182 per day. And even at +- $20000 for a shell they will cost $4 billion. Are our parliamentarians so stupid they cannot do the maths and laugh this clown out of town???


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  6. Makatadza zvi Garikai/Hlalani kuhle mozogona kuvaka dzimba chaidzo? Tikwanirei vana Chomho. Kana maguta mari dzekuba endai munovata uko.

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  8. Building 200 000 houses will cetainly easy accommodation woes. It will also create business for those dealing in building materials, and will create some jobs. But Morgan and his lot, through street chaos, want to derail all this by taking this country down the destructive path. They are crying for jobs, but at the same time disrupting the very processes that will make job creation possible.

  9. @machakachaka, utori murwere wepfungwawo saboss wako Chombo munoda kuvaka dzimba 200,000 in the next three years ko makambovaka ngani for the past 34 years? Idiot

  10. Totenda dzanwa dzaswera nebenzi

    1. Hope hadzinandima

      Cde masiya kuti (pandakapepuka ndakawana ndakarara panze) Izvi zvaiva zviroto….Hatizi gore parinopera munenge marota zvingani..ROTAI ZVENYUUU

  11. @machakachaka ukatiwanira nguva ukwane. Unovenga munhu arikuda kukuburitsa munzarauchida kugara munzara. 200 000 houses dzavachagona kuvaka nhasi kubva 1980 vaivepi.

    1. This clown by the name of Chombo is a nuisance, why not amass your ill-gotten wealth quietly together with your tribal man. You are a protected species.

  12. machakachaka zvinomborevei first

  13. Ukaona munhu achiri ku believer zvinotaurwa ne mbwa idzi eeish akasara munhu iyeye chero huku dzangu dzakutoziva kuti chinhu chinonzi zanu madororo puu ndeye kupenga

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