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Gary B steps out of the shadows


FOR many music and dancehall lovers in particular, the name Gary B is a mystery.

Silence Charumbira
Entertainment Reporter

One can easily meet him on the streets and hardly notice the man touted as the mix master of Harare.

That is probably enough evidence to point out a coy person that the DJ, born Garry Chiwala, is.

True to that, Gary B accedes he is shy.

“I am a reserved person. I do not even go out. When I am not playing, I go home and sleep. I am not very sociable; at least I talk to the people I know,” said Gary B.

“Even when others are playing you will not see me in the audience. I do not drink. I have never done that and probably I have to introduce a new me.”
His face is rarely on posters and when it is there, you hardly notice.

The only other way you can denote his presence is, of course, when you hear his chanter Templeman clamouring Gary B!

Tonight, however, Gary B will be performing alongside Tich Mataz and Dr Zobha at Private Lounge in Harare.

The humble DJ said he is honoured to be performing alongside his elders.

“I am the youngest and I cherish each moment I perform with Tich,” he said.

“I have never performed with Dr Zobha, which makes it more interesting.”

The trio will be supported by DJs Joe Mentro and Blaise.

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