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Earmarked for divine promotion


Everyone in her or his right mind desires a progressive life punctuated by promotion.

Erasmus Makrimayi

No one wants a stagnant life. Routine that does not offer new challenges and rewards is boring. At school, the desire is to get to the next topic and master new concepts.

New knowledge is encouraging and comforting. At the workplace and business, there is a desire for new markets, higher revenue and profits.

There is always a higher rank or position in life to aspire to. Those in ministry aim for deeper relationship with God and higher levels of revelation of Jesus Christ.

Life becomes enjoyable and assuring when occasionally you get promotion. Continuous advancement mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically is the tonic for a fulfilling life.
Understanding that God is the source of your promotion is vital.

The Bible declares in Psalm 75:6-7, “[6] For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. [7] But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”

This should persuade you to develop a good relationship with the one who controls your promotion. Your behaviour and general attitude to life should reflect this knowledge.

Your character will be anchored on love and respect of your source.

God’s statutes should become your standard. Positioning yourself for divine promotion compels you to be in constant touch with God.

This fellowship with Him will require you to read His Word, pray, fast and join others at church and its activities. However, you have to guard against the error of keeping your relationship with God just because you are eyeing elevation.

Positioning yourself for divine lifting essentially entails honouring Him and those He put in authority over you.

Disrespect of your superiors will not get you promotion no matter how educated, experienced, gifted or talented you may be. This does not mean singing for your supper, but being humble, obedient, trustworthy and dependable.

It is contradictory to expect endorsement from those you despise and disrespect.

This also does not mean that you should give in to sexual advances by your boss.

Remember promotion comes from God and from Him alone; human beings are just contact people.
Don’t buy your promotion, but behave yourself into your promotion. Leave those in authority with no option, but to promote you.

Even if you hope to run your own business or start your own church (read vision or ministry) in the future, you are still required to respect authority. God honours authority and detests the rude.

As you strategically position yourself for elevation, present yourself as a worthy candidate and contender both inward and outwardly. You need to have self belief, but above all, develop a good character.

On your way up develop your image. The way you present yourself talks a lot even if you are in the lower rungs. Your dressing, grooming and etiquette in general should be up to scratch. These can either make or break you.

There are people that are at the bottom of the ladder that you can easily tell are due for promotion. Always present yourself as person heading upwards not downwards. As you do that, avoid double standards and hypocrisy. Don’t live a lie and don’t be a fake.

Pay attention to the way you carry yourself, such as your level of cleanliness, your style, poise, and tone of voice when speaking to others. Don’t be rude to your co-workers.

This advice is also for those in ministry. Develop effective conflict resolution skills. When promotion is being offered, you will not be overlooked.

A believer should have a good work ethic and do everything in a spirit of excellence. Go an extra mile and finish your projects and daily assignments.

Always be faithful at work.

At all times aim at displaying godly character and a positive attitude. God notices and one day He will reward you. Whatever position you are trying to achieve, position yourself well. Do yourself favour by researching it and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge. Preparation cannot be overemphasised. Combine adequate job training, personal presentation and integrity with a positive attitude.

Teach yourself to be optimistic and flush out inner doubt.

Position yourself for elevation. Leave it to God to skip the next notch or level for you and land you at the top.

You are going somewhere.

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